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What is The Best Way to Play Live Roulette Mines Games Tips Online?

What is The Best Way to Play Live Roulette Mines Games Tips Online?

One fairly new way that you can play Roulette online is by making use of a casino that offers a live gaming platform, and to be perfectly honest I feel that you are going to have a much more enjoyable time when you do so as opposed to playing at any casino sites offering software driven Roulette games.

The main difference between a live Roulette game and one that you can and will access via a software driven gaming platform is that you will not be left at the mercy of a random number generator that determines the outcome of each and every single spin of the wheel!

Instead you will be playing Roulette in a live playing environment, you will get linked up to a real life Roulette table which has a real life Croupier via a video link and then can see each game being played out in real time before your very eyes.

You are of course going to be able to remotely place any type of bets and wagers onto the live Roulette table via your computer and as such will find that playing environment is a much more social one and one you are very quickly going to warm to.

Choosing a Chip Value and Unit Stake

It will be whether you are hoping to have a long Roulette playing session or a fairly short one in regards to the unit stakes and the chip value settings you should be using when playing any type of Roulette games.

If you do want a hopefully fairly long playing session then you should divide up your bankroll in such a way that you will get plenty of spins out of it, and as such the lower the stakes you play for the more chances you will have of getting a much longer playing session.

However, it will of course be dependent on whether lots of your spins are winning ones, so you may be better off playing some of the lower risk betting options such as the even money paying betting opportunities or any of the dozen number grouping types of bets and wagers.

Most people however tend to make the mistake of increasing their bets when they have had one or more winning spins and whilst that can often prove to be a good way of maximizing a winning streak you do run the risk of losing your higher valued bets when you increase your stakes!

Live Roulette Comps and Bonuses

Most live casino sites are going to have some form of loyalty scheme in place and as such you should get just as many comp points when you play at such a site, but some of those comp clubs as they are known are slightly more generous than others.

With that in mind always consider comparing just what you are going to be getting as a real money player at any live casino site you are thinking of signing up to and play at for there is going to be some value to be had by shopping around and only playing at the casinos offering a much more rewarding type of comp club.

Now in regards to live casino bonuses, what I have found is that when you are offered any type of bonuses to play live Roulette games the play through requirements are often way higher when you o intend to play Roulette games.

So always make a point of looking up just how many times you will be required to play through your bonus funds when playing live Roulette games to judge if those bonuses are going to be worth claiming or not.


One thing to keep in mind when playing Roulette games in a live playing environment or for that matter any type of playing environment is that there are a range of different variants that you will come across, each of which will have their own unique house edge.

You should be looking to play the games that have the lowest house edge as that way you are going to find the casino will win a smaller amount of your over the long term when playing a lower house edge variant than a higher house edge variant.

It so often the case that the single zero variants which include both the French Roulette game and also the European Roulette game will boast a much lower house edge than any double zero variant such as the American Roulette game.

So when you do find a casino site offering a range of different live casino games always make a beeline to play the single or variants and never be tempted to play the double zero variants for they will have a much higher house edge!

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How Do Side Bets Work on Roulette Mines Games Tips?

How Do Side Bets Work on Roulette Mines Games Tips?

If you are used to playing some of the more standard Roulette game variants then you may be blissfully unaware that there are a new breed of such games that are going to allow you to place a range of different side bet options alongside your standard normal bets.

Those side bets are going to open up and offer you the chance of winning a range of different bonus payments, but only if you have placed the respective side bets and then see the result required on one or more spins of the wheel to award you with those bonus winning payouts.

In this guide I will be letting you know about a range of different side bet options that are going to become available to you at various different online casino sites and will be letting you know how you place those best and what you can win when you do so.

The one most important thing to be aware of is that all Roulette side best have fairly large house edges, so when placing such bets you need to keep that fact in mind.

Progressive Roulette Side Bets

There is often an obligatory side bet you are going to be forced and required to have to place alongside your standard base game bets when you are playing progressive Roulette games and as such always factor the cost of those obligatory side bets into your bankroll when playing such games.

The way in which a progressive Roulette game is going to award players with its jackpot payout can and will vary, however some of the most standard types of those games will ward their jackpots when one number has been spun in consecutively a certain number of times.

The house edge of such side bets however are huge and the actually chances of you winning a progressive jackpot on such games is tiny so never get obsessed with trying to win such a jackpot as not many people do.

