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The Most Fun to Play Trump Slots Mines GamesPH Machines

The Most Fun to Play Trump Slots Mines GamesPH Machines

While Donald Trump might not be the most talked about world figure in the world right now, he is still a rather popular, albeit controversial personality. All this attention that Trump has received in the last decade was bound to generate a lot of products associated with him (besides his own brand products), so, to get on topic, Trump slots exist and today we’re going to talk about them.

How Many Trump Slots are There?

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few Trump online slots out there. After all, he is a very infamous figure, especially during his presidency, and people were quick to use his image for everything they could.

In this article, we will take a look at the most famous Trump slots online, and we will review each of them and tell you how to play them. We promise they are quite fun and it’s worth checking them out. You can also take a look at the best online slots in America.

  •  List of Trump Slots
  •  Trump It Slot
  •  Trump It Deluxe Slot
  •  Trump It Deluxe Epicways
  •  Rocket Men Slot
List of Trump Slots

Here we list all the Trump online slots that we are going to discuss in detail today. On the left side is the name of the slot, and on the right side – the RTP rate.

To those who might not know, RTP stands for return to player index and it’s an important feature in each slot. It signifies how much of the money invested in one slot is returned to the player pool. A good RTP rate for a slot machine is anything above 95%. So take a look at the Trump slots below:

Trump It95.94%
Trump It Deluxe96.21%
Trump It Deluxe Epicways95.82%
Rocket Men96.12%

All of these slots can be played at various online casinos for real money. However, we advise you to first try out their free demos in order to make your choice and get used to the gameplay and the many bonus features. In addition, you can also find other President Trump free slot machines, which are only available to download and cannot be found in casinos.

Trump It Slot
Trump It Slot by Fugaso

Trump It is among the best Trump slots out there and it ended up ushering in a whole series of Donald Trump slots (we will cover the rest of the games as well). Trump It was made by the software company Fugaso and it has an RTP rate of 95.94%.

The main characters in the slot who are symbols in the game are Donald and Melania Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and a random Mexican. Other symbols include the letters – T, R, U, M, and P, and Trump dressed as a clown who acts as the wild symbol.

As you can see, Fugaso is on point with the characters and the great 3D graphics. It’s not all looks, however, because Trump It has amazing features. You can score a bunch of free spins with multipliers, and there’s not one jackpot, but three!

There’s a mini, midi, and maxi jackpot and every time you spin the reels, each one of these jackpots is going to get bigger. The gameplay is pretty straightforward – you have 5 reels and 3 rows with fixed paylines, so you just spin the reels.

Trump It Deluxe Slot
Trump It Deluxe Slot by Fugaso

Trump It Deluxe is the second slot from the Trump slots series by Fugaso. You’ll immediately notice that the game doesn’t look the same; it looks like a next-generation slot game with many more bonus features than its predecessor. Let’s discuss them.

The main characters (highest-paying symbols) this time are Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim-Jong Un, and Benjamin Netanyahu, along with minor ones like the eagel, the bear, and the tiger. You’ll notice the full reel symbols that extend over two or three rows, which means more chances to win.

In addition, the game has scatters, which take you to the free spins round; free spins can be retriggered as well. Depending on which scatters you collected (US, Russia, or North Korea), the game will correspond in theme, so if you land the Russian scatters, the background will be of Moscow and the Soviet anthem will play.

This Donald Trump slot also has re-spins, which weren’t there in the first Trump slot by Fugaso. This means that the game will randomly re-spin the reels sometimes, allowing you to score a win. The game still has three progressive jackpots like its predecessor.

Trump It Deluxe has RTP of 96.52% and 30 fixed paylines. It’s also one of the best Donald Trump slots on Android due to its amazing mobile compatability.

Trump It Deluxe Epicways Slot
Trump It Deluxe Epicways Slot by Fugaso

Trump It Deluxe Epicways is the third and final game from Fugaso’s Trump slot machines series. It borrows its graphics and symbols from the Trump It Deluxe slot, but it offers an interesting twist to the gameplay with one very popular mechanic.

The mechanic in question is Megaways, created by Big Time Gaming, which removes the static paylines in favor of mobile symbols that can increase after each spin and give you literally thousands of ways to land a win. This is a natural progression for the Trump It series.

