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Bonuses and Promotions to look out for in September in Mines Game Casino

Bonuses and Promotions to look out for in September in Mines Game Casino

As we are now working our way through September, now would be a very good time to introduce you to the many different types of promotional offers and bonuses that many casinos make available to their customers during this month.

With Christmas fast approaching many casino sites will know that their players may be reducing their gaming budgets to set aside a little extra for the Festive season, and as such they do tend to put together some value for money offers and promotions in the months leading up to Christmas, so if you are prepared to shop around you will always find you can get plenty of bankroll boosting bonuses at this time of year!

High Valued Deposit Match Bonuses

You are going to be offered several different types of Reload bonuses throughout September by any casino that you are already a customer of, these are simply deposit match bonuses, however it is worth noting that the actual percentage of your deposit that is going to be awarded to you as a bonus will vary greatly from casino to casino.

Most players tend to shy away from any bonus that is lower in value that 50% of their deposited amount, and most casinos are getting wise to that fact and now offer their players bonuses that usually start at 100% of their deposit amount, and by hunting around you could find bonuses valued at 200%, 300% or even 500% of your deposited amount.

However, and this is important, when you are taking a high valued deposit match bonus in September or in fact at any time of the year, always make sure the terms and conditions that you will have to agree to before the bonus is credited to you are fair!

Let us now give you a quick overview of what defines any deposit match type bonus as a fair one! To begin with the amount of play through that you will have to achieve before you are in a position to withdraw anything is going to vary from site to site, and the bets valued deposit match bonuses of over 100% in value will always be those which have a play through requirements of under 30 times you deposit or bonus amounts.

You will also be wanting to have the maximum chances of wining and winning big when you take a casino up on their deposit match bonus offers, and as such one thing you will not want to find listed in the terms and conditions are any rules that will limit how much money you can win with a bonus.

Look out for deposit match bonuses on which the terms and conditions state you can only win a certain amount of cash with those bonuses and anything over that amount will be voided out by the casino,  for those bonus rules are unfair and will certainly affect just how much cash you can win when playing any bonus playing session!

One final thing to look out for it any rules that limit you to how much you can wager per game played when using bonus funds, if a casino imposes only a tiny maximum stake limit when you are playing with one of their bonuses whilst you will get a lot of play time, the chances of playing big when playing for slightly higher stake amounts will be limited!

Free Slot Game Spins

We are aware that during September lots of different casino game designers are planning on launching a new range of slot games. As online casinos will want to showcase these new slot games to their players, you will often find many such sites will give you access to a free set of spins to play those slots.

These free credits are real money credits and as such you will not be playing those new slots for free but for real money, and as such any winnings achieved with those bonus credits will be yours to keep. Be aware however, that some casinos may attach small play through requirements to any winnings that you happen to win when you are playing off a set of free spins!

In fact some online casinos have started to add free slot game spins to their welcome sign up bonus packages, so not only are you going to be able to claim a deposit match bonus at some casinos powered by Microgaming Software or NetEnt software but in addition to those deposit bonuses you will be credited with a free set of spins as a thank you for becoming a new real money player.

The value of the free slot spins and the number of free spins awarded will always vary from casino to casino, and that will of course mean that you will have to spend a little bit of time searching around for the best valued offers, but it will be worth the time doing so as there are some valued packed offers currently available!


As with any type of special promotions or bonus offer you will come across online, there are always going to be rules attached to how you must use any bonus or promotional credits you have been awarded with.

The terms and conditions attached to any such bonus or promotional offers are going to determine the true value of any offer, and as such we always recommend that players read through and completely familiarize themselves with any bonuses or promotions that are considering taking advantage of.

Pay careful attention to this such as play through requirements, maximum cash out limits, maximum stake levels and any additional rules regarding how you are permitted to use bonus cash. If you ignore the rules you stand a very good chance of having any winnings you make voided!

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