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Big Fish Slots Mines Games On LuckyCola Casino

Big Fish Slots Mines Games On LuckyCola Casino

Big Fish Casino is one of the world’s leading social casinos. Owned and operated by Big Fish Games, the company is located in Seattle. They offer more than 400 Facebook games and 3,500 PC games – and they now offer a wide variety of mobile-optimized games, too. On this page, we’re going to show you how to play Big Fish Casino online slots, and what else you can expect to find at the site.

Why Play Big Fish Casino Slots

Big Fish Casino was launched in 2002; this makes them one of the oldest social casinos in the world. They actually launched before Facebook – and were pioneers in the social gaming space.

Big Fish Casino offers everything from slot games and casino table games, to VR games and more. On this page, we’re going to show you exactly what you can find at this award-winning social gaming site.

What Is The Big Fish Casino Online Site?

The Big Fish Casino app is a social casino; this means you don’t need to spend any of your own money to begin playing their excellent range of video slots and casino games. However, the games on offer are the same as those found at real money casinos. This means players can enjoy the thrills of online gambling without committing any of their own money.

Big Fish Casino is one of the largest social casinos in the world – and they have millions of active daily players. Thanks to a partnership with Aristocrat Technologies, the social casino has access to the second-largest slot developer on the planet, ensuring players can enjoy endless entertainment.

While you don’t need to worry about risking any of your own money at the online casino, Big Fish Casino does allow you to purchase non-redeemable casino chips. These let you continue playing your favorite games for longer periods of time; you are only given a certain amount of free chips each day.

If you’d like to win physical cash, instead, check out the best real money slots.

How to Join Big Fish Casino

If you want to play Big Fish Casino online, you will be happy to learn it’s incredibly easy to get started. The site links directly with your Facebook account, so you can search for the casino directly on Facebook and start playing right away.

If you would prefer to play from your mobile devices, head to your mobile device’s app store and download the free mobile application. To create an account, simply log in using your Facebook account (or use your email address if you don’t use Facebook) and choose your desired username and password.

You will then be prompted to upload a picture for your avatar – or choose one of the hundreds of pre-made templates. Once your account is open, you will receive 100,000 free chips to get started. This allows you to play Big Fish Casino online slots right away!

Once the chips are credited to your online casino account, head to the “lobby.” Here, you can browse all of the different games available. You will also be able to view the best casino bonuses and promotions – although remember, these bonuses are for entertainment purposes only.

Best Slots on Big Fish Casino

Big Fish slot games are abundant – and you’ll find titles covering all different genres and categories. Whether you’re looking for action-packed video slots with free spins bonuses, or progressive jackpot games – the social casino has it all.

The top slots at Big Fish Casino are provided by a software provider called IGT. IGT is a US-based developer who started making casino games for land-based casinos more than two decades ago. Now, their games can be found at online casinos all around the world, and Big Fish has formed an exclusive partnership with the game developer to let players enjoy their best games.

Some of the top slots you’ll find at Big Fish Casino include:

Day of the DeadIGT
Kitty GlitterIGT
Three KingsIGT
Wild WolfIGT
Venice SlotsIGT
Aztec TempleIGT
Android Games

If you’re playing from an Android device, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a huge selection of games to choose from. Big Fish Casino offers everything from the latest slot releases to old-school classic games – and everything in between.

As the casino’s website is fully mobile-optimized, you will usually be automatically redirected to the Android version of the site. If you’re not, just click the “Android Games” button in the top right-hand-corner of the screen. You can then browse through the hundreds of games available and begin playing!

Below, we’re going to show you some of the different Android game categories – and games – you’ll be able to enjoy playing at Big Fish Casino.

New and Updated Games

Big Fish Casino real money games may not be a “thing” – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest releases from around the world! Under the “New and Updated Games” section you’ll find a plethora of titles to choose from.

For example, Gummy Drop is one of the site’s latest releases – and this Candy Crush-inspired block game offers players hours of fun thanks to the combination of problem solving and rewards!

Cooking Craze is another new release at the social casino – and you’ll be tasked with getting your chef’s whites on as soon as possible to help the Italian chef whip up a ton of delicious, tasty foods! New games at Big Fish Casino are released on a weekly basis, so there’s always something to look forward to. Don’t forget to check the “New” tab regularly to see what’s new at the site!

