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History and Mines Games Pattern Crap’s Lingo

History and Mines Games Pattern Crap’s Lingo

Craps earliest history dates back to Europe around the early 1700’s when it was originally called “Hazard”. The French adopted the nickname “Crabs”, then after it was introduced in America around 1813 it inherited the name we all know to today – Craps. It went through some changes that brought it to perfection particularly when John H. Winn introduced the ‘No Pass” giving players an option to bet with or against the “shooter”. 

There are basically three versions of this game including Street Craps, Casino Craps and Online Craps. In the 1930’s Las Vegas took a huge interest in the game after it began to quickly flourish around the country. It was a welcoming change from the card games predominately available at the tables. 

Craps is a dice game that captures the attention of table game players throughout the world. The game is fast and action packed generating the largest and noisiest crowds at the tables in land based Casinos. It can be intimidating at first when you see the Craps table for the first time with so many different numbers and bets that can be played. You will generally find that Craps dealers are of a friendlier nature then the card game dealers. They are more lively and try and get everyone involved, even if you are just a spectator.

Mastering Craps is a fairly simple process once you shake off the nervous jitters, blow on the dice and let the good times roll….literally! Speaking of dice, it is probably a good idea to learn the lingo of the certain rolls:

  or  or   Craps = 2, 3, or 12
   Snake Eyes = two 1’s  
    Puppy Paws/Hard 10 = two 5’s  
   Boxcars = two 6’s 
   Jimmy Hicks – the number 6
   Skinny Dugan = loser 7
   Skate and Donate = 8
   Center Field = 9 (between seven numbers on the field bet)
   Yo/Yo-leven = 11
   Natural Winner = 7 or 11 on “Come-out” roll

Online Craps is widely available and has gained much popularity among table game players. Before challenging Craps, it is best to learn the ins and outs of the game by studying our handy guide of rules, strategies and tips. With skill and a lucky roll of the dice you’re on the way of joining the cheers and jeers of the crowd.

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