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5 Blackjack Secrets You Need to Know


When it comes to gambling, everyone is an expert in blackjack.

Just how many secrets can be left for us all to learn?

It doesn’t hurt to revisit old gems of advice but what really helps is to separate fact from fiction. Here are some facts that have been buried by, if not quite fiction, then by “high expectations”.

1. The House Edge Is the Lowest in Blackjack

The house edge, that percentage of player bets the casino is expected to keep, is not really as fixed a number as we have been told. There are several reasons this established fact is a little bit misleading, but here are the two most common reasons:

Most players make big mistakes. You can read all the blackjack advice you want. You can memorize the tables showing when to play which cards but the truth is that it takes a lot of practice to master the skills of blackjack. It doesn’t help when you sit in a casino hours on end drinking alcohol. Sure, we all enjoy a nice drink now and then, but alcohol impairs everyone’s judgment. Casinos know that.

Naïve players struggle to remember the basic rules of the game. Experienced players who don’t play the game frequently may become a little too distracted. Some people love to socialize while playing blackjack. Some people flirt with the dealers. Whatever the reason, if your mind is not on the game, you will make mistakes.

Monthly casino revenue reports filed with government agencies seem to bear this out. Some casinos have retained as much as 15-20% of player blackjack bets. That’s a pretty good house edge for a supposed 1% game!

Casinos Vary the Rules. There is no one single game of blackjack. If you learn the basic game and only apply strategies that work in that style of play, the casinos will skin you alive. That is why most experts advise you to pay close attention to the table rules. They are either displayed on a sign on the table or emblazoned on the table felt top.

If you bring your basic blackjack skill to Spanish 21, you’re asking for a chance to give the casino money. Just because there are ten blackjack tables in the room does not guarantee they are all playing by the same rules. Experienced players know this. Naïve players may not realize they have to pay their dues and learn each variation of the game.

And, as always, don’t play a 6:5 blackjack table if there are 3:2 tables available. In fact, don’t play a 6:5 game.

2. The Probabilities Only Change with the Cards

No one really comes out and says this but most blackjack articles that discuss probabilities imply it. In other words, as the cards in the shoe are played out (before a new shuffle), the probabilities shift because the mix of unplayed cards changes.

What most advice articles point out is that if a lot of high value cards appear early in the shuffle then your chances (probabilities) of getting another face card decline with each round of play. That is quite true. But those probabilities are also affected by how many people join or leave your table.

Let’s say you’re playing with 8 decks in the shoe. You can expect 128 face cards and 10s to be distributed among 416 cards. If it’s just you and the dealer playing you have an almost even chance at getting those high value cards. The dealer has a slight advantage because he waits for you to win, bust, or stand before playing his hand.

But when another player joins the table your chances of drawing a high value card are reduced by about a third. Add a third player to the table and your chances of drawing a high value card are reduced by about another 25%. Those 128 high value cards start to look very rare in your future as other players scoop them up.

That doesn’t mean you only want to play against the dealer by yourself. The math works with low value cards just as well as it does with high value cards. With three other players at the table you’re less likely to draw a pair of deuces. Estimating probabilities gives you a better understanding of how the game works. That’s a good thing, but there is no magic in knowing the numbers.

3. How the Cards Are Shuffled Does Not Matter

This is a big one and it does not seem to get much attention.

Have you played at a table using a Continuous Shuffle Machine?

That destroys all your calculations. CSMs are used to discourage or inhibit card counting. Card counting gives a proven edge to the players who use it properly. That is why casinos refuse to allow card counters to play their games. The CSM destroys your card counting advantage.

Even if you are not part of a professional card counting team, if you want to reduce the random factors in the game, avoid tables that use Continuous Shuffle Machines. You can show the casino with your money which types of games you prefer to play, and manual shuffling should be one of the criteria in how you choose a table.

Continuous Shuffle Machines allow the dealer to turn more rounds per hour. The more rounds of play the casino serves the more money it makes. If you are just there to enjoy yourself, your money lasts longer at a table where the dealer still shuffles the cards. If you’re a good player you have a pretty good chance at walking away a winner. If you expect to lose only a little bit, that small loss accumulates faster at a table with CSM-assisted dealing.

4. All Dealers Play the Same Game

Casinos watch their dealers closely for good reason. Sometimes a dealer makes a mistake. Sometimes a dealer decides to go rogue. Neither kind of dealer is good for the casino. So while it’s true that casinos keep the dealers on a short leash, they don’t always play the same game.

You don’t want to play with a crooked dealer. That’s illegal and if he’s not working with you he’s not going to help you anyway unless he wants to throw you to the dogs.

What you want is to find an honest dealer who is a bit inexperienced. Many casinos have at least one new dealer on the floor each month. If you play regularly you’ll start to see new faces. Some dealers change jobs and bring their experience with them, so they won’t be of much help to you.

The dealer who is still learning on the job is more likely to make mistakes which will help a savvy player. This is an opportunistic strategy, not something you can count on every time you walk into a casino. Just know that dealers don’t always play the same game.

There are also dealers who are just too good. Maybe they are popular with tourists who don’t understand the game. These dealers may be doing nothing technically wrong but they win more often than you would expect, based on the basic probabilities. Watch the tables for a while and see how good the dealer’s luck is. If it seems a bit too good to be true and the players don’t get up and leave, find another table.

5. Ask the Dealer for Help

Every new player has done this. You get confused and you ask the dealer for advice. Each casino sets its own rules about how dealers interact with the players. Nonetheless, players often make the mistake of assuming the dealer knows how to play the game like a player. Dealers play by different rules from players.

The dealer can explain the table rules to you. The dealer should know the table rules inside out. Ask the dealer about the rules.

But when it comes to strategy or deciding what you should do, don’t ask the dealer. The dealer may have the best of intentions and the casino may not care if the dealer gives you advice. After all, everything is happening on camera and the cards and chips are being tracked. It’s hard for a dealer to cheat.

Even so, the dealer may be terrible at playing blackjack. If you don’t know basic blackjack strategy, then don’t assume the dealer does. If you really need help, flip a coin. Your chances of making a bad decision are about 50%. That’s average for people who are just learning the game.

Also remember that the dealer is not your friend. He or she is there to entertain you, to make money for the casino, and to make money for him or herself. Your needs come last.


Yes, you will find a lot of good advice on the Internet but the seas get rough where advice meets reality. It’s just like cold air splashing into warm, moist air. You really do not know what to expect. Good advice can be wrong for lots of valid reasons.

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Guide to Playing Blackjack Mines Games Bonus in Vegas Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Guide to Playing Blackjack Mines Games Bonus in Vegas Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Blackjack has been a staple of the casino scene for as long as gamblers have assembled around the card table.

For several decades, players remained content to battle the house for basic even money and 3 to 2 (or 6 to 5 nowadays) payouts as part of the base game. Over time, however, the addition of competing table games forced blackjack operators to mix things up in order to keep recreational customers interested.

Enter the blackjack side bet…

By adding a specially designed optional wager to the equation, casinos found a quick fix that offered the best of both worlds. Purists who prefer to play blackjack as it was originally designed remain free to do so. But for the rest of us – gamblers who enjoy the occasional lark on a long shot game of chance offering juicy payout odds – blackjack side bets have been a godsend.

For the next installment in my ongoing series on blackjack side bets, it’s time to tackle the original blackjack side bet: “Lucky Lucky”.

And if you haven’t yet read the first two parts of the series yet, be sure you do. I tackled what you need to know about the 21 + 3 side bet and the Lucky Ladies side bet.

Introduction to the Lucky Lucky Side Bet

The year was 2001 and Franklin Daines found himself searching for creative ways to bring customers through the door of his Jackpot Casino in Alberta, Canada.

Daines ran the small gambling hall with his wife, and eventually the two got to work collaborating on a project that would change the world of blackjack forever. Their tinkering produced the Lucky Lucky side bet, which respected casino game analyst Michael Shackleford of “The Wizard of Odds” asserts to be the first blackjack side bet ever devised to incorporate both the player’s starting hand and the dealer’s up card.

Here’s how it works…

Seven of Spades Blackjack Card, Green Four Leaf Clover

After placing a secondary wager on the Lucky Lucky side betting space, players are hoping to combine their two starting cards with the dealer’s hole card to form qualifying hands. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the eight available qualifying hands in the next section, but the gist of Lucky Lucky side betting is to create a 21 total – just like in classic blackjack.

When you do, the Lucky Lucky pay table awards payouts ranging from double your money to 200 to 1.

The Lucky Lucky side bet proved to be an immediate hit among local Jackpot Casino gamblers, prompting the Daines family to patent their invention and establish Aces Up Gaming. Over the next two decades, Daines and his adult children successfully marketed the Lucky Lucky side bet and secured installations within hundreds of casinos worldwide.