The best time to play a progressive jackpot Roulette game will be when its jackpot is higher than it has ever been before, for whilst there are going to be no guarantees that you will actually win that jackpot, the higher the jackpot is the lower the theoretical house edge on those side bets you are required to place to have a chance of winning that jackpot will become.

Roulette Number Grouping Side Bets

There are plenty of unique Roulette game variants that you are going to come across at many different casino sites and plenty of those unique variants are going to be offering you a range of different side betting opportunities.

One commonly found type of side bet will see you placing your bonus bet onto a certain number grouping and what you will be hoping happens after you have placed that side bet is that any of the numbers that make up that grouping then spins in.

If it does a range of bonus payouts will then be awarded to you each time any of those numbers in that grouping continue to spin in on consecutive spins.

Some of the newer Roulette games will also have an additional ball well, and when you place a side bet on that ball well and the ball actually lands in it then you may get a bonus payout or some form of bonus game will then be triggered and awarded to you.

Make sure though, that you always read through the help files of any online Roulette game that does offer any form of side bet to familiarize yourself with what the bonus payouts are and how they are going to be awarded to you!


It is very true to say that you can have some remarkable winning streaks and sessions when playing Roulette games, even if you have only chosen to play with the chip value settings set very low, and that is why Roulette games in general are so popular with players.

However, sadly due to the way that all Roulette games that do offer any form or type of side bet opportunity have been designed is that the side bets come with a much higher house edge.

It is therefore important that you do not get too carried away placing side bet wagers, for due to the significantly higher house edges attached to those additional betting opportunities they can very quickly eat away at your bankroll.

But having said that those side bets could be ones on which do you win a very large amounts of cash every now and then so I would never put you off playing them, as long as you do remember that the more side bets you play the higher risk factor you will then have in play on that gaming session.

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Most Played Online Mines Game Casino Dice

Most Played Online Mines Game Casino Dice

If you enjoy playing casino card and table games then you will of course know there are many different ways that any such game is going to use to determine the result of each one of those games you play.

Take for example games such as roulette, those games use a roulette wheel and a ball to determine the result of each spin you play off, blackjack and baccarat games of example use a deck of playing cars to determine the result of each hand you play, however there are suite a number of casino games which use a set of dice to determine their outcomes.

In this guide we shall be taking a look at some of the most played casino table games which use one or more dice as the way in which each of those types of game you play determine the outcome, and as such do read for below we have an overview of two very popular casino games which we think you are going to enjoy playing.

The two dice games mentioned below are of course available at most casino sites online so finding a casino offering them should not be very difficult at all!

Most Popular Dice Games Played Online

The first casino dice game which every single one of our featured online casinos site will have available is Craps, how what makes that game a very popular one with huge numbers of players is that it is a game on which you have a wide range of betting opportunities.

You will therefore be able to place low risk wagers onto the betting layout or could place some high risk yet high return wagers if you wish to. However, you will have to understand that Craps is a two part game and will take a little getting used to and as such do take a look at some of our guides on how to play Craps online!

The other type of casino dice game which you may enjoy playing and one that offers a very easy to understand playing structure is Sicbo, for when you choose to play that game you simply have to get what numbers are going to be rolled in on the upward facing sides of three dice once they have been tossed, and there are a huge array of betting opportunities available on Sicbo games too!

Bonuses and Dice Games

As you may be interested in using a casino bonus on dice games then please do aware it is often quite range of find casino bonuses on offer that will allow you to play games such a craps with those bonuses and any that you do find will usually come with some very high and often extreme play through requirements if you are playing craps with those bonus funds.

However, as Sicbo for example is a much more profitable game for casinos sue to the higher valued house edge on that game you will often find many casino sites are quite happy for you to use their bonus offers on Sicbo games.

Many of the arcade based games that use dice can also be the types of games that you are going to be able to use with casino bonuses, however it is always the best policy for players to fully familiarize themselves with all of the term and conditions found on any casino bonus.

One thing you will be earning however no matter which casino games you do play are comp points, and with some luck in playing you can often earn a large number of points in an average length gaming session playing any type of dice games!


As you may now be very interested in playing casino table games which do use a set of dice to determine their outcome then you will of course need to find n online casino site that is going to offer you a large and varied range of those types of table games.

With that in mind we would suggest you take  a look at what any of our featured and top rated Playtech software powered casino sites have available via their respective gaming platforms, as those casino sites tend to have by far and away the largest range of different dice based games.

