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Weird Laws in Nevada That Nobody Approves

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In every country and in every state, there are laws that are considered somewhat strange by the majority of the population. The Silver State is no exception. On this page, we will acquaint you with ten weird laws in Nevada. Some of them will probably bring a smile to your face when you think about how ridiculous they are. Others, however, are simply unreasonable, and the state residents do not agree with them at all. We believe that all potential visitors to the state of Nevada should familiarize themselves with these regulations before traveling there.

What Are Some Crazy Nevada Laws

The Silver State is known not only as the most gambling-friendly state in the US but also as one of the states with the strangest laws. As you will soon find out, both Nevada residents and tourists traveling there have to abide by a number of bizarre regulations that are truly illogical. In our list, we will include several weird laws in Las Vegas, however, not all of them will be related to gambling. We are quick to let you know that some of them will shock you, and some of them may even trigger you.

  •  Top Ten Weird Laws in Las Vegas
  •  Ban on Lottery in Nevada
  •  No Skateboarding on the Las Vegas Strip
  •  No Swearing on the Las Vegas Strip
  •  No Spitting in Public
  •  No Pawning When You’re Drunk
  •  Moms Can’t Give Perm Without A License
  •  Justice for Dogs
  •  Exotic Animals as Pets
  •  Feeding Wild Animals Is Considered A Crime
  •  It’s Illegal to Be Homeless
Swearing on the Las Vegas Strip is prohibited.Violators will be required to pay a small fine.
Spitting in public is prohibited.The violators will have to pay between five and 20 dollars fine. Those who don’t do this will have to be imprisoned until the fine is paid.
Driving skateboards is not permitted on the Las Vegas Strip.Violators will have to pay a small fine. If they do not do that, they will face more serious consequences.
Feeding wild animals is not allowed.Those who do not abide by this law will have to pay a fine equal to up to $1,000.
Being homeless is prohibited.Violators risk facing up to six months in jail if they do not pay a $1,000 fine.
Top 10 Weird Laws in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a popular and sought-after tourist destination. Not only is the city incredibly beautiful, but it is also considered the best place for gambling in the entire world. Apart from the casinos, Sin City has many other things to offer. Tourists certainly like to spend their money there, but some of them are probably not familiar with a few dumb laws in Las Vegas that nobody agrees with.

However, as senseless as they may seem, residents are obligated to follow them. Many believe that Vegas is all about luxury, neon signs, money, and the constant thrill. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Even though these things are an inseparable part of the Las Vegas experience, there are some regulations that can change one’s opinion about the city and the state.

Ban on Lottery in Nevada

As we all know, the gambling laws in Nevada are quite reasonable, which is the reason why so many people choose this state when it comes to betting money. Thus, the fact that the lottery is strictly prohibited in the Silver State will surely come as a surprise to a great deal of people.

In fact, lottery in Nevada was outlawed many years ago, namely in 1864. The only thing close to a lottery that is legal is charitable raffles. Private organizations may host such events, however, but they are not allowed to gain profit from the games. Without a doubt, we can say that this is one of the strangest laws in Las Vegas regarding gambling.

No Skateboarding on the Las Vegas Strip

Although the Las Vegas Strip is a location where many things are permitted, there are some, shall we say, stupid laws in Las Vegas that are quite restrictive. One of them is associated with the fact that people cannot drive skateboards, roller skates, unicycles, and in-line skates on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Fortunately, violators don’t face serious consequences. They usually only get away with a warning.

No Swearing on the Las Vegas Strip

Next on our list of weird laws in Nevada is the law that prohibits people from swearing on the Las Vegas Strip. That may be quite difficult for gamblers who have just lost a lot of money, but they must comply with this regulation. Otherwise, they will have to pay a fine. The same applies not only to swearing but to any kind of obscene behavior on the street. The fines are not hefty, but one should surely be aware of this regulation.

No Spitting in Public

Another strange law is related to the fact that people who spit in the street are considered lawbreakers. We can’t say that this is one of the stupid laws in Las Vegas, but it is definitely bizarre. According to the law, this act is considered offensive, and anyone who spits on walls or steps of public buildings or on a sidewalk in a public space can be fined a small amount.

