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The Best GemdiscoPH Casino in Scranton PA

The Best GemdiscoPH Casino in Scranton PA

Scranton is the sixth largest city in Pennsylvania and the largest city in the northeastern region of the state. Together with Wilkes, Barre and Hazeton, it is part of a large Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of over half a million residents. In recent years, the gambling market in Pennsylvania has been growing rapidly thanks to contributions coming from casinos around the state, some of which are located in the city of Scranton.

What is the best Scranton casino?

Since we are often asked about the best places to enjoy an evening of gambling in Scranton, we put our team of experts to the task: to find the best casino in Scranton PA. After some debate, it was agreed that the most popular casino in Scranton Pennsylvania is Mohegan Sun Pocono as it is the go-to destination for Scranton gamblers. However, there are many less-famous gems in Scranton – read on to discover them all, and make sure to check out our list of the best casinos in Pennsylvania

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  • Mohegan Sun Poccono
  •  Mount Airy
  •  Wind Creek
  • Valley Forge
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
Pennsylvania Gambling and Casino Laws
Gambling Laws in PA

Before we dive headfirst into all the gaming options offered by the top casinos near Scranton, PA, let’s glance over the gambling laws of the state. Did you know that Pennsylvania is second only to Nevada in gambling revenues? Several forms of gambling have been legal in Pennsylvania since 2004.

Apart from casino gambling, players can also explore the Pennsylvania Lottery, Bingo, horse racing and smaller games conducted by taverns and nonprofit organizations. In 2004, Act 71 was passed by the state’s legislators, establishing the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. With the formation of the Board, racetracks and casinos were officially legal. The online casinos in PA have also been legal since 2017.

Since legalization, the state saw a massive increase in revenue earned through their newly established casinos and racetracks. In the first year of operations, the seven casinos in operation at the time generated revenues in excess of one billion dollars, with tax revenues being recorded at around 766 million dollars. At the start of 2010, the revenues created by Pennsylvania exceeded those of all other American states, except Nevada.

Mohegan Sun Poccono – The Most Popular Casino In Scranton, PA
The Mohegan Sun Poccono casino floor.

If you are passing through the region and only have time to visit one destination, we highly recommend Mohegan Sun casino in Scranton, PA. Since the Eastern Seaboard is far away from the paradises of Vegas and Reno, it can prove to be difficult to find a satisfactory casino experience in Scranton PA. However, if you spend some time looking, you will be sure to find many low-key gambling experiences in the region.

When our researchers looked into the best gambling facilities in and around Scranton, one name came up more often than others. This casino, owned by the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, is a large and well-established gambling center. In addition to casino games, visitors can also enjoy entertainment, shopping, dining, and hospitality experiences at Mohegan Sun Poccono.

Mohegan Sun Poccono is equipped with a 238-room hotel room, spa, and a spacious 20,000-square-foot convention center. With over 82000 square feet of space dedicated to gambling, it is one of the largest casinos in the region. Visitors can treat themselves to over 1900 slot games, 50 table games, and live harness racing.

If you need a break from the gaming action, Mohegan Sun has plenty to offer too. You can expect to catch performances by the best local bands at Molly O’Sheas, Breakers, and The Hive Taphouse. Step outside and you can visit the Mohegan Sun Arena. an 8300-seat complex that hosts the biggest acts in music and sports. This stadium is also home to the Scranton Penguins.

If you win big at the games, you won’t have to travel far to indulge yourself. Mohegan Sun Pocono also offers a wide spread of food and beverages. You can expect to find snacks, gourmet cuisine, and everything in between. Mohegan Sun also offers a sublime retail experience replete with jewelry, fine apparel, and accessories. They have also partnered with Unibet PA to offer a great online casino experience.

Mount Airy Casino Resort
The Mount Airy casino floor.

Mount Airy Casino Resort is Pennsylvania’s first AAA Four Diamond  rated casino and resort. The Diamond rating is particularly crucial for visitors for whom cleanliness might be of utmost concern – this rating is only given to establishments with the highest levels of service, facilities, and cleanliness. Mount Airy has been rated with four Diamonds for over a decade, which is a huge achievement in itself.

If you’re looking for a casino in Scranton where the action never stops, the floor at Mount Airy is open to gamblers 24/7. Visitors can enjoy table games like roulette, blackjack, craps, and Baccarat at over 70 tables. With so much variety on the cards, you could spend hours trying your luck at everything that’s on offer at Mount Airy Casino Resort. You can also play from the comfort of your own thanks to their online casino partnership with PokerStars Casino PA.

The team behind Mount Airy has gone to great lengths to create an experience that is centered around the variety. If you’re looking for some entertainment, you could drop by for a live music experience, stand-up comedy, or a full-fledged concert. The casino has a running schedule of performers and shows sell out frequently. We highly recommend buying tickets online before you drop in.

If you need a break from the thrills of gambling and entertainment, Mount Airy might be one of the few casinos in Scranton PA that offer a golf course. Architect Hal Purdy used Sport’s Illustrated Guide to the Best 18 Golf Holes in America to design a course that offers picturesque views, stunning fairways and sublime golfing conditions.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining experiences on offer at Mount Pocono. There are five dining options on offer, in addition to a cafe. The most exclusive dining experience at Mount Airy can be found at Guy Fieri’s Mt Pocono Kitchen, a restaurant owned by the legendary chef Guy Fieri.