You will of course find the more classical types of casino dice games such as Craps and Sicbo, but you are always going to find a special category of games known as their arcade games.

Those games come with lots of different formats and structures, however what you will find is several of those arcade games come with dice based playing structures and as such we would advise you to give them a little bit of play time as you may find them very interesting games to play!

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Play Online Mines Game Casino on a Tablet Device

Play Online Mines Game Casino on a Tablet Device

There are such a lot of different mobile devices available these days that when it is time for you to upgrade your mobile or smart phone or if you are looking for a new type of tablet device, you could spend literally days looking around the shops or searching online for a handset or tablet device that suits you down to the ground!

However, it may or may not surprise you to learn that more and more people are now using their mobile devices to play casino game online, for by doing so they are going to be able to play their favourite casino games no matter where they are!

You will find everything about a mobile casino site is the same as an online casino site and as such you will have lots of bonuses available to you, plus you will be earning comps as you play and will of course have lots of different banking options and casino available to you to on mobile casino sites. In this guide we will look at how you can play casino games on any type of mobile device, so read on to find out more!

Popular Tablet Games

If you do have a new tablet device or even an old one laying around then you may fancy getting stuck into play some casino games on that tablet device and boy are out going to have plenty of choice in regards to which ones you will be able to play!

The most player tablet compatible casino games have to be the slot games for many mobile casino sites will offer you dozens of different slot games from three reel slots to video slots and everything in-between including fruit machines and progressive jackpot paying slots games too!

However, you will also find some very low house edge card games are available too and they include games such as blackjack and baccarat. However, if you want to play games that are going to be offering you the very highest of payout percentages then make sure you give some of the video poker games a whirl.

By reading through our strategy guides and video poker articles of which we do have quite a number on this website you are going to find out how to play those games optimally which will ensure you get the absolute maximum winning opportunities on every single hand of video poker you play off!

Casino Bonuses for Tablet Device Users

If you do own a tablet device then you will not have to miss out on any of the deposit match bonuses that are given away to online casino players as you are going to find you can claim just as many bonuses as you like when playing at out featured casino sites.

In fact, many of those mobile casino sites are giving away no deposit bonuses and sets of free slots spins to their first time players, and it is worth noting that you will be able to keep the winnings achieve when you are using no deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses subject to any terms and conditions, so they are certainly worth checking out and claiming.

There are going to be comp points also awarded to you are a real money mobile casino game player and with that in mind have a good look through our guides to comp clubs and loyalty clubs as we will give you a few pointers in regards to just which games you should be playing on your tablet device so that you get the most comp points!


The NetEnt gaming platform is one which allows online casino game players to be able to access and play hundreds of different types and varieties of casino games from any computer or laptop that has a web browser, which as you will know the vast majority of them do!

Those instant play casino games are highly playable, however NetEnt have also recently increased the number of what they have termed their NetEnt Touch range of casino games, and all of those games are fully compatible with tablet devices, and as such you can play some of their most popular and most played casino games on any type of tablet device.

By playing at any casino site using their mobile gaming platforms you will find you can claimed lots of different types of sign up and ongoing bonuses, and you will get just as many comp points based on your level of play as you would when playing at their online casino sites.

New tablet device compatible casino games are launched each month onto the NetEnt Touch gaming platform so you will always find that there are going to be plenty of great playing and some very high paying casino games on offer to you too!


A Detailed Overview of Blackjack Rules for Beginners

A Detailed Overview of Blackjack Rules for Beginners

Rules of casino games are generally not complicated to comprehend: you can learn the rules of most table and dice games in a matter of days or even hours. Evidently, some are easier to grasp than others, and among them, blackjack rules carry the day.

The objective of blackjack is not to exceed 21. That’s it. You’re good as long as you’re as close as possible to 21, but never over. Essentially, this is all you need to know to engage in a blackjack game; winning is another thing, but today, we won’t be discussing how to win. Instead, we will lay out the rules of blackjack in the most straightforward and digestible way, so you can use them as a quick reminder when starting to play twenty-one.

Now let’s get down to business!

Objective of the Game

Let’s start with the basics of the basics. Whether playing in a casino or online blackjack, the goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding a total card value of 21, hence the other name of blackjack, twenty-one.

