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What Makes an Online Slot Mines Games Easy Win Great

What Makes an Online Slot Mines Games Easy Win Great

Being able to play slot machines online is one of the coolest gambling industry innovations in years. As someone who has spent a lot of years in the online gaming industry, I’ve gotten the privilege (and sometimes the chore) of getting to play and test a lot of different online slot machines. You’d think it would be pretty easy to figure out how to make a great game and then just rinse and repeat. Surprisingly, though, there is a massive difference between a good online slot machine, a great online slot machine, and utter garbage.

Knowing what to look for when evaluating the quality of the slot games you are playing is the key to having a great online gaming experience. If you don’t know what makes a great game, you might find yourself stuck in crappy game purgatory where what you think is awesome is really just mediocre. You can also protect yourself from even wasting a penny on a garbage game that doesn’t even deserve to be used for free money.

Frankly, I don’t really know what would constitute a “slot expert.” There’s no certification that I’m aware of, but as someone who has seen and used literally thousands of online slot games, I’m going to go ahead and self-proclaim myself a slot expert. With my newly designated title, I want to give you some insight on how to identify a great slot game and what sort of features you should be looking for. Hopefully, this will help you to find the best quality and have the best online gambling experience possible.


The biggest tell-tale sign of a quality slot game is always going to be the graphics. From a programming standpoint, this should be the easiest thing to “fake” with a cruddy game, but for some reason they never do. The correlation between graphics quality and overall game quality is direct and strong. Your moms and teachers probably always told you to never judge a book by its cover, but they weren’t talking about online slot games.

Look for graphics that make you say wow. If it looks like it was designed by a first grader, avoid at all costs. If they skimped on the graphics, they probably skimped elsewhere as well. Also, what fun is it to play a game with cruddy graphics? I saw a “Babes” type slot (slot that’s supposed to have pretty sexy ladies) once that looked like they stole the graphics from a 1990s video game. Safe to say, I did not find the graphics to be “sexy” at all and was more curious how someone got those graphics passed production approval.

If it’s a classic game based on an old school theme, the graphics may look old, but that will be on purpose. They can still be high-quality reproductions of old graphics, though. The bottom line here is that games with amazing graphics that will blow your mind exist out there so don’t waste your time with garbage graphics or think there aren’t better options out there.

Branded Games

Branded games are games that are directly modeled after TV and Movies or other entertainment figures. A few examples would be Game of Thrones Slots, Jurassic Park, and Britney Spears, etc. These games usually the most expensive for the casinos to acquire as they tend to require them to pay a licensing fee to the company that owns the brand. These games also tend to be the most sought after and the most fun to play.

Typically, we see online gambling sites with either none of these or just a few of these and the rest of the games not branded. There are a few rare gems out there that have a ton of branded games, and those are like finding a unicorn.

Something you need to be aware of and on the lookout for here is sites that have knockoff versions of branded games. These are going to be games that look like they are branded but are in fact just a cheap knock off. How do you spot these? The name will always give it away. For example, instead of Game of Thrones, you might see Game of Thorns… Instead of Top Gun, you might see Top Gunner Pilots… Instead of Jurassic Park, you might see Dinosaur Theme Park… you get the idea. Sometimes they’re really good with the knock offs and it may be tougher to tell.

There is nothing wrong with playing these knock off games, and at times you may actually like them more than the real ones. I just want you to be aware of this so you don’t get upset when you think you’re cranking away on Game of Thrones but you’re really plugging away on a cheap knock off.  Again, this all comes down to your personal preferences, but knowledge is power.

User Interface

Out of all the things to judge for online slot game quality, this is the most important. The user interface is going to determine how the game flow goes as well as how great your experience with the game is. What do I mean when I say user interface? I am referring to everything that goes into where things are placed on the screen, how you spin the reels, how you click the buttons, and how information is presented to you.

For example, imagine you like to bet three credits every time on your slot game. What if the game made you click the credits button every single spin and couldn’t store your preference? Believe it or not, games without this feature exist. Imagine if you like stopping the reels when you want, but the game won’t let you. Games lacking this feature exist as well. These are some major examples of interface problems, but there are smaller examples that you should be on the lookout for as well.

How well does the game let you know how you win? Does the game notify you well when you win? Can you switch between credits/coins and real money? Is the spin function in a convenient place for you? Can you spin and stop the reels with keyboard shortcuts? Does the site let you play multiple slots at once if you want to? Is the reel spin smooth or does it lag? What about if you click away from the screen; does everything continue to work well?

These are just a few of the questions I ask when I’m evaluating a slot game. If you plan on spending any real amount of time playing a game, these little things are going to become extremely important. Something might not bug you on a few spins, but it is certainly going to after you’ve been playing for an hour. Take the time before you start playing to evaluate the slot before you give it the time of day.

The Free Play Test

A lot of slots offer you the chance to play for free before using real money. Many sites now are also allowing you to use the free play without even creating an account. These features are incredible for allowing you to evaluate a slot game (or games) before you even decide to put money on a site. It’s really the ultimate time saver.

It’s also important to note that sites that allow you to play slot games without creating an account usually have incredible quality. When a site is proud enough of its product to allow you to try it for free without creating an account or giving them any of your information, you can usually assume it’s because they’re proud of it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that I want you to be aware that quality slot games do exist online. And by quality, I don’t just mean pretty good, but I mean games that are mind-blowingly awesome that are so much fun you’ll have problems putting them down. If you’re currently playing online and not getting this experience, it’s time to find a new online gaming home.

If you’re brand new to playing online, I highly recommend spending a few extra minutes flipping through different sites and reviews to find the best of the best. There is no reason or excuse that you should have to play anywhere but the best the web has to offer.

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