Today, you can find the Lucky Lucky side bet offered by more than 2,000 blackjack tables in Las Vegas and beyond.

How to Land a Winner on the Lucky Lucky Side Bet

The best possible scenario in blackjack is to wind up with a total of 21 on the deal. Also known as a “natural,” this Ace + 10 combination is good for the base game’s only premium payout of 3 to 2 (or 6 to 5 in the corporate-owned casinos lining the Las Vegas Strip).

From there, players are hoping to hit their way to a total of 21 without going bust, which makes losing your bet impossible and ensures a push at the very least. All in all, 21 is the golden number for blackjack enthusiasts.

And therein lies the allure of the Lucky Lucky side bet…

Even if you fail to connect with a natural blackjack on your own, a Lucky Lucky wager allows you to turn some of the game’s worst starting hands into big-time winners.

Take the 7-7 starting hand for a lowly 14 as the perfect example. Holding a 14 against almost any dealer up card makes post-deal play quite difficult. To put things simply, you’re going to be stuck between a rock (standing and losing to superior dealer totals) and a hard place (hitting and going bust before ever seeing the dealer’s down card) when you have a 7-7 in the hole.

But when you’re wagering on the Lucky Lucky side bet, snagging a 7-7 is actually a sight for sore eyes. That’s because Daines and Co. designed their novel addition to blackjack using the following structure for qualifying hands:

Lucky Lucky Side Bet Qualifying Hands and Payouts
Suited 7-7-77-7-7 all in the same suit200 to 1
Suited 6-7-86-7-8 all in the same suit100 to 1
Unsuited 7-7-77-7-7 in different suits50 to 1
Unsuited 6-7-86-7-8 In different suits30 to 1
Suited Total of 21Any 21-total using suited cards15 to 1
Unsuited Total of 21Any 21-total using suited cards15 to 1
Total of 20Any 20-total regardless of suits2 to 1
Total of 19Any 19-total regardless of suits2 to 1
Any Other Total Loss

As you can see, the best possible outcome for Lucky Lucky side bettors is to nail a perfect suited 7-7-7 combo using their starting hand and the dealer’s up card. Naturally, this is a difficult prospect given the probabilities (more on this to come), as even an eight-deck shoe only has eight 7s in each suit with which to work. Nonetheless, if you can beat the odds and pull a suited 7-7-7, the Lucky Lucky side bet will send you a sweet 200 to 1 payoff.

The hits keep on coming though, as even an unsuited 7-7-7 is worth 50 to 1 on your money.

Three Seven of Diamonds on a Blackjack Table

You don’t even need to start with a 7-7 in the hole either, as the Lucky Lucky side bet pays out 100 to 1 on any suited 6-7-8 combo, and 30 to 1 on the unsuited 6-7-8.

Additionally, any combo totaling 21 that you can cobble together using your starting hand and the dealer’s up card is good for either 15 to 1 (suited) or 3 to 1 (unsuited).

Finally, when you and the dealer team up to find any three-card total of 20 or 19, you’ll collect a 2 to 1 payout.

But wait, there’s more…

Based on the house’s specific pay table configuration – which the Daines family and Aces Up Gaming are happy to oblige – you might find several alternative payout structures in place. Check out the table below – beginning with the standard payout scheme described earlier labeled as “#1” – to see how various Lucky Lucky side bet pay tables* shake out:

*All pay tables listed below use the “X to 1” system

Lucky Lucky Side Bet Alternative Pay Tables
Suited 7-7-72000200200200200100500
Suited 6-7-810010010010010010050200
Unsuited 7-7-750505050505030100
Unsuited 6-7-83030302530301025
Suited total of 21151010151510315
Unsuited total of 2133333323
Total of 2022222222
Total of 1922221111

You might be wondering about the omission of a topline payout for the suited 7-7-7 in column #2, and if so, congratulations on being an astute reader. In this case, pay table #2 refers to a double-deck version of blackjack which only uses two decks at a time. Obviously, you can’t string together three 7s of the same suit in a double-deck game, hence the removal of that particular payout.

For the most part, these alternative pay tables are limited to areas outside of Las Vegas, like tribal casinos and regional gambling halls. That means the majority of Sin City casinos choose to spread the standard pay table (shown as “#1” in the grid above) rather than mess with a good thing.

With that said, you should always study the Lucky Lucky side bet layout on your blackjack table’s felt before placing a wager.

As you’ll learn in the penultimate section on “Traps to Watch Out For,” the very reasonable odds against and house edge rates offered by standard Lucky Lucky side betting quickly become bastardized by inferior pay tables.

Probabilities and House Edge Rates for the Lucky Lucky Side Bet

When you study the inherent statistical probabilities associated with the Lucky Lucky side bet, you’ll quickly discover a “glass half-full, glass half-empty” scenario.

Take a look at the table* below – which highlights the possible combinations for qualifying hands, probabilities of landing them, and their expected return rates – to see what I mean:

*All data referenced below refers to Lucky Lucky side bets which a) use the standard “#1” pay table and b) use a six-deck shoe

Lucky Lucky Side Bet Combos, Probabilities, and Expected Return Rates
Suited 7-7-7800.0016 percent0.003191
Suited 6-7-88640.0172 percent0.017234
Unsuited 7-7-71,9440.0388 percent0.019388
Unsuited 6-7-812,9600.2585 percent0.077553
Suited total of 2126,5680.5299 percent0.079492
Unsuited total of 21406,2968.10 percent0.243130
Total of 20377,5687.53 percent0.150626
Total of 19364,3207.26 percent0.145341
All other3,822,72076.25 percent-0.762513

As you can see, the good news is Lucky Lucky side bet players can expect to form some kind of winning hand on roughly one in every four deals. Taken in sum, this relatively high win rate creates a very reasonable house edge rate of 2.66 percent on the Lucky Lucky side bet.

For comparison’s sake, you can think of this as akin to single-zero roulette, another purely chance-based gamble which offers a snug house edge of 2.70 percent. And when compared to the similarly named “Lucky Ladies” blackjack side bet – which carries an obscene house edge of 24.71 percent – splashing around on the Lucky Lucky option is a definite steal.

As for the bad news, of that approximately 25 percent win rate, 23 percent or so stems from low-paying winners that will only award payouts of either 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.

Let’s break the numbers down so you understand exactly what I’m talking about. First of all, the most likely scenario on any Lucky Lucky side bet is to make no qualifying hand at all, which happens at a 76.25 percent clip.

Dealer Grabbing Blackjack Cards, Poker Chips and Money Spread Out

From there, the most likely winning hand is actually the unsuited 21-total, which will arrive on 8.10 percent of deals for a 3 to 1 payout. Next up is the “any 20-total” winner, good for a 2 to 1 payout on 7.53 percent of deals. And you’ll also score the “any 19-total” winner for 2 to 1 on 7.26 percent of deals.

The mathematically minded readers out there already know, but here’s what these bottom-heavy probabilities really mean. On 99.14 percent of all Lucky Lucky side bet plays, you’ll either lose outright, or win between 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 on your money.

As for those highly touted topline payouts of 200 to 1 for making a suited 7-7-7, consider that to be a lightning strike which only rains down at tiny fractions of a single percentage point. Taken altogether, the 200 to 1 through 15 to 1 payouts will only show up on less than 1 percent of the time.

This extreme disparity between the haves and have-nots makes Lucky Lucky side betting perfect for conservative blackjack players who don’t mind reaping marginal rewards for a marginal risk. On the other hand, folks who prefer going for the gusto by landing “jackpot” hands on their blackjack side bets may prefer a more balanced offering like the 21 + 3 wager.

Traps to Watch Out for When Playing the Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Whenever gamblers find a side bet like Lucky Lucky that offers a fair house edge rate, they can bet their bottom dollar the casinos have tried their best to ruin it by adjusting the odds.

That’s definitely true in the case of Lucky Lucky, which only carries that favorable 2.66 house edge on the standard #1 pay table described earlier.