Featured Android Games

Many people believe that Big Fish Casino only offers casino games; in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Head to the “Featured Android Games” and you’ll see some blockbuster releases, many of which offer stunning HD graphics, gripping gameplay, and crafty storylines.

Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface Collector’s Edition is the top “featured” game at the time of writing; this pirate-themed game takes you on a voyage around the world as you go in search of long-lost treasures. If you can successfully fight-off the ill-intended pirates, you could discover the lucrative booty – and walk away a big winner!

Buying Chips

While Big Fish Casino gives all players daily chips, there may be times where your luck isn’t great, and you decide that you want to purchase additional chips. In this scenario, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a “shop” where you can add additional free money chips to your account. We should preface this section by noting that these chips are non-withdrawable, so they’re purely for fun.

If you want to play exclusive Big Fish slot games or the best slots on Big Fish Casino at higher stakes you may also need to purchase additional chips. For example, some of the games are only available to VIP players, and VIP status is unlocked by purchasing chips. Here’s some of the chip offers currently available:

  • 135,000 Chips – $2,79
  • 371,000 Chips – $6.99
  • 810,000 Chips – $13,99
  • 16,875,000 Chips – $139,99

To be honest, we’re pretty surprised to see the site offering players the option to spend $140 on free, non-redeemable casino chips. Even if you purchase chips and play Big Fish Casino free slots you will not be able to withdraw this money – and this raises the question of whether it’s actually worth spending money here when you can just play free games, instead. If you want to win real money, check out where to play legal slots online. 

About Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is a social casino – one of the largest in the world – and this Seattle-based company was launched back in 2002. They offer a wide variety of social gaming titles, including more than 400 dedicated Facebook games and 3,500 PC games. The site is fully mobile-optimized, and there’s also a dedicated mobile casino app which is free to download and install.

From a business standpoint, Big Fish Casino has been a tremendous success. The site has been sold twice in the last five years. In 2014, the company was sold for a whopping $885 million to Churchill Downs – a well-known horse racing enterprise.

At the beginning of 2018, the site was again sold to Aristocrat Technologies – one of the world’s largest land-based game developers – for a reported $990 million. The latest acquisition allowed the site to significantly expand its game range and offer many more free-to-play casino games.

Big Fish Casino FAQs

On this page, we’ve shown you what Big Fish Casino is all about – and how to play there yourself. However, if you’ve skimmed this page, and want some quick answers to common questions, the following section aims to answer some of these questions.

Can You Win Real Money at Big Fish Casino?

Big Fish is a social casino; this means you’re not playing their games for real money. Instead, you use free credits – virtual money that can’t be withdrawn. This means serious gamblers who want to play casino games for real money may be better off choosing a different casino. You can, however, ​​purchase casino chips for real money.

Can You Claim Bonuses at Big Fish Casino?

When you play Big Fish Casino online you will, from time to time, be offered bonuses and promotions. However, these are different from conventional bonuses you’d find at online casinos as they are purely for buying free chips. If you want to claim real money promotions, make sure to check out the best casino bonuses.

What Are The Best Games to Play?

Big Fish Casino offers a stellar selection of casino games and video slots to choose from. In addition, you’ll be able to play a number of first-person shooters, adventure-based games and more. In our opinion, some of the best free slots include One Armed Bandit, Stars ‘N Sevens, Baywatch, Treasure Trove Grove, Sweet Stacks, the Secret Grove, and Crazy Money Deluxe. If you’d like to play casino table games, we’d suggest checking out Atlantic City, Las Vegas Strip, Dubai High Rise, and Monaco Mansion. All casino games at Big Fish offer huge betting limits, and you can stake as much as 500,000 free chips per round!

Do You Have to Have a Facebook Account to Play?

No; while Big Fish Casino is a Facebook-focused social casino, you don’t have to have an account to begin playing. If you don’t have Facebook – or don’t want to link your account with Big Fish – you can also register using an email address. However, this process takes longer, and you will need to confirm your email address before you can begin playing. Here’s how to join Big Fish Casino.

Can You Play From Mobile Devices?

Yes! There’s a dedicated Big Fish Casino app which is free to download on all Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, you can also log onto their site from your mobile device’s internet browser – although performance is much better through the app. If you use an Android device, you’ll be able to play exclusive Android games along with plenty of new releases.

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