Wind Creek Bethlehem
Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem

Wind Creek Bethlehem might be known to some older gamblers as Sands Bethlehem. Wind Creek is one of the first casinos that was granted a slot machine license by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on December 20, 2006. Since receiving the license to operate slot machines on their property, Wind Creek, then known as sands, officially opened its gates on May 22nd, 2009.

In 2010, Wind Creek was granted a license to operate table games. Wasting no time, the establishment immediately expanded to incorporate 180 table games into its offerings. Players looking for a casino in Scranton Pennsylvania can expect to find everything that they are seeking and much more at Wind Creek Bethlehem.

The introduction of table games saw the casino turn into one of the most popular destinations for Asian Americans. At its peak, over 3000 riders were traveling to Wind Creek everyday. Till date, Wind Creek has the busiest motorcoach business out of all casinos in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Wind Creek Event Centre

Wind Creek Bethlehem also boasts of the Wind Creek Event Center, designed by Howard Kulp Architects. The event center features 14000 square feet of usable space that can be used for conventions, events, concerts, and more. Additionally, this center can seat 2500 audience members and admit another 3800 in the general area.

The event center has seen more than its fair share of celebrities performing to sold-out crowds. It was inaugurated with a performance by Incubus on May 16, 2012. In 2017, Janet Jackson’s State of The World Tour made a stop at Wind Creek, performing to a sold-out crowd. The venue also hosted Britney Spears during the Piece of Me tour in July 2018.

Hospitality at Wind Creek Bethlehem

One of the biggest reasons behind the surging popularity of Wind Creek is its hospitality services. Wind Creek is home to seven restaurants that cater to the varying demands of their guests. Some of the top names to watch out for are Burgers and More by Emeril, Chopstick, Emeril’s Chop House, Steelworks Buffet & Grill and Carlo’s Bake Shop. Wind Creek also features a 281-room hotel for their guests.

Valley Forge Casino Resort

If you like to explore the different gambling avenues in a region, then we highly recommend taking the short drive to Valley Forge Casino Resort. Situated a little under 2 hours away from Scranton PA, Valley Forge is a hidden gem with a long and storied history. The present-day casino originally served as a multipurpose complex, constructed by famous developer J. Leon Altemose.

A few months into construction, the site was firebombed due to tensions caused by Altemose’s decision to recruit non-union workers on the project. However, construction pushed on and the first structures in the Valley Forge complex consisted of the circular tower that still stands today, the Sheraton-Valley Forge Hotel, and a twin-screen cinema.

In 2012, the complex was converted to become the Valley Forge Casino Resort and Valley Forge Hotel was converted to the Casino Tower. The Valley Forge Casino became the 11th casino to operate in Pennsylvania on 31st March 2012. A rival casino took Valley Forge to court under claims that they did not meet the licensing requirements required to operate a casino. However, the state Supreme Court issued a ruling in favor of the Valley Forge Casino.

Visitors can expect to find 850 slot machines and over 50 tables in operation at any given time at Valley Forge. Some of the games on offer include Super 4 Blackjack, Pai Gow, Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, Craps and other popular high-limit games. In 2019, Valley Forge also introduced sportsbooks in partnership with FanDuel. The first sports bet was placed by Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek.

Frequently Asked Questions

If our guide to Scranton casinos has caught your interest, remember to check out the FAQ section below to clear any lingering doubts that you may have.

How many casinos can I check out in Scranton?

Yes. According to state laws , it is legal to own and operate casinos in Scranton and the rest of the state of Pennsylvania. Casino gambling has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2004 and the number of casinos in the state have steadily grown since then.

How many casinos can I check out in Scranton?

To ensure that you have a safe and fun gambling experiences, we encourage you to check out the four casinos  featured in this guide. However, if you prefer to travel, there are several other casinos in Pennsylvania, with the total number standing at over 14. In the Scranton metropolitan area, you’ll be sure to find four to five options, depending on how much you are willing to travel.

Which is the best casino in Scranton?

We think that the best casino in Scranton is the one that catches your fancy the most. All the casinos on this list have been thoroughly vetted to meet standards of transparency, legitimacy, service, and hygiene. If you like an old-school gambling experience, you can check out Mohegan Sun Poccono, the first casino in Pennsylvania.

What games are available at Scranton casinos?

Unless you are looking for obscure one-off games, you’ll be sure to find every popular table and slot game in a Scranton PA casino. All the casinos in this guide to the best casinos in Scranton host table games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccaratand others, in addition to providing several hundred slot machines to play with.

What additional facilities are available at Scranton PA casinos?

It’s no coincidence that Pennsylvania has the second-highest gambling revenue of any state in the United States, after Nevada. Gambling venues in the state have spared no expense in providing well rounded, wholesome hospitality experiences to their guests. You can expect to find well-equipped and comfortable rooms, spas, valet parking, and other luxury facilities at Scranton casinos.

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