Exercise caution and scan your pay tables carefully, because here’s how the house edge can fluctuate wildly against you when betting Lucky Lucky against the alternatives*:

*All house edge rates shown in the following table pertain to a six-deck shoe, except for the double-deck variant for pay table #2

Lucky Lucky Side Bet House Edge Rates (by Pay Table)
#12.66 percent
#25.39 percent
#35.31 percent
#43.95 percent
#59.96 percent
#612.60 percent
 #75.05 percent
#87.07 percent

On a final note, Lucky Lucky side bet fans should remain cognizant of the casino’s deck construction for blackjack games. As the table below makes clear, playing with fewer than six decks in the shoe always increases the house’s inherent edge:

Lucky Lucky Side Bet House Edge Rates (by Pay Table and Number of Decks)
12.61 percent5.95 percent6.66 percent6.41 percent7.31 percent8.67 percent
22.82 percent5.21 percent6.02 percent5.97 percent6.85 percent8.17 percent
32.77 percent4.65 percent5.5 percent5.52 percent6.39 percent7.70 percent
42.72 percent4.32 percent5.18 percent5.24 percent6.10 percent7.40 percent
52.68 percent4.10 percent4.98 percent5.05 percent5.92 percent7.21 percent
62.66 percent3.95 percent4.83 percent4.92 percent5.78 percent7.07 percent

The Lucky Lucky side bet became an instant classic among blackjack aficionados and casinos alike for many reasons. The ability to win even when you get dealt a bad hand appeals to players who hate unlucky streaks, while the pay table and probabilities make the possibility of paying out huge 200 to 1 winners a rarity for the house. If blackjack is your game, and side bets are something you enjoy indulging in, you can’t do much better than the aptly named Lucky Lucky option.

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One Blackjack Mines Games Bonus and How It Can Allow You to Win 2,000x Your Stake

One Blackjack Mines Games Bonus and How It Can Allow You to Win 2,000x Your Stake

Despite being virtually unchanged for decades, classic blackjack has remained one of the most entertaining casino games. Nevertheless, blackjack players sometimes like adding variety to their experience through side bets and interesting rule variations.

ONE Blackjack is the latest game that gamblers can try. It’s a live dealer blackjack variation that offers payouts worth up to 2,000x the stake.

If you’re interested in trying a hot new blackjack variation, then you can learn more about ONE Blackjack in the following post.

Basics of ONE Blackjack

This blackjack variation takes place in Pragmatic Play’s live dealer studio. Pragmatic Play is typically known for their online slots, but they’ve been branching out into live dealer casino games as of late.

ONE Blackjack is the latest edition of Pragmatic’s growing live-dealer collection. It offers unique aspects that set it apart from the average blackjack variation.

Here’s a look at what makes the ONE version so intriguing:

  • Unlimited number of players can join a table
  • Win up to 2,000x your stake (through side bets)
  • Four side bets, including 21+3, Bust Bonus, Crazy 7’s, and Perfect Pairs
  • Six Card Charlie delivers an automatic win when you draw for six cards without busting

As you can see, ONE Blackjack has plenty of extras to offer. Like other live games, it also gives you the opportunity to chat with the dealer.

More on ONE Blackjack’s Side Bets

Most of the time in real money blackjack, games only offer one or two side wagers. ONE, on the other hand, features four different side bets. Here’s a closer look at each of these bets.


21+3 is based on your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard. The goal is to form a poker hand (e.g. flush, straight) within these three cards.

The nice thing about 21+3 is that you don’t need to hit for another card to win, like with some side wagers. Instead, the bet will be decided after you receive your first two cards.

This wager also has better return to player (RTP) than most side bets. It offers 95.76% RTP with four decks, 96.76% with six, and 97.26% with eight.

You receive a 9:1 payout no matter what qualifying hand you receive. Here’s a list of the qualifying hands:

  • Straight flush
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Pair + flush (e.g. 7s-7s-Js)
Bust Bonus

As the name implies, this bet revolves around the dealer busting out. It even allows you to see the croupier’s upcard before betting. Assuming the dealer doesn’t have a natural blackjack, they’ll give you the opportunity to place this wager.

The bust bonus offers variable payouts based on the dealer’s upcard, if they have suited cards, or if they have three 8s. Here’s a common pay table:

  • Ace upcard – Non-suited payout = 3:1; suited payout = 50:1
  • 2 upcard – Non-suited payout = 1:1; suited payout = 25:1
  • 3 upcard – Non-suited payout = 1:1; suited payout = 15:1
  • 4 upcard – Non-suited payout = 1:1; suited payout = 10:1
  • 5 upcard – Non-suited payout = 1:1; suited payout = 5:1
  • 6 upcard – Non-suited payout = 1:1; suited payout = 3:1
  • 7 upcard – Non-suited payout = 2:1; suited payout = 15:1
  • 8 upcard – Non-suited payout = 2:1; suited payout = 10:1
  • Three 8s – Non-suited payout = 25:1; suited payout = 75:1
  • 9 upcard – Non-suited payout = 2:1; suited payout = 20:1
  • 10 upcard – Non-suited payout = 2:1; suited payout = 20:1

The bust bonus RTP varies based on which upcard the dealer is showing. Here are payout percentages for each dealer card based on an eight-deck game where the dealer hits a soft 17:

  • Ace upcard – 90.97% RTP
  • 2 upcard – 92.54%
  • 3 upcard – 91.67%
  • 4 upcard – 92.81%
  • 5 upcard – 91.0%
  • 6 upcard – 92.07%
  • 7 upcard – 94.02%
  • 8 upcard – 95.87%
  • 9 upcard – 89.7%
  • 10 upcard – 91.25%
Crazy 7s

Crazy 7s revolves around your first three cards. You can actually win on your first card just by getting a seven. You’ll need to split once, however, to chase the top payouts.

Simply put, you want consecutive sevens to be dealt. Assuming you get three consecutive 7s to start a hand, then you’ll win a larger prize.

Some casinos guarantee that you’ll receive a third card with the crazy 7s bet, even if the dealer has a natural blackjack. Others cap how many cards you get at two if the dealer has a blackjack.

Here’s the pay table based on the version where you’re guaranteed three cards no matter what:

  • Three suited 7s – 2,000:1 payout
  • Three non-suited 7s – 500:1
  • Two suited 7s – 150:1
  • Two non-suited 7s – 25:1
  • One 7 – 5:1

As you can see, crazy 7s is the side bet that allows wins up to 2,000x your stake. Even with a $1 side wager, a suited 7-7-7 would deliver $2,000 in winnings.

The RTP for this crazy 7s pay table is 93.5%. The payout percentage drops to 92.5% if you’re not guaranteed three cards when the dealer has blackjack.

Perfect Pairs

No doubt one of the most famous blackjack side bets, perfect pairs is based on if your first two cards are a pair. The “perfect pair” is two identical cards, such as two jacks of hearts.

A “colored pair,” meanwhile, is two cards of the same color and rank, like the 10 of diamonds and 10 of hearts. You can also receive payouts for mixed-colored pairs, such as eight of clubs and eight of diamonds.

The RTP on perfect pairs can vary wildly depending upon the pay table. It can deliver anywhere from 97.8% to 92.0% payback.

In the case of 97.8% RTP, you’re dealing with one of the highest payout percentages for a side bet. Here’s a look at the pay table for this version:

  • Perfect pair – 25:1 payout
  • Colored pair – 15:1
  • Mixed-colored pair – 5:1
What’s the Main Draw to ONE Blackjack?

As mentioned before, many blackjack games offer side wagers. Few of them, however, combine four different side bets into one variation.

ONE Blackjack is a rare game in this regard. It gives you the chance to pick and choose from four different wagers in each round. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win large side payouts.

Of course, you can also simply choose to focus on the main game without placing side bets. This route is nice for when you just want to enjoy live blackjack while taking less bankroll risks.

Speaking of the live aspect, ONE Blackjack happens in Pragmatic Play’s designer studio. You’ll get to feel like you’re playing in a brick and mortar casino while also chatting with the dealer in between hands.

What Are the Drawbacks to This Game?

You likely play online blackjack because you want a solid opportunity to beat the casino. Side wagers aren’t always in line with this goal.

Instead, they can take what’s normally a high-paying game and turn it upside down. In the case of Bust Bonus, for example, you’ll only be looking at around 90% RTP with some of the upcards.

Blackjack Casino Cards

Live dealer blackjack normally offers between 99% and 99.5% RTP. With that said, you might simply ignore the side bets after a while.

Even if you’re interested in the side wagers, you may find ONE Blackjack’s selection to be a little overwhelming. It can be hard enough figuring out one side bet, let alone four.

Will ONE Blackjack Ultimately Be Popular?

The key thing with ONE Blackjack is that you don’t have to place any side wagers. Instead, these extra wagers are optional.

This game merely gives you the chance to chase side payouts. In doing so, it offers much more variety than the average live-dealer blackjack game.

For this reason, ONE Blackjack will probably become one of the more entertaining and popular variations. It not only takes place in a well-polished live dealer studio, but it also provides chances at huge wins in the process.

Crazy 7s boasts a payout worth 2,000:1 for three suited sevens. Meanwhile, Bust Bonus (50:1) and Perfect Pairs (25:1) also offer fairly large top payouts.