If a player’s hand exceeds 21, they go “bust” and automatically lose. If, on the other hand, a player scores a hand value of 21 with the first two cards (an Ace and a card worth 10), they have a “blackjack” and win instantly, unless the dealer also has twenty-one.

Cards and Card Values

The next thing to know about the rules of blackjack are the card values, and let us start by saying these are equally easy to memorise:

Numbered cards (2-10): The value of numbered cards is the same as their face value. For example, a 2 of clubs, diamonds, etc., is worth 2 points; a 5 of diamonds is worth 5 points, and so on.

Face cards, aka Jacks, Queens, and Kings, are all worth 10 points each. Regardless of the suit, say, a Jack of any suit is valued at 10 points.

Ace: Ace is the strongest card in blackjack simply because it can hold 1 or 11 points.

Blackjack Rules: Order of Operations

Now let’s go over the sequence of actions in blackjack, otherwise known as the order of operations. Basically, the order of operations explains the game flow and is essential when learning blackjack card game rules. Typically, a game of blackjack will follow these stages and steps:

Betting Phase

In blackjack, players are called to place their bets before the cards are dealt. If you’re playing at a casino, you will be asked to place your chips in the designated betting area on the blackjack table.

Dealing Phase

Next comes the dealing. The dealer distributes the initial two cards to the players and themselves; usually, the player’s cards are dealt face-up, and the dealer’s two cards are placed face-up and face-down each.

Player Actions

It’s decision time! Now, you and your fellow players decide whether you want another card or are happy with what you already got. When asked, you can hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. We elaborated on these in our post about blackjack tips, so once you learn the basics, you can proceed to pick these up.

Dealer’s Action

Once all players have completed their actions, the croupier reveals their face-down card and follows the rules for playing their hand.

Hand Comparison

At this stage, the dealer’s hand is compared to each player’s to determine the winner(s).

Once the payouts are settled, a new round can begin with players placing bets again, and the process continues cyclically.

Blackjack Rules: All the Possibilities

Let’s quickly guide you through all the possibilities in blackjack, the preparation of the game, the types of bets, etc., so you can understand what are the rules of blackjack and practise your blackjack basic strategy.


In blackjack, placing bets comes first. The players are invited to place their wagers in the designated area of the table, followed by card dealing. Each table has a minimum and maximum bet limit, which players must adhere to.

Shuffle and Cut

Shuffle and cut are essential steps in the preparation of a blackjack deck:

Shuffling refers to mixing the cards in the deck to ensure randomness and fairness. It prevents any predictability or bias in the card distribution.

After shuffling, the deck is cut, which involves dividing the deck into two parts. A player is typically allowed to cut the deck, where they insert a cut card to indicate where the dealer will stop dealing.

Shuffling and cutting are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the game and ensuring that each hand is dealt and randomly.


Dealing in blackjack follows a specific process:

  • Bets: Players place their bets before the dealing begins.
  • Initial Cards: The dealer distributes two cards to each player and two to themselves.
  • Player Actions: Starting from the player on the dealer’s left, each player decides whether to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender based on their hand’s value and the dealer’s visible card.
  • Dealer’s Turn: Once all players have completed their actions, the dealer reveals their face-down card and follows a predetermined set of rules. The dealer typically hits until reaching a specific point total (e.g., 17 or higher) and stands afterward.
  • Hand Comparison: The dealer compares their hand to each player’s to determine the winners. Payouts are made accordingly.

The dealing process repeats for each round of the game, with players placing bets, cards being dealt, player actions taken, and the dealer playing their hand until the outcome is determined.


A “natural” refers to a hand combination that instantly wins the round for the player, usually resulting in a higher payout. A natural occurs when a player or the dealer is dealt an Ace and a card worth 10 points (10, Jack, Queen, or King) as their initial two cards. This combination totals 21 and is known as a “blackjack” or a “natural blackjack.”

Hit or Stand

“Hit” and “stand” are two primary options available to players in blackjack to make decisions regarding their hand:

  • When players choose to hit, they request an additional card from the dealer. The player can continue to hit until they decide to stand, achieve a desired hand value, or exceed 21 points (bust).
  • When players decide to stand, they choose not to take any more cards and keep their current hand.

Deciding whether to hit or stand is based on the player’s assessment of their hand’s value, the dealer’s visible card, and their strategic judgement to reach a hand value closer to 21 without exceeding it while considering the risk of busting.


