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Everything You Need to Know about the Oldest Casinos in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is most famous for the countless gambling dens it hosts. Gamblers who travel there can choose between numerous options, but some of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas are considered the best. At present, there are more than 60 casinos in the city. However, the number of establishments that are not classified as casinos but offer some kind of gambling is over 200. In the following sections, we will put our focus on six particularly well-known casinos located in Nevada’s most populous city.

Is the Oldest Casino in Downtown Las Vegas Still Open?

If you search for the oldest casino Las Vegas, your attention will immediately be drawn to the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It was the city’s first official casino, which opened its doors back in 1906. Today, it is still open, and every year millions of visitors try their luck in this establishment. Below, we will reveal more details about the oldest hotel casino in Las Vegas, and we will introduce five other gambling clubs that were founded many years ago.

  •  The Oldest Casinos in Las Vegas One May Visit Today
  •  Golden Gate Hotel and Casino
  •  Golden Nugget Casino
  •  Flamingo Las Vegas
  •  Tropicana Las Vegas
  •  Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  •  Caesars Palace
The Oldest Casinos in Las Vegas One May Visit Today

As you already know, there are currently numerous active gambling clubs in Las Vegas. Considering that this is the most famous city when it comes to gambling, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, many people are most interested in the oldest casinos in Sin City. Although all of the establishments have undergone many renovations, each of them has maintained the reputation of being one of the most notable casinos in Nevada.

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino1906
Golden Nugget Casino1946
Flamingo Las Vegas1946
Tropicana Las Vegas1957
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino1966
Caesars Palace1966

The latter is a reason for tourists and locals to spend a large part of their time in these establishments. Not only is the atmosphere there truly spectacular, but the number of gambling games offered is also impressive. If you wish to learn more about each gambling house that’s categorized as the oldest casino in Vegas, please, have a look below.

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino
Golden Gate Hotel casino Las Vegas.

The first gambling house in Vegas we’d like to draw your attention to is, of course, the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It is a place with a rich history that dates back to 1906. It’s the oldest casino in downtown Las Vegas that’s still in operation today. However, when it opened, it was still called Hotel Nevada, and the gaming area was quite small. Nevertheless, it was the very first hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Three years after it opened, gambling was banned in Nevada. This, of course, led to the establishment closing its doors. In 1931, gambling became legal again and the Nevada Hotel reopened. A few years later, the Golden Gate Casino at One Fremont Street became a fact. Although the oldest Las Vegas casino was a busy place with a good reputation, it underwent another major remodel in 2017 to make it even better.

The establishment was expanded immensely and doubled in size. More than 100 new slot machines were added to the assortment, a new casino entrance was built, and the outdoor OneBar was also expanded. Two years later, the reputation of the oldest casino in Las Vegas became truly unrivaled, as a sports betting area was added to the casino.

Golden Nugget Casino
Golden Nugget casino Las Vegas.

The Golden Nugget Casino was built in 1946 and is considered the second oldest casino Las Vegas. It goes without saying that the casino’s success didn’t come overnight. Over the years, many shareholders have been involved in improving and expanding the facility. In 2000, MGM Grand Inc. became the legal owner of the casino. Three years later, however, Poster Financial Group acquired the company.

Currently, the casino is owned by Laundry’s and is believed to be one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. The company invested about $100 million in the renovation of the venue. The whole process took more than 14 months, but the final result was well worth it. The Golden Nugget Casino was enlarged, and a number of additional venues and entertainment options were introduced. Also, many new slot machines were added over the years, and the maximum betting limits for certain table games were massively increased.

Flamingo Las Vegas
Flamingo Las Vegas.

Located at 3555 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Flamingo Las Vegas is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. The facility was first opened in December 1946. The site where the gambling club is now located was purchased by a gangster named Bugsy Siegel. It didn’t take him long to sponsor the establishment of the facility. A year later, in 1947, the criminal was murdered, and the name of the casino was changed to The Fabulous Flamingo.

The new owners of the establishment made many important changes. The place became known as entertaining, innovative, and super affordable. Almost everyone had the opportunity to attend various shows there or test their skills at one or more of the casino games. Over the years, the brand was adopted by many other companies. Ceasers Entertainment Inc. is the current owner of the casino. The company is responsible for renaming the establishment to Flamingo Las Vegas.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas Casino, owned and operated by Bally’s Corporation, is undoubtedly one of the most popular gambling clubs on the Las Vegas Strip. The opening date of the facility was April 4, 1957, and the first owner of the premises where the casino is located was Ben Jaffe. He had the ambition to build the largest hotel in the city with a Cuban-inspired interior. But unfortunately, his time and budget weren’t enough.