21+3 doesn’t feature a big prize like these other games. Instead, it spreads the wealth by paying 9:1 for any qualifying hand.


If you’re looking to spice up your blackjack experience, then ONE Blackjack is a worthwhile choice. It delivers a tantalizing combination in the form of live blackjack and four side bets.

The latter provides a nice variety of wagers to try when you’re looking to shake up blackjack sessions. You could make a 21+3 bet on one hand, for example, and a Bust Bonus wager on the next. Assuming you’re not having much success with the side bets, you can always stick to playing the main game for a while.

This abundance of options and ways to play is bound to make ONE Blackjack a successful game. That said, you might consider trying it at a Pragmatic Play live casino.

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How Much Should You Bet in Blackjack Mines Games Bonus?

How Much Should You Bet in Blackjack Mines Games Bonus?

The answer to this question depends on so many variables that writing this post was kind of a daunting task. I had made up my mind to write on this topic after seeing this question time and again in Google search results and in posts on reddit and other forums. Hopefully, all the people wondering how much they’re supposed to bet playing blackjack will find their way here.

The amount you should bet in blackjack depends on the game’s rules, the range of available bets, your own gambling strategy, your bankroll, and a slew of intangibles like your mood or your feel for a given game on a particular night. Depending on where I’m playing and where my bankroll is at, I may bet anywhere from $5 to $100 a hand.

The word “should” is difficult to write about because it implies some kind of judgement. I’m not in any position to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. But I can make suggestions based on different variables.

That’s what this post does – it suggests bets you might consider depending on different game, bankroll, and personal situations.

Blackjack Bet Sizes

Most blackjack tables in America have a minimum bet of around $10.

You’ll find tables as low as $2, particularly off the Strip in Vegas. It’s not uncommon to find a $5 minimum bet table. You could say the same about $15 minimum bets – available occasionally but not the norm.

That’s why I say you should expect to find tables as low as $10. Some Vegas properties and some flagship casinos in other jurisdictions may not have tables that low, but you’ll usually find a $20 minimum bet table somewhere on the floor.

As for maximum bets, they can get pretty high, particularly in the high-limit sections of casinos in Vegas or Atlantic City. Tables allowing bets of $10,000 per hand aren’t unheard of. VIPs can pretty much set their own max bet, working it out with casino staff ahead of time.

Are VIP gamblers really in their private games betting six figures per hand? Sure. Seven figures? I’m sure it happens.

A quick scan of Vegas blackjack games reveals a trend – the posted maximum bets are around $10,000. Some properties there, like the MGM Grand and the Flamingo, limit max bets to $5k, but it’s pretty common to find a $10 bet max playing Vegas blackjack.

In short, a typical blackjack range of bets is $10 to $10,000 per hand. There’s a little wiggle room there – you may only find $20 – $5,000, or you may find $5 – $20,000 or whatever. But I’d say the typical large casino blackjack game accepts between $10 and $10,000.

With a wide range of available bets like that, it can be hard to know what you should be betting.

Let’s break down what a sensible bet looks like in different common game contexts.

Small Bankroll Players Should Bet Small

This one seems obvious, but you never know.

If you’ve got a bankroll of $100, you can absolutely have a good time playing blackjack. You just have to hunt down the right game and play it at a slow pace.

If you’re in Vegas and you have $100 to spend playing blackjack, you should check out Circus Circus. It’s on the north side of the Strip, and it’s a little bit corny, but it has low bet minimums, and the play is generally pretty slow. I’ve found $3 table minimums at Circus Circus consistently. The max bet on these tables is $500, and the rules aren’t exactly player-friendly.

At $3 a hand, playing at a table with a few other players, and following basic blackjack strategy, you’re losing $0.015 per hand. That’s one and a half cents in expected losses per hand, provided you don’t make any strategic mistakes. You can play something like 6,600 hands before you blow through your $100 – that’s like 78 hours of blackjack, or $1.28 an hour.

Advantage Gamblers Should Bet Max

Some gamblers should be betting on the extreme low end of the table’s betting range.

Other gamblers, like those playing perfect strategy, counting cards, and grinding out a tiny advantage against the house, should be betting as much as the casino will allow on every hand.

It’s not unusual for player skill and game rules to produce an expected casino edge of just 0.15%. Betting $10,000 a hand, an expected loss of 0.15% on each hand means $15 of losses per decision. At 90 decisions an hour, you’re still losing $1,350 an hour to the casino. A four-hour session is likely to drain almost $5,500 from your bankroll.

Of Course, That May Not Happen. Blackjack Is a Streaky Game

You may have seven or eight wins in a row. At max bet sizes, those seven or eight wins could be profitable. If you’re smart enough to bail on the right winning streak, you could make a tidy profit.

You can’t beat blackjack consistently, not without MIT Blackjack Team-level skills, and even those guys had losing streaks and bad beats. That said, when you’re playing against a casino edge in the tenths of a percent, it makes sense to maximize your winnings from winning streaks by betting as much as you can.

New Blackjack Players Should Create a Unit Bet Size

If you’re new to the game, you don’t need to be thinking too much about how much to bet on each hand. That’s because you should be following basic bankroll strategy. That means creating a unit bet and sticking with it.

How does it work? You set a bet amount, say $10 per hand, and never bet more or less than that number.

This has several positive side effects. For starters, managing your bankroll is a lot easier if you don’t have an ever-changing bet size. The calculations and tracking tasks you should be engaging in as a new blackjack player will be much easier if you always bet that same $10 amount.

Another positive effect – relieving you of the duty of worrying about how much to bet. Your focus should be on following optimal strategy, not wondering if you should increase or decrease your bet.

You can also plan a casino trip a lot easier if you know how much you’re going to bet on each hand. At $10 per hand, if I’m getting 99.5% payback by playing optimal strategy at a decent blackjack table, I’m losing a nickel per hand, or about $4.50 an hour at a decently busy table. That’s cheap entertainment, even if I don’t leave with profit in my pocket.

Bettors Curious About the Martingale Should Try It Out

If you want to try out the classic Martingale betting tactic – whereby you double your bet after losses in an attempt to recapture lost wagers – you should go ahead and do it.

I recommend that you find a table with a low bet minimum, something like $5 or $10, and work a classic Martingale. Start at your minimum bet, double after losses, and see how it works.

The beautiful thing about the Martingale, and the reason why it’s become something of a meme in the gambling community, is that over the short-term its effective. So long as you don’t hit a bad losing streak, you’ll be able to recapture your losses over the course of just a few rounds of play.

A good buddy of mine likes to use the Martingale betting technique to impress women he brings to the casino. It’s nothing slimy – he just tells her ahead of time that he knows how to always win at blackjack, then shows her the Martingale method as they play. He says it’s fun to watch them squirm when you get to a three- or four-hand losing streak, and the doubled-bet gets up into the three- or four- figures.

There’s no reason not to try something you’re curious about, and if your bankroll can stomach it, you should go for it. Just bail out before your doubled-bet gets higher than the mortgage payment.

Rich Bettors Should Bet However They Want

Those of us that work for a living often underestimate just how much money rich guys spend at the casino. You and me, we bet in 10s and 20s. These guys bet in 10 and 20 thousands, risking more on a single baccarat or craps outcome than some of us make in six months of hard work.

It may seem insane to us to bet $100,000 per hand playing blackjack – but we should right-size this a little.

Let’s say you’re a billionaire. Your net worth of $5 billion means that a $100,000 hand of blackjack represents 0.02% of your total wealth.

Let’s compare that to my numbers – I make about $75,000 a year, so a $10 bet on blackjack represents 0.013% of my wealth.

As a billionaire, you’re only risking slightly more than me (0.007% more) by wagering $100,000 instead of the $10 I regularly bet.

If you, the billionaire, were betting just $10 a hand, you’re only risking 0.00000002% of your total wealth, the equivalent of a guy like me gambling for less than a penny per hand. Why would I do that? It would be boring.

The same goes for you, the billionaire. You’re going to bet in accordance with your holdings.

Are you loaded? Bet as much as you want. It’s more meaningful and fun that way.


Obviously, you “should” be betting any amount that you want while playing blackjack, provided you can afford it and it’s improving your enjoyment of the game and your time at the casino.

Increasing your entertainment value is a value-add that the casino can’t take away, and if you think about it, the happier you are, the more you shave down the casino’s edge. The money you spend gambling costs less when you’re having a good time.

Don’t worry about how much you should or shouldn’t be betting on blackjack – instead worry about how much you can afford and what kind of bet increases your enjoyment of time spent playing.

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Match the Dealer in Blackjack Mines Games Bonus

Match the Dealer in Blackjack Mines Games Bonus

Match the dealer usually refers to a side bet that’s available at specific blackjack tables. But it’s also a term used for a strategy that some losing blackjack players use.