Splitting is an option available to players in blackjack when they are dealt a pair of cards of the same rank, such as two 8s or two Queens. By choosing to split, the player divides the pair into two separate hands and places an additional bet equal to their original bet. Each hand is then played independently. The dealer provides an additional card to each split hand, allowing the player to play them individually.

Splitting offers the opportunity to create two potentially stronger hands and increase the chances of winning. Some blackjack variations allow players to re-split if they are dealt another pair during the split.

Double Down

In blackjack, “double down” is an option that allows players to increase their initial bet by up to 100% in exchange for receiving one additional card. This option is typically available after the player receives their first two cards. By doubling down, players show confidence in the strength of their hands. It is commonly done when the player’s hand total is 9, 10, or 11. After doubling down, the player receives one more card, and their turn ends. The double-down option can potentially increase winnings when the player believes they have a strong chance of beating the dealer’s hand.


Reshuffling in blackjack refers to mixing the cards in the deck again after a certain number of rounds or when a specific condition is met. Reshuffling is done to ensure fairness and randomness in the card distribution. Card reshuffling eliminates any predictability or patterns that might have emerged. This prevents players from gaining an advantage by tracking the cards already played. The exact point at which reshuffling occurs can vary depending on the casino or table rules, helping to maintain the game’s integrity and ensuring that each hand is dealt from a properly randomised deck.


Insurance is an optional side bet offered when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Players can then make an insurance bet, typically half the amount of their original bet. The purpose of insurance is to protect against the possibility of the dealer having a blackjack because if they do, the insurance bet payout ratio is 2:1, effectively allowing the player to break even on the hand. However, if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, the insurance bet is lost, and the main hand is played as usual.


In blackjack, payouts are determined based on the outcome of the round and the specific rules of the casino or blackjack variant being played. Here are the general principles of payouts:

  • Winning Hand. If the player’s hand value is higher than the dealer’s hand value without exceeding 21, the player wins and receives a payout. The typical payout for a winning hand is 1:1, meaning the player receives an amount equal to their original bet.
  • Blackjack/Natural. If the player has a blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card) as their initial two cards, they usually receive a higher payout, commonly 3:2.
  • Push/Tie. When the player’s and dealer’s hands have the same value, it’s called a push. In this case, the player’s bet is returned, and there is no gain or loss.

Be aware that specific payout rules may vary based on the casino and blackjack variant you are playing, so it’s important to understand the game’s specific rules before placing bets.

Are There Any Special Rules for Splitting or Doubling Down?

Yes, the rules of blackjack stipulate specific guidelines for splitting and doubling down. Some standard rules and variations include:


Re-splitting: Some variants of blackjack allow players to split their hands again if they receive another pair after the initial split, allowing the creation of multiple hands from a single pair.

Splitting Aces: In many variants, splitting Aces is allowed, but typically, players receive only one additional card for each Ace. Once split, if a player receives a 10-value card on either Ace, it’s considered 21 and not blackjack.

Doubling Down

Double down after splitting: Some games allow players to double down on each hand created by splitting, while others restrict doubling down to the original hand only.

Double Down Total: Depending on the game, players may be allowed to double down on any two initial cards or only on specific total values like 9, 10, or 11.

While the basic concept of splitting and doubling down remains consistent, specific rules can vary depending on the casino or blackjack variant.

What Is the Procedure for Resolving a Tie?

A tie occurs when the player and the dealer have the same hand value. In case of a “push,” another term for a tie, the player’s bet is returned. No winnings or losses are incurred, and a new round begins.

How Many Decks of Cards Are Used in Blackjack?

The number of decks used in blackjack can vary depending on the casino and the specific blackjack variant being played. However, the most common practice is using multiple card decks, typically between 4 and 8 decks. Using multiple decks helps increase the difficulty of card counting and adds to the game’s randomness. The exact number of decks being used is typically displayed on the blackjack table or mentioned in the game rules of the specific casino or online platform.

How Can Understanding Blackjack Rules Help You?

Understanding blackjack rules is crucial for building a solid foundation to play the game effectively. Knowing the rules can help you make informed decisions: should you hit, stand, split,  or double down?

When you know all the rules, you will also understand the payouts and navigate special rules like insurance to avoid common mistakes and maximise your profits. Once familiar with the basic rules, you can proceed confidently to betting and making the most of your time at the table.

Of course, you can turn to us for unrivalled tips and tricks, such as the ones we compiled in our ultimate blackjack guide, so make sure you get on board!