Eventually, he sold his business rights to the Fontainebleau. Finally, the project was completed and the Tropicana Las Vegas opened its doors. For many years, the facility didn’t do very well. Not only did the Nevada Gaming Commission suspect it of illegal activity, but the competition was immense. Nonetheless, Bally’s Corporation and some of the previous owners certainly helped the casino to drastically improve. Plus, for six years, the Tropicana Las Vegas casino was the Casino Legends Hall of Fame’s home.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

Some of you probably know that Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opened back in 2000. However, the area where this casino is located is the site of another gambling house known as Aladdin. The history of Aladdin dates back to 1962. At that time, it was called Tallyho.

The Tallyho was purely a hotel, but the owner also wanted to set up a gambling hall. Unfortunately, he had to deal with many legal and licensing problems. The final result was that a new company took over the business, renovated it, and changed the name of the hotel to Aladdin. In 1997, the place closed its doors.

Planet Hollywood got into the business in 2000 and formed a partnership with Aladdin Gaming. The renovation of the casino wasn’t extensive, and the grand opening took place on August 18, 2000. Myriads of people gathered to see the spectacular show. Unfortunately, the facility ran into financial difficulties right at the very beginning of its establishment, which led to complete bankruptcy.

After years of renovations, one of the best casinos in Nevada opened in 2007. At present, Ceasers Entertainment is the official owner of Planet Hollywood Casino. The most impressive thing about this gambling club is its interior design with neon lights and glass surfaces. Besides, visitors can keep themselves busy with various activities, as the selection is quite spectacular. In the casino, there aren’t only slot machines and table games but also a large sports betting area.

Caesars Palace

And last but not least, we have the famous Caesars Palace. Even though it’s not the oldest casino in Nevada, it’s definitely the most popular one. The opulent casino resort was built in 1966, but the plan for its construction was presented in 1962. Sarno Mailin and his partner applied for a huge bank loan to achieve their goal of building the most luxurious Roman Empire-style casino resort.

The opening event cost the owners about a million dollars, which should serve as proof of the superiority of the memorable event. Caesars Forum is the name of the original casino located at the resort. Over time, both the exterior and interior of the entire area have been significantly improved.

Today, it’s the most prominent casino resort not only in Las Vegas but all over the world. The fact that the poker room has an area of 4,500 square meters shows how magnificent the Palace is. The gambling facilities include hundreds of slot machines, blackjack, craps, pai gow poker, and more.

Aside from betting, guests can also engage in many other entertaining activities and visit a number of first-class facilities. Alternatively, the top NV online poker platforms also offer a ton of great opportunities to play your favorite game of cards.


If you reached this part of our article, you probably enjoyed reading about the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. We assume that you’ve already heard about some of them, especially Ceasers Palace and Golden Nugget. In the next lines, you’ll get some additional information about the establishments, so we recommend you take a look at them.

When was the first casino in Las Vegas built?

The Golden Gate Casino and Resort is the oldest casino in Las Vegas that is still operating today. It was built back in 1906, but it went through numerous renovations over the years. Its original name was Nevada Hotel, and it was even closed for a few years after the ban on gambling was announced in Nevada.

What is the largest old casino in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Without a doubt, the largest casino in Las Vegas that’s been existing for many years now is Caesars Palace. The overall size of the gaming area is 124,181 square feet. Plus, the resort is home to many other facilities, including restaurants, a theatre, a shopping center, and many more.

What is the original name of the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Casino?

Before Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino became reality, the site where the facility is now located was home to another casino. Its name was Aladdin, and after its establishment, it achieved great success. However, the Arabian-themed gaming club was eventually demolished.

What is the most popular Vegas oldest casino?

Each of the casinos listed here is very popular in the gambling world. It goes without saying that every establishment operates under a valid license. The number of gambling activities available at every facility is truly exceptional. Guests may pick between slots, blackjack, poker, and other well-known games.

Who owns the Golden Nugget Casino?

If you are a person who likes betting, you have certainly heard of the Golden Nugget Casino. The owner of the brand is Laundry’s. The company is responsible for the complete renovation of the place, as well as its major expansion. The gambling house is known as the best oldest casino in Nevada in terms of betting limits.

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