The majority of this post explains what the match the dealer side bet is, how it works, and the return percentage you can expect when you make a bet. Toward the end of the post, I explain the match the dealer blackjack strategy and why you shouldn’t use it.

Like most blackjack side bets, the match the dealer isn’t a good bet. But it’s better than many other side bets, so it won’t cost you too much money if you make the match side bet from time to time. Learn everything you need to know about the match the dealer side bet in this post.

Match the Dealer Blackjack Side Bet

The first thing I want to cover is the match the dealer side bet, which is the most common usage for the phrase. Match the dealer is a side bet that you can find with any blackjack style game, including Spanish 21.

How the Match the Dealer Side Bet Works

At the beginning of every hand, when you’re playing at a blackjack table with the match, the dealer side bet you place a bet for the main blackjack game and have the option to make a bet on the match the dealer wager. The casino dictates the amount of the bet and can be a set amount or within a range of bet amounts.

For Example:

You might be able to make a standard bet for anywhere from $10 to $100 on the base blackjack game, and the same range of bet amounts applies to the match the dealer side bet. So, in this case, you could bet $50 on the base game and $10 on the match the dealer bet, or bet $20 on each option.

When you place a match the dealer side bet, you win when either one of your first two cards is the same rank as the dealer card. For example, if the dealer has a seven and one of your cards is a seven, you win the amount listed in the paytable.

If you have two sevens, you win more, and if one or both of your sevens are the same suit as the dealer’s seven, you win more. Thus, the paytable is different based on how many decks are in play in the blackjack game.

In a double-deck blackjack game, you win 4 to 1 for each card matching the dealer card rank and 19 to 1 if you match both the rank and suit. However, realize it’s impossible to match both rank and suit for both your cards in a double-deck game because there are only two cards of each rank and suit in the game.

When playing a four-deck game, you win  4 to 1 for a matched rank and 12 to 1 for a matched rank and suit. A six-deck game pays 4 to 1 for a matched rank and 11 to 1 for a matched rank and suit. An eight-deck game pays 3 to 1 for a matched rank and 14 to 1 for a matched rank and suit.

Here’s the same information in a table for easy reference:

Number of DecksRank MatchSuited Rank Match

As I mentioned earlier, the match the dealer side bet is available on some Spanish 21 games. For example, in an eight-deck Spanish 21 game, a ranked match pays 3 to 1, and a ranked suited match pays 12 to 1. However, if the game uses 6 decks, a rank match pays 4 to 1, and a ranked suited match pays 12 to 1.

You can also find match the dealer offered on other blackjack variations that use a standard deck of 52 cards. In all of these games, the paytable is the same as the table listed above. I’ve never seen a paytable that didn’t match the table in this post. So if you see a paytable with different payouts, you can quickly see if it’s better or worse.

If the paytable pays more than the numbers listed in this post, it’s a better paytable, which offers a higher return, and if the numbers are worse, the return is lower.

For example, if you’re playing an eight-deck game and a suited rank match pays 15 to 1 instead of 14 to 1, you get a better return. However, if the suited ranked match pays 13 to 1, your return is lower. You will learn more about the return percentages for the paytable you just read in the next section.

Match the Dealer Return to Player Percentages

The return to player percentage for the match the dealer side bet varies based on the paytable and number of decks in play. The return percentage is the amount of money you bet on any bet that you win back, on average over time, displayed as a percentage.

For example, if you make a bet with a 96% return percentage, for every $1,000 in total bets you make, you win back $960. Therefore, you should compare return percentage numbers for every bet you make, so you make more bets with higher returns. In the long run, making higher return bets gives you a better chance to win and reduces your long-term losses.

Here are the return percentages for each combination:

  • Double-deck game – 96.7% return
  • Four deck game – 95.2% return
  • Six deck game – 96% return
  • Eight deck game – 96.3% return
  • Six deck Spanish 21 game – 97% return
  • Eight deck Spanish 21 game – 97% return

The return percentages for the match the dealer side bet aren’t bad when compared to many blackjack side bets, but when you compare them to the return for the base blackjack game, you should notice that the returns for the side bet are worse than for the base game.

Most casinos have at least one blackjack table with rules where you can get a return over 99%. If you find the proper rules and use basic blackjack strategy, you can get a return of 99.7% or better. I never make the match the dealer side wager because I always get a better overall return from the base blackjack game.

Match the Dealer Blackjack Strategy

You’ll notice that this section isn’t as extensive as the rest of the sections in this post. This section isn’t as large as the others because most people looking for information about match the blackjack dealer are looking for details about the side bet. You just learned everything you can about the match the dealer side wager.

But there’s also a strategy that some gamblers use when they play blackjack that I’ve heard called match the dealer. Of course, the match the dealer blackjack strategy is a bad strategy. But I wanted to make sure that I touched on it for the few people who might find this page looking for information on the strategy.

The first thing I want to get out of the way is there is no strategy for the match the dealer side bet as described earlier in this post. You could count cards to possibly find a way to change the house edge a small amount on the side bet, but not enough to make it profitable.

Your long-term returns are much higher if you count cards for the regular blackjack game and ignore the match the dealer side bet.

Now, on to the match the dealer strategy I mentioned at the start of this section.

The match the dealer blackjack strategy uses the same rules the dealer uses when they play their hand. The rules are basically to hit until you have 17 or higher and stand on any total of 17 or higher.

When you play using this strategy, the house edge is higher than using the basic blackjack strategy, which means that your return is lower.


The best strategy you can use is to forget that the match the dealer side bet exists. You get a better return when you don’t use the match the dealer side wager, so if you never make this bet, you’re not going to lose as much money.

If you’re considering using the match the dealer blackjack strategy, now you know why it’s a terrible strategy.

If you decide to try the match the dealer side bet, your best odds are at a Spanish 21 table. But remember that the best strategy for Spanish 21 is different than the best strategy for a regular blackjack game.

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Dealer Tells and Hole Carding in Mines Games Tips Blackjack

Dealer Tells and Hole Carding in Mines Games Tips Blackjack

Hole carding in blackjack can be a tricky skill to master. If you can reliably use this advantage play method, though, then you will have a major edge over the casino. You can also gain an edge by taking advantage of dealer tells.

Relying on hole carding and dealer tells can be difficult to do at the top blackjack sites. Computers are not prone to the same errors as human dealers. But, as long as you stick to live dealer games, then these skills can still be used during online games.

Keep reading to learn how to use hole carding and dealer tells to your advantage in blackjack. Mastering these techniques will take time, but the payoffs will be worth the effort.

What Is Hole Carding in Blackjack?

Hole carding is arguably the hardest advantage play method to use consistently. Like all advantage play techniques, the aim of hole carding is to gain an edge over the casino. However, this method does not rely on math or memorization like other techniques.

Instead, hole carding relies on your ability to see the dealer’s face-down card. Since you cannot see through cards, your best bet for this method is to catch a glimpse of the card when it is dealt.

If you are too obvious about your attempt to peak at the dealer’s card, then you will get caught. While it may not be strictly illegal to look at the dealer’s card, the casino will likely kick you out. You may even be banned from that casino if you are caught trying to use this sneaky blackjack strategy.

When you do successfully see the dealer’s hole card, then you will know their entire starting hand. This knowledge, combined with what you know about your own hand, will give you an advantage. You will know how aggressively to play the hand, whether to take the insurance bet, and more.

More Dealer Tells to Look For

Hole carding works best with a sloppy dealer who is not careful about hiding the cards they are dealing. Catching a peak of the dealer’s hole card is not the only way to take advantage of their mistakes. Here are three other dealer tells you can look for when playing blackjack.

Fidgeting With Cards

Every dealer is different, and most casinos train their staff not to show any tells. But one sign that your dealer may have a good hand is if they are constantly fidgeting with their cards.

For example, many players who look for tells argue that frequently checking their hand could be a sign the dealer has a high card. There is not a lot of scientific evidence to back this theory up. However, if you notice that your dealer touches their cards more when they have a high hand, it could be a tell.

Smiling When Looking at Cards

As I mentioned above, dealers are usually trained not to have any reaction to the cards in their hands. It can still be hard sometimes, though, not to react when you have a strong hand, especially if you have a natural blackjack. Inexperienced dealers are more likely to have this issue.

Once again, physical tells, like smiling at a good hole card, will vary from one dealer to another. Any facial reaction, good or bad, could be the sign that you need. Watch your dealer for these reactions and look for a pattern based on the hands that follow them.

