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The Most Popular Casino Games: A Guide for Beginners

The Most Popular Casino Games A Guide for Beginners

Gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes for people all over the world. As a form of recreation, it’s unbeatable: it hits all the targets.

You have elements of surprise and suspense, excitement, competition, strategy, and skill. Throw in the fact that there’s real money on the line and you have a recipe for success: a multi-billion-dollar industry beloved the world ‘round.

It comes as no surprise that casinos keep popping up: it would be ridiculous if they didn’t. With so much demand, it follows that casino directors want to give us the supply to meet it. And it’s a cycle! More fans equal more casinos, more casinos equal more and new players.

We’ve touched a number of times on the fact that new players need to do some research before diving in, head-first. Part of the incredible appeal of online casinos is the wide variety of games they offer, from the convenience of your own home and at the touch of a button. What a world! It’s great to have so many choices, but it can also be a little overwhelming.

Part of the process of learning what kind of gaming style fits you best is to figure out what games interest you the most. To that end, we’ve created this guide to the most popular casino games you’ll encounter—and how to win them, even as a beginner.

The Game of Twenty Ones: Blackjack

Blackjack’s been around forever and it’s a crowd favorite. It’s been featured in movies, television, magazine spreads—you name it. Part of its perennial appeal is how stupid easy it is to learn, and how exciting and fun it is to play. As Blackjack’s a card game, it’s statistically almost impossible that you’ll ever play exactly the same game twice.

The rules are straightforward and so is the goal. The player is pit against the house. Both the player and the house are given a pair of cards to start with. They can then choose to take more cards to try to get as close to the combined total of 21 as possible. Get closer than the house, you win—go over, you lose. Simple as that! There’s a lot of strategy possible and seasoned players can get quite good, quite fast.

Slots: Gratification at the Touch of a Button

When it comes to popular classic games, nothing can hold a candle to Slots. Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world, regardless of platform. Brick and mortar, online, even in private establishments, playing slots is absolutely the easiest way to play. Online Slots are a great distraction from everyday life, especially if you’re having one of those days where you just need a distraction from the real world but you don’t have the ability to focus all your mental energy on gameplay.

If you’ve never played slots, you’ll be happy to know that this is a game that literally anyone could play: all you have to do is pull a lever or press a button. The beauty of slots isn’t just its ease of use (and win), it’s the literal beauty of the game. Designers create gorgeous graphics to entice players to explore. It’s visually appealing, smart, easy, and fun! There’s that thrill you get when waiting to see if you’ve won, but without the stress of competition.

Another plus: online casinos often offer great casino bonuses and promotions that make it a great choice if you’re hoping to play long and not spend too much money. With a slots jackpot, you can play any other game of your choice for a good, long time, without having to deposit anything else.

Are You Willing to Give Roulette a Spin?

Round and round and round she goes; where she stops—hopefully you’ve guessed it right. Roulette is a game of luck and thrill. Every round brings something different and interesting to the table: literally and metaphorically.

In roulette, the dealer spins a wheel with thirty-eight numbered compartments. While it’s spinning, a ball is dropped. The ball could theoretically end up in any of these compartments. You want to guess the compartment where the ball will end up. Simple, right? Sure, but there’s more to it than it seems. Before starting, it’s always a good idea to look over tips and tricks designed for anyone.

One of the best things you can do is to give it a go for free before really putting down the big bucks. Free Roulette games, especially those in online casinos, let you test your strategies and get used to the feel of the game.

Be Bond, James Bond: Try Your Hand at Poker

Last on our list (but absolutely not least), we had to touch on Poker. We had to! It’s one of the most classic, iconic games in casino history, combining strategy, tension, and glamor in a delicate dance. While the other games on our list relied on luck, poker is all about strategy. Instead of trying to beat the house, you’re playing directly with other players.

The goal is to create the best five-hand card combination possible—or make the other players at the table think you have. Poker’s a game of not only card play, but mind play as well. Poker has a ton of variations and every player’s different: take a look and find your favorite.

It’s a wild game in that it requires knowing human behavior as well as you know strategy, statistics, and probability. Once you get good (or if you’re a straight up natural), you’ll be able to win big even if you’re holding a pair of twos.

So that wraps up our shallow dive into the most popular casino games. What do you think you’ll try first?

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