There are still free spins, which you win upon landing three scatters, and you can also retrigger them while playing the free spins games. The free spins also have expanding symbols, kaching! In addition, you can buy your way into them by purchasing the Bonus Bet on the left, which is a new feature for Fugaso.

Unfortunately, the players’ favorite three progressive jackpots cannot be found in Trump It Deluxe Epicways; this is probably because the game doesn’t have fixed paylines like its predecessors. Still, the maximum win is your bet multiplied by 50,000, which isn’t bad at all.

Trump It Deluxe Epicways has an RTP rate of 95.82% and can generate up to 15,625 winning combinations at a time due to the Megaways mechanic.

Rocket Men Slot

Rocket Men is quite a spicy addition to the Trump slot machine collection. Rocket Men slot was developed by the company Red Tiger. It’s most often called the best one out of all Trump online slots, perhaps because it tells a story and it’s way more interactive than similarly themed slots on the market.

The game has some very controversial imagery and bonus games. For starters, the high paying symbols are, ahem, a woman’s gluteus maximus, a burger with a rocket in it, and a duck wearing a helmet, while the rockets serve as wild symbols.

The main characters in the game are Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who are on the brink of a nuclear war (luckily, this never happened in real life). Each one of them comes with two special bonus features.

The first bonus feature is Don’s Driving Range. Donald Trump can randomly appear on the reels and start shooting golf balls into “loser symbols”, thus replacing symbols and increasing your chances to win. Its Kim counterpart is Kim’s Little Game where Kim Jong-un fires rockets into the grid, wilds, which again increases your chance of winning.

There’s an epic showdown of power when Donald Trump lands on the first reel and Kim Jong-un on the fifth. They will start throwing burgers and bricks at each other, and whoever wins will take you to their special bonus game.

Kim’s bonus game is called Boom Time and it shows you the map of the US, divided in five with each region carrying a monetary prize, with five buttons you can choose from. Once you pick one, a rocket will be fired at the map and you get to keep the money you won. The game will end if a rocket falls into the ocean.

Donald Trump’s game is Party Time and it shows six female butts. You have to pick one and win a monetary prize immediately. Some picks allow you to continue picking more prizes, but if the butt-of-choice has the word “collect”, then the game ends.

If the fight between Donald and Kim ends in a tie, you’ll be taken to the Nuclear Spins. Trump and Jong-un will fight to the death, firing rockets at each other (wilds). This means unlimited free spins until one side wins.

We had a lot of fun playing Rocket Men and we bet you will too. The game is something else. Just a quick FYI, Rocket Men has 20 fixed paylines and RTP of 96.12%.

Popular Questions

Thank you for reading our article on the most interesting Trump slot machines! We hope you had as much fun reading about them as we had reviewing them. We also hope that you found the information here to be useful. Below, you can see the most common questions regarding Trump slots.

Which is the best Donald Trump slot?

Although this is a very subjective question, we have a favorite Donald Trump slot and so do many others who have voted Rocket Men by Red Tiger Gaming as the best of the Trump slot machines. It has a funny story and many exciting bonus games.

Which Trump online slot has the highest RTP?

The Trump online slot with the highest RTP rate is Trump It Deluxe. Trump It Deluxe RTP rate is 96.21%. If you haven’t heard that term before, RTP is the amount of money invested in a slot that is returned to the players’ pool.

Which Trump online slots have jackpots?

There are two Trump slot machines with jackpots – Trump It  and Trump It Deluxe, both made by Fugaso. They not only have a jackpot, they have three jackpots – mini, midi, and maxi that grow every time you spin the reels.

Which Trump slots have the Megaways mechanic?

There is one Donald Trump with the Megaways mechanic, invented by Big Time Gaming – Trump It Deluxe Epicways by Fugaso. This means that rather than having fixed paylines, you have ever-changing number of winning combinations to up to 15,625 at its maximum.

Can I play Donald Trump slots for free?

Yes, you can access President Trump free slot machines. You can play the games we talked about in their free demo version, or you can alternatively play Trump slots that you can download online for free. The choice is yours.

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