Placement of Cards After Checking Them

Last but not least, some players believe that where your dealer puts their hole card after seeing it could be a tell. Placing their hole card slightly to the right could be a sign that the dealer is planning to hit when given the chance.

Noticing small changes in card placement can take practice. But the chances are that you will be watching the dealer’s hands anyway, especially if you are using hole carding techniques. Watching for tells based on card placement after trying to see the dealer’s hole card could help you kill two birds with one stone.

Other Forms of Advantage Play in Blackjack

Hole carding and looking for dealer tells are not the only ways to gain an advantage in blackjack. Other common advantage play methods include shuffle tracking, card counting, and edge sorting.

Shuffle Tracking

Many blackjack advantage play strategies require you to pay close attention to the deck itself. No strategy embodies this concept more than shuffle tracking. The goal of this method is to try and track cards’ positions in the deck.

You do not need to know the exact position of all 52 cards in the deck. But, if you know in general where most of the high-value cards are, then you could have an advantage. When more high-value cards are near the top of the deck, advantage play strategies say you should increase your stake amount.

Card Counting

Counting cards is the most infamous advantage play method in blackjack. This strategy can be difficult to do if you are playing a blackjack game that uses multiple decks.

Simply put, your goal in counting cards is to determine when the ratio of high-value to low-value cards is favorable to bet on. You are more likely to get a natural blackjack when the ratio of high-value cards is in your favor. Increasing your stake amounts during these periods can lead to bigger wins.

Edge Sorting

Another method for players with keen observational skills is edge sorting. This advantage play strategy requires you to pay close attention to the cards themselves. You want to spot any physical imperfections that will allow you to identify the card.

Armed with this information, you can guess the dealer’s hand without needing to see the face of their hole card. This is hard to do, though, as casinos frequently switch out their decks. Also, it can take a while for damaged cards to be sued again in multi-deck blackjack games.

More Online Blackjack Tips

Using hole carding, dealer tells, and other advantage play methods can help you be a more successful blackjack player. Here are three more tips for winning money from online blackjack games.

Practice With Free Blackjack Games

This tip may sound counterintuitive at first. After all, you cannot typically win money from free casino games. But being a winning blackjack player requires practice, and a lot of it.

Practicing your blackjack skills is necessary, but it can also become expensive. Luckily, many of the best real money casinos, including Ignition Casino, have free versions of their blackjack games available. You can use free games to practice new strategies before you risk any money on them.

One important note about free games is that they are usually limited to random number generator (RNG) style games. You will not find free-to-play live dealer games online. You may not be able to practice advantage play methods for free, but you can master other strategies and practice your bankroll management skills.

Use Blackjack Bonuses

Another great tip for players who want to be successful at online blackjack is to take advantage of casino bonuses. Specifically, look for casinos that offer bonuses exclusively for blackjack players.

BetUS, for example, has a special weekly cashback offer for blackjack players. During Blackjack Mondays, you can get up to $500 in cashback. Your total bonus will depend on how much you lost during the previous week.

Since this is a weekly bonus, you can claim it every Monday as long as you had $50 or more in losses the previous week. Offers like this can help you keep your blackjack bankroll well-funded.

Play on Your Mobile Devices

A third and final tip for players who want to improve their blackjack skills is to play on mobile blackjack apps. The best way to improve as a blackjack player is to play as many hands as possible. By using your mobile device, you can play blackjack from anywhere.

Depending on the casino you choose, you may even be eligible for exclusive mobile bonuses. These can give you even more funds for practicing blackjack.

The convenience and potential bonus options of mobile apps both lead to one thing, the potential for playing more hands. Your skills and potential winnings will both depend on playing as many hands as possible. The right mobile app can help you with both,

Have You Ever Tried Hole Carding in Blackjack?

Hole carding in blackjack is tricky to master, but it can pay huge dividends when done correctly. Other advantage play methods, like looking for dealer tells, can also be extremely helpful. Check out the blog above to see how to use these blackjack strategies to your advantage.

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Biographies of Famous Blackjack Mines Games Tips Players

Biographies of Famous Blackjack Mines Games Tips Players

Famous blackjack players have given back to the game in more ways than one. In addition to making the game popular, many of the best players have helped the next generation of players learn blackjack.

The contributions of the most famous players in blackjack cannot be overstated. Without their input, we may not have the best online casinos to play blackjack that many players enjoy today.

Keep reading to see biographies of ten of the most well-known blackjack players. Learning from these blackjack legends can help you become a better player. It can also help you gain a better appreciation for the game itself.

Don Johnson

Starting off my list of famous blackjack players is none other than Don Johnson. This Oregon-born blackjack player made headlines in 2011. Johnson earned more than $15 million from blackjack casinos in Atlantic City in just six months.

To accomplish this feat, Johnson needed some help from the casinos themselves. He was asked to play at casinos that were desperate following the 2008 financial crisis. Johnson used the casinos’ desperation to gain an edge through new rules such as the dealer standing on a soft 17 and a 20% cashback rebate.

Stanford Wong

The next person on this list of famous players in blackjack is John Ferguson, better known as Stanford Wong. Wong helped shape modern blackjack with his 1975 book Professional Blackjack. He has written many other books about blackjack and created software to analyze blackjack odds.

Some of the blackjack books written by Wong include:

  • Professional Blackjack
  • Blackjack Secrets
  • Basic Blackjack
  • Tournament Blackjack
  • Winning Without Counting

Wong also popularized an advantage play technique, commonly known as “Wonging.” His strategy requires players to wait to play until the deck’s count is in the player’s favor before they start to play. He now owns a publishing company, Pi Yee Press, and is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Alice Walker

Gambling tends to be a male-dominated game, but plenty of women have found success in the field. Alice Walker, for example, rose to fame in the early 2000s by winning major gambling tournaments. Walker won the 2007 World Series of Blackjack, becoming the first woman to claim the top spot.

Her success continued in blackjack and other card games. Walker even earned a spot in the Blackjack Hall of Fame for her success as a player.

Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson is another well-known blackjack player that helped to shape the game as we know it. He authored Blackjack for Blood, one of the best books about the game. Carlson was also one of the pioneers of online blackjack in the latest 1990s.

One of Carlson’s biggest contributions to the game of blackjack was the Omega II System. This card-counting system has been shown to be more efficient and accurate than many other methods. Carlson’s system is also complex, and it can take a lot of practice to master well enough to be profitable.

Ken Uston

Another player who became famous as an early contributor to modern blackjack was Ken Uston. He was one of the early masters of card counting and is best known for his work with team-based strategies.

Uston also wrote several books about blackjack, including:

  • The Big Player
  • Million Dollar Blackjack
  • One Third of a Shoe
  • Ken Uston on Blackjack

As a blackjack player, Uston made a name for himself at casinos across the world. After being banned from multiple casinos in New Jersey, Uston sued Resorts International Hotel in 1982. He won the case, and the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that casinos could not ban players for counting cards.

Peter A. Griffin

The inaugural class of the Blackjack Hall of Fame included seven people, one of which was Peter A. Griffin. A mathematician, Griffin authored one of the most well-known books about blackjack, The Theory of Blackjack. Griffin had to be inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously as he passed away in 1998.

In addition to writing one of the most influential books about blackjack, Griffin used his math skills to contribute to the game in other ways. He was the first person to calculate the average gains per hand when using basic blackjack strategy. Also, Griffin was the first mathematician to determine the average house edge of blackjack to be 2%.

Al Francesco

Next up is Al Francesco, who has been nicknamed “The Godfather of Blackjack.” With a moniker like that, Francesco certainly deserves a spot on this list.

Francesco was one of the first players to devise and popularize a team-based blackjack strategy. His strategy, The Big Player, inspired blackjack players on multiple fronts. It has been featured in books and movies, including the 2008 hit movie 21.

To create his strategy, Francesco combined the works of other famous blackjack mathematicians. He proved their strategies worked by beating casinos consistently, and even receiving several bans in the process. Francesco was one of the seven people inducted into the inaugural class of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2002.

Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. Thorp is another important contributor to the game of blackjack. He used early versions of computers, like the IMB 704, to develop his blackjack strategy. Thorp successfully tested his strategies in Nevada casinos.

He then shared his results with the public by writing books. Thorp authored several books about gambling, including:

  • Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One
  • The Mathematics of Gambling
  • A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market

Thorp shared his new blackjack strategy with the world in Beat the Dealer. In the book, Thorp showed readers that players could overcome the house edge consistently through card counting.

To add to his legacy, Thorp’s work inspired many of the other blackjack players on this list, including Al Francesco. He was also part of the first class of Blackjack Hall of Fame inductees.

Don Schlesinger

Don Schlesinger, another member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, has been a fixture of the game for over five decades. Schlesinger contributed in multiple ways, such as writing multiple books about blackjack.

