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Progressive Jackpots Most Likely to be won in Online Mines Game Casino

Progressive Jackpots Most Likely to be won in Online Mines Game Casino

If you are on the hunt for some progressive slot games to play for the remainder of March then you are going to have more than enough of them to play, however as is always the case with slots that offer an ever growing progressive jackpot you should always spend some time researching the ones you can play.

There are some slot games which do award their jackpots very frequently and as such if you are seeking out three reel slots then make sure you give Microgaming’s Cash Splash slot some play time. However, as a maximum coin spin on that slot costs 3.00 and as you need to play for that stake amount to give you any chance of winning the jackpot you may be put off playing it if you are a low stake player.

With that in mind there are several low stake slots from Microgaming that are also worth playing and are structured as three reel progressive slots, take a look at the Fruit Fiesta or Wow Pot slot as those two slots do also award their jackpot very frequently but a maximum coin spin will not cost you very much at all!

If you would prefer playing one of the progressive slot games that have been structured as a video slot then the Treasure Nile slot will always be worth playing. That slot comes with a 9 payline playing structure but all of those paylines do need activating as the jackpot paying winning combinations can only be spun in on the ninth payline.

High Hit Frequency Progressive Slots

The best slots to play if you do want to have a much increased chance of winning a progressive jackpot are the slots on which there are more than one jackpot on offer and slots which ideally award their progressive jackpots completely at random.

You will find that all of the main software and casino game designers have these types of slots on offer, and when playing at any Playtech powered casino site make sure you get stuck into playing any or all of their Marvel Jackpot slots. Those slots have four different progressive jackpots always on offer and the smallest of the four jackpots are won many times each day, and those jackpots are awarded by a randomly triggered bonus picking game.

If you like playing at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites then you will be blessed with a huge range of what are known as Real Series slot games, when playing these slots which are all designed as five reel multi line video slot you could win a progressive jackpot completely randomly no matter how much you have wagered per spin.

Those slots do not require you to play off any type of bonus game to be awarded with a progressive jackpot and they are won very frequently. When playing these slots you will find it is as soon as the reels stop spinning on any one single base game spin you play off that the jackpot can be awarded to you.

There are also some slot games known as Mega Moolah slots on offer rover at any Microgaming powered online or mobile casino site. Those slots award a wheel spinning bonus game to players completely at random and as soon as the bonus game has been randomly awarded you are guaranteed of being awarded one of those four progressive jackpots.

The thing to note about the Mega Moolah range of progressive video slots form Microgaming is that the smaller sized progressive jackpots are won every few minutes, and as such your really are going to have a very good chance of winning one of those jackpots whenever you choose of play these slot online.

In fact please do feel free to have a good look around our website as we have plenty of slot game reviews and plenty of fact based slot playing guides and by reading through as many of them as you can you will then be able to compile your own unique shortlist of progressive slots games to play!


With so many different slot games being available to you online that offer one or more progressive jackpots, you really are going to be spilt for choice and can pick and choose just which ones you play. However, always be aware that there are going to be different playing structures attached to those slots and you may be required to play the slot in a certain way to be given the chance of winning the jackpot attached to certain slots.

As such if you do end up playing progressive slot games online always read the pay tables and the game play rules of those slots to find out how you must play the slot to win the progressive jackpot. Slot game such as classic slot usually required you to play the maximum number of coins to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

On the other hand you will find there are some video slot games which have progressive jackpots attached to them will require you to play the maximum number of paylines whereas those offering you a random progressive jackpot will have no minimum stake requirements attached to them for you to have a chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

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