No Pawning When You’re Drunk

It is a well-known fact that Las Vegas is home to a number of pawnshops. However, not everyone is allowed to visit them. People who are intoxicated are not permitted to pawn items there. The reason being is that, in such situations, clients may not be able to make reasonable decisions. Therefore, if you ever go to a pawn shop when you’re tipsy, don’t get angry with the owner of the shop.

Moms Can’t Give Perm Without A License

According to many, this is one of the most stupid laws in Nevada. As most of you probably know, a perm is a certain type of hairstyle that’s created by putting a person’s hair in curls and then using special chemicals. The latter is done so that the hair can stay this way for months. In Nevada, however, not everyone can do this.

In fact, mothers aren’t even allowed to give their daughters perms unless they’ve got a license to do so. This law is considered irrelevant because many believe that they can master the perm hairstyle at home. Nonetheless, this regulation is not so dumb considering how harmful perm can be if done incorrectly.

Justice for Pets

This law certainly has no place in a potential list of dumb laws in Nevada. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that it is truly shocking. In many states and countries, killing someone’s pet is not considered an incredibly serious crime. In Nevada, however, that is not the case. If a person is convicted of killing another individual’s dog, cat, or any other pet, he will have to pay heavy fines and may even have to face time in prison.

Exotic Animals as Pets

When it comes to crazy Nevada laws, we can’t miss mentioning the one that allows people to have exotic animals as pets. And we are not talking about lizards or snakes; we refer to elephants, monkeys, tigers, camels, alpacas, and lions. Myriads of people think this is animal cruelty and strongly disagree with this law. Sadly, there is nothing one can do about it.

Feeding Wild Animals Is Considered A Crime

Another law with respect to animals is the one that prohibits citizens from feeding any wild animals, as well as community cats. This is undoubtedly one of the weird laws in Nevada that not everybody abides by. Sometimes it is quite difficult to resist not giving a small bite of your meal to a cute-looking cat.

Nevertheless, people who like to live on the edge should be very careful because the fines for violators are extreme and may reach up to $1,000. The latter, however, applies only to those who feed pigeons or other animals that are considered wild. If you throw food at a cat and you get caught, you won’t have to pay more than $10.

It’s Illegal to Be Homeless in Nevada

We saved the strangest one for the end. According to the laws in Nevada, it is not legal to be homeless. This weird regulation came into force in November 2019. If a person is seen sleeping on the sidewalk, he risks facing a $1,000 fine or up to six months imprisonment. Individuals sitting on the pavement should also be careful. Many people disagree with this particular law because, sometimes, being homeless is not something one can avoid.


We’ve picked out ten weird laws in Nevada to present today, but you can be sure that there are many other regulations that are considered unreasonable. Unfortunately, there is nothing people can do about it, and they just have to abide by them. Below, you will find some additional information with respect to the laws we just discussed.

What is the weirdest law in Nevada at the moment?

Even though all of the weird laws in Las Vegas we have just elaborated on are incredibly unusual, there is one that is truly shocking. People living in Nevada are legally allowed to have exotic animals as pets. The list of options includes monkeys, lions, tigers, and even elephants!

Are there any peculiar gambling laws in Nevada?

As you know, gambling is very common in the state of Nevada. That is the reason why most of the activities that fall into this category are considered legal. However, many are shocked to learn that the lottery is actually banned in Nevada. The ban was enacted back in 1864, and it is still in effect today.

Is it legal to drive a skateboard on the Las Vegas Strip?

According to Nevada laws, people are not permitted to drive skateboards, unicycles, in-line skates, or roller skates on the Las Vegas Strip. One of the reasons for this regulation is the fact that this section of Las Vegas Boulevard is immensely busy throughout most days. Therefore, individuals riding such vehicles may cause incidents.

Is everyone allowed to pawn items in Las Vegas, NV?

Although people of legal age are permitted by law to visit and pledge items at pawnshops, those who are under the influence of alcohol can’t do the latter. There is a law in Nevada that prohibits intoxicated people from pawning their belongings. Therefore, employees don’t have the right to assist such individuals.

Are there many stupid laws in Las Vegas?

It is hard to say whether or not there are many dumb laws in Las Vegas. However, we can say with certainty that there is a great deal of strange regulations within the city and the state of Nevada. In our detailed listing, we’ve described ten of them, and we are positive that some of you were shocked to learn that people have to comply with such rules.

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