In his books, Schlesinger covers popular card counting techniques, risk analysis, and many other important blackjack subjects. He has also worked with other well-known blackjack players to create new books and strategies. Some of the players Schlesinger has collaborated with include Stanford Wong, Peter Griffin, and Edward Thorp.

MIT Blackjack Team

Rounding out this list of famous players in blackjack is the infamous MIT Blackjack Team. This is one of the most well-known, and most successful, blackjack teams ever created. Every member of this team was a graduate of MIT.

The original MIT Blackjack Team was formed in 1979. Members used card counting methods popularized by Al Francesco and others. While the original team cashed out after their early success, other iterations of the team continued until the mid-1990s.

Online Blackjack Tips

All of the blackjack players above changed the game in one way or another. Their contributions have made them famous among fans of blackjack. Here are three blackjack tips that can help you become a good enough player to be famous in your own right.

Read Blackjack Books

One of the best ways for a famous player to leave a lasting impact on the game of blackjack is to write a book. Many of the players above changed the game with their ground-breaking blackjack books.

Reading books written by famous players can help you learn how to be a successful player. You can learn a lot of different blackjack strategies by reading books.

Not every blackjack strategy book will help you improve your game, though. Make sure that you choose books that cover proven strategies. Also, look for updated versions of older books that may include new strategies that can work in online games.

Play Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Many advantage play blackjack strategies require you to pay close attention to the deck and the dealer. This is not possible in some online versions of blackjack because they use random number generators (RNGs) instead of dealers.

You can avoid this issue by sticking to live dealer games. Top blackjack sites, like Ignition Casino, have great selections of live dealer blackjack games. Playing live dealer games will allow you to use many traditional advantage play methods.

Use Mobile Blackjack Apps

A third tip for becoming a better online blackjack player is to use mobile casino apps. Using your mobile device to play blackjack is a great way to enjoy the classic card game.

You cannot get better at blackjack without practicing, and you will need to practice a lot to be consistently successful. Using mobile casino apps can help you increase the average number of hands that you see.

Mobile blackjack is also more convenient than any other option. You can play anytime, anywhere, using mobile apps like the one offered by Ignition Casino. There are even free blackjack games available on mobile apps that can help you practice without spending your bankroll.

Who Is Your Favorite Famous Blackjack Player?

Famous blackjack players have done more for the game than just scare casino owners. Many of the best players have changed the game by developing new strategies, writing books, and popularizing the game itself. Check out the list above to see 10 well-known blackjack players that had major impacts on how the game developed.

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The Best Real Money Online Blackjack Mines Games Tips Casinos for 2023

The Best Real Money Online Blackjack Mines Games Tips Casinos for 2023

Real money online blackjack casinos allow you to play your favorite card game without having to leave the comfort of your home. There are countless casino sites that offer paid versions of the classic card game.

To make the most of your bankroll, though, you will need to use one of the top real money blackjack sites. Picking the right casino can have a huge impact on your playing experience. It can also affect how much money you can win at the end of the day.

Luckily, we have created a list of the best casinos for playing blackjack online. Using our recommended sites will let you start playing blackjack online right away. Keep reading to see which online blackjack casinos our experts recommend the most.

How to Find the Best Online Blackjack Casinos

Before we dig into which sites our experts recommended, let’s talk about why we recommend the sites we do. A casino needs to meet our experts’ high standards before we add it to our list of the best real money online blackjack casinos.

Some of the factors our experts consider when completing a blackjack casino review include:

  • Security features
  • Game variety
  • Casino bonuses
  • Banking options
  • User interface

A casino has to have all of the factors above and more in order to be recommended by our experts. Our experts examine a casino from top to bottom to make sure it is worth recommending to our readers.

Advantages of Playing Blackjack Online

Most states in the US allow some form of casino gambling. This means that you can usually find blackjack games near you in your local card rooms. So, why should you consider using real money online blackjack casinos instead?

The answer is simple; online blackjack games are simply better than in-person games. With online games, you never have to worry about finding a seat at the table. Also, online sites can offer a much wider variety of blackjack games than most brick-and-mortar casinos.

Convenience is a major factor to consider, but there are other advantages of playing blackjack online. Many online blackjack casinos offer lower betting limits than you will find at in-person games. Also, blackjack sites usually have casino bonuses available that can drastically increase your blackjack bankroll.

Top Real Money Online Blackjack Casinos

I could go on and on about the advantages of playing online blackjack games, but I think you get the point. So without further ado, here are the real money online blackjack casinos our experts recommended the most.

Wild Casino
wild casino

The blackjack casino most recommended by our experts is Wild Casino. There are 18 different blackjack games available to members of this casino. There are also over a dozen live dealer versions of blackjack games available.

Wild’s large selection of blackjack games is just one reason to choose this casino for all of your blackjack needs. The casino also offers great bonuses to new members who are making their first deposits.

Players claiming the standard welcome bonus can receive up to $5,000 in bonus funds. These bonus funds are dispersed over your first five deposits.

Cryptocurrency users can claim an even better welcome bonus. Instead of $5,000 in bonus funds, crypto users can receive up to $9,000 in bonus cash. Wild Casino accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies for this bonus, including Bitcoin.

Las Atlantis
las atlantis logo

Las Atlantis is another great option for players looking for a real money online blackjack casino. The selection is smaller, but the quality of blackjack games at this casino is very higher. You can even play popular variations such as Perfect Pairs and Suit ’Em Up.

Blackjack players at Las Atlantis will also enjoy all of the benefits that come with using a great casino site. That includes fast payment speeds and fee-free withdrawals.

The entire site is well-organized and easy to navigate thanks to its user interface. Las Atlantis also has a ton of bonus options available. Bonus funds cannot be used on blackjack, but they are great options for when you want a break from playing blackjack.

Ducky Luck Casino
ducky luck casino

Blackjack players should also consider creating an account at Ducky Luck Casino. This casino is one of the safest gambling sites that you can play blackjack at in 2023.

Ducky Luck’s SSL encryption software and identity verification measures will keep your personal information secure. The casino also has fun blackjack games available such as Multi-Hand Blackjack and Rolling Stack Blackjack. There are great live dealer blackjack games available as well.

One of the best parts of playing blackjack at Ducky Luck is its VIP rewards program. The DuckyBucks Rewards program can reward players in a variety of ways. Some of the bonuses available to rewards members include:

  • Daily reloading bonuses of up to 395%
  • 5% daily cash back
  • Priority payouts
  • Free spins
  • Custom bonus packages

There are even special bonuses available to reward members that have the crypto elite designation. All you need to do to unlock these improved bonuses is deposit with an approved cryptocurrency.

bovada logo

Bovada is also a great option for players looking for a new online blackjack casino. This casino has eight great blackjack games to choose from. There are also over two dozen live dealer blackjack tables available.

With so many blackjack games to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, Bovada offers a free play mode for its non-live dealer games. This allows you to test different variations until you find the one that works best for you.

When you are ready to play for real, you can deposit funds into your account and claim a great welcome bonus. Bitcoin users, for instance, can claim a welcome offer worth up to $3,750.

There are also bonuses available to non-crypto users. Bovada offers a great VIP rewards program as well, so existing members can claim plenty of bonuses, too. These bonuses can help you increase the number of blackjack hands you can play before you need to make another deposit.

betus logo

Last but certainly not least is BetUS. This online blackjack casino is loaded with dozens of blackjack games to choose from.

Some of the best blackjack variations available at BetUS include:

  • Switch blackjack
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • Spanish Blackjack

There’s a wide array of live dealer blackjack games available, too. BetUS also offers new and existing players a great selection of casino bonuses to choose from. There is even a blackjack exclusive bonus known as Blackjack Mondays.

With the Blackjack Mondays bonus, players can up to $500 in cash back each week. The bonus amount will be determined by your losses the previous week. There are other weekly bonuses available as well, such as a 10% crypto boost each Thursday.

Online Blackjack Tips

Playing at highly-rated real money online blackjack casinos will help you have a great time gambling. Of course, winning will also go a long way toward improving your blackjack experience. Here are some helpful tips to help you win at online blackjack.

Manage Your Bankroll

One of the most important things that any blackjack player can do is to manage their bankroll. If you do not manage your bankroll, then you risk losing all of it.

Learning proper bankroll management is not hard to do. To start, you need to set strict limits about how much you plan to spend each time you gamble. You should also track the outcomes of all of your playing sessions, so you know how much you have won or lost playing blackjack.

Use Casino Bonuses

Another great tip for blackjack players is to take advantage of casino bonuses. The best blackjack casinos offer players a ton of options for earning bonuses. These bonuses can be an easy way to grow your bankroll.

