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Denise served up a Betfred Lotto Mines Games Tips Win

Catering assistant Denise Danes is £100,000 better off after her £1 stake on the Irish Lotto at her local Betfred shop in Leeds returned a six-figure sum, proving once again that Betfred the world’s biggest independent bookmaker, is also the Lucky Bookie.

Forty-four-year-old mother-of-two Denise, who works at Leeds famous St James Hospital, spent just £1 on her ‘Pick 5 Match 5’ selection for the midweek Irish Lotto draw and her five numbers (3, 10, 12, 22, and 29) all came up, returning £100,000 plus her £1 stake. Denise, who enjoys a regular Irish Lotto punt also shared £6,501 with friends who had a syndicate bet on the Irish Lotto ‘Pick 4 Match 4’ when numbers 10, 22 and 29 also came up.

“I enjoy going into Betfred it’s my local bookies and I just spend a couple of quid on the Irish Lotto, you’ve more chance of winning something on that than the National Lottery, but I never expected to win so much,” said Denise. “I’ll take my time deciding what I am going to do with it and in the meantime I’ll continue to have a bit of fun having my £1 bets.”

Betfred area manager Craig Sykes said: “Denise is a regular customer of ours and betting on the outcome of the Irish Lottery is very popular.”

Betfred was the first bookmaker to offer odds on the Irish Lottery and currently offer 610/1 for correctly picking three numbers in the six number draw, as opposed to 575/1 offered by high street competitors. Three Irish Lottery draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening, with between one and five numbers selected. Betfred offer various permutations, ranging from Pick One Match One at 6/1, to Pick Five Match Five at 100,000/1, both in shops and online.

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