The right bonuses can also make it easier to manage your bankroll. VIP programs can reward players in other ways, such as special banking methods and priority payment options.

Use the Right Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack players should also make sure they are using a winning strategy. The type of strategy that you use will change depending on which blackjack variant you are playing.

This is one area where free versions of blackjack games can come in handy. You can use free games to test new strategies. Also, you can use them to play new variations of blackjack that you have never tried before.

Then, once you have mastered your blackjack strategy, you can switch to paid versions of the game. This will help you preserve your bankroll for games where it really matters.

Which Online Blackjack Casinos Will You Use?

Playing blackjack online allows you to enjoy the classic card game without the hassle of going to a casino. The real money online blackjack casinos listed above can help you make the most out of your playing experience.

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What Are the Odds of Losing 10 Straight Blackjack Mines Games Tips Hands?

What Are the Odds of Losing 10 Straight Blackjack Mines Games Tips Hands?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there. Blackjack is a relatively simple game that does not take a lot of time for players to pick up. Unfortunately, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you’ll win every hand.

Here, we will break down the odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands. We will also look at ways you can try to avoid doing so, and the math behind it all.

There are lots of variations of blackjack out there, which can really change the odds of this equation. Multiple blackjack games can be found at any online casino. You can also find blackjack games at live dealer tables. With lots of online blackjack sites out there, it is an easy game for a lot of players to get into.

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game that pits you against the dealer. You start with two face-up cards. The dealer, meanwhile, is dealt two cards, one face up and one face down. The object of the game is to get the values of your cards to add up to 21 without going over that number.

Face cards count as 10s, aces as 1s or 11s, and number cards count as their given value. After you are dealt your two cards, you can choose to stay or hit based on the cards in front of you and the dealer based on blackjack strategies.

There are a couple of ways to lose when playing blackjack. One way to lose a blackjack hand is to simply have less value in your cards than the dealer as long as the dealer does not bust. Another way to lose the hand is that you go over 21 while trying to get a higher value. The final way you can lose a hand in blackjack is if the dealer gets a blackjack off the deal.

Odds of Losing 10 Straight Blackjack Hands

The odds around blackjack can change slightly but the basic odds are as follows. The odds of you winning a hand of blackjack is 42.4%. The odds of a tie happening is 8.5%. This leaves the odds of losing a hand of blackjack at 49.1%.

When you are going through a losing streak, even a push can be a relief. When looking at the odds of consecutive losses, we need to multiply those odds by themselves. So to break down the odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands, we must multiply 0.491 with itself 10 times.

The simple calculation of this requires a calculator where you can input 0.491^10=0.000814. This means the odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands when counting ties is 0.0814%.

If you are ignoring all ties, the odds of losing a resolved hand is roughly 53.6%. Following the same math as before, the odds of losing 10 straight resolved blackjack hands are 0.00196. This means there is a 0.196% chance of losing 10 straight resolved hands.

What This Math Means

While the percentage of these odds is great, it is better to put it in terms that everyone understands. The fractional odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands not ignoring ties is roughly 1227:1. This can be translated to 1 in every 1,227 chances. So, your odds of losing 10 consecutive hands of blackjack are almost non-existent.

If you are not counting pushes, then the fractional odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands becomes 509:1. This means that once every 509 chances, you could lose 10 blackjack hands before winning your next hand.

At an online casino, we will say that the average person will play somewhere between 50-70 hands of blackjack per hour. Most players will play for an hour or two, meaning they will get dealt around 120 blackjack hands per online casino visit.

While losing 10 straight blackjack hands is not impossible, players who play often enough could see this happen. Players who play long enough though will see similar winning streaks. The key is not to chase these losses and put yourself in a deeper hole.

What to Do During a Losing Streak

The most important tip to watch out for while you are on a blackjack losing streak is to avoid chasing those losses. If you are chasing losses and the losing streak continues, you can find yourself losing more money than you can afford.

Make sure that you keep an eye on your bankroll when you are on a losing streak. You do not want to go past an amount of money you are comfortable losing. An advantage to playing at an online casino is that it is easy to step away and take a break. If you find yourself getting frustrated and wanting to chase these losses, take a break or step away for the night.

How to Avoid Losing Streaks

Losing streaks can happen, but blackjack is a relatively friendly game for return-to-player percentages. In 3:2 blackjack the house edge is around 0.5 percent. This is a much friendlier house edge for the players in comparison to some other games.

One way you can avoid some losing streaks is to avoid side bets in blackjack. While some of these side bets offer big payouts if they hit, most of them increase the house edge greatly. These side bets can go a long time between hitting, which can make losing streaks even more frustrating if you are losing on side bets as well.

Another important way to avoid losing streaks is to understand blackjack strategies. If you go into a game of blackjack not understanding the best way to play the game, you increase the odds of hitting a losing streak. If you have a better idea of how to play though, you will have a greater shot at having a winning night.

Final Verdict

The odds of losing 10 straight blackjack hands are not great, but if enough blackjack is played could happen. The important things to understand are not to chase these losses, to understand strategies in playing blackjack and to watch your bankroll.

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What is Bet Behind in Blackjack Mines Games Tips?

What is Bet Behind in Blackjack Mines Games Tips?

Blackjack is one of the most common gambling games out there. You can find some form of blackjack to play at any land-based or online casino. As a very popular game, there are many different ways to play it. Here, we will break down what betting behind is and how to use it when playing blackjack.

While a bet behind in blackjack is not as common, it is something you can find in some places. Here we will explain what it is and some strategies behind it. Usually, you will find a bet behind in blackjack at online casinos. There are lots of different online blackjack sites for you to try out placing a bet behind wager.

Bet Behind in Blackjack Explained

A bet behind in blackjack is basically betting on other people to win in a hand in blackjack. The most common place to see this is if you are playing blackjack through the live dealer tab on an online casino. When a table is already full, you will not be able to join the game, but if you are still wanting to bet at this table, you can choose to bet behind someone.

When you look at a live dealer blackjack game, it is similar to if you were at a table in a live casino. There are only so many slots available and if they are all taken, you will have to wait until someone leaves to get a seat at the table. In these scenarios, you can bet behind someone while you wait.

An example of a bet behind in blackjack would be if you enter a full live dealer room of blackjack and the minimum bet is $10. There should be an option behind each person to “bet behind” you choose who you want to bet behind with at least the minimum wager. After that, you wait and see if that player wins or loses. If they win, you win, but if they lose, you lose.

Bet Behind Strategies in Blackjack

If you are looking to bet behind in blackjack, there are unfortunately no strategies you can use when the game is going on. You will have no say on whether the person you are betting behind hits or stays on a certain number, which means you will have to trust them if you want to win your bet.

So, the strategies you can use when placing a bet behind wager revolve around watching the people and picking the person who will give you the best chance to win.

The first strategy when looking to bet behind in blackjack is to wait a couple of rounds. If you just entered a full table and are looking to bet behind someone, I recommend not doing it instantly. Watch the players at the table first and see if someone is playing a similar strategy to what you would do.

Seeing what players know what they are doing will help you when betting behind someone. Instead of betting behind the first person you see, you wait and you might avoid a person who just continues to hit until they bust or hit 21. Seeing what players know what they are doing at the table will help you win some more of your bet behinds.

Do not be afraid to change who you are betting behind. If one player who was playing well when you first started betting behind them, starts to get frustrated and throw strategy out the window, bail from betting behind him and go to someone else. If another player is on a hot streak, do not be afraid to tail him for as long as he is getting great draws.

The other thing to watch out for when placing a bet behind in blackjack is newcomers. If you are in a queue waiting for a seat, then a couple of players might enter the game before you get a chance. Make sure you watch these newcomers for a couple of hands and see if they have a better strategy than the person you are currently tailing.

Are Bet Behinds Worth it?

Whether or not bet behinds are worth it is a question that you should ask yourself personally. If you enjoy taking risks with other people and watching them play, then it is not a bad bet to place while waiting for a table. If you are someone who wants full control of your cards, though, a bet behind might not be for you.

I recommend avoiding a bet behind for the most part though if you know what you are doing. If you have a strong blackjack strategy and are looking to take advantage of a table, then placing a bet behind could be a mistake. You have no say in what the person you are betting behind does and random people can be a wild card. Some people might know what they are doing, while others could be clueless.

Part of the fun of live table games is the ability to control your own cards, you lose some of that enjoyment when you are placing a bet behind in blackjack. If there are other tables open or even table game versions of blackjack you enjoy, then feel free to leave.

The number one thing to take into account is whether you enjoy it. If you do not like placing a bet behind, then don’t do it, it’s your money you are betting, so make sure you enjoy however you use it.