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Winning Money on Online Slots

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Because real money is involved, there are rogue or phishing sites pretending to be legitimate casino platforms for online slots. Here are ways to keep safe when visiting any real money casinos.

Use a Secure Payment Method

It pays to use a payment method with added security for its users. This includes a payment service company that can reverse the transaction if you transact with a fake casino.

Remember that credit card and e-wallet companies tend to side with the customers, where they will reverse the transaction immediately. This means they can accidentally undo legitimate transactions with casinos without realizing it. Using this method with a legitimate casino can land players in trouble.

Verify A Casino’s License

It is not enough to pick a casino that has a license. Some criminals can make their site look legitimate by including a logo of the MGA, UKGC, Isle of Man, and other regulators.

You can verify a casino license by clicking on the regulator’s logo. Doing so will take you to the regulator’s page, where the operator’s license details are displayed.

Stay Away From Blacklisted Casinos

There are online casino directories that have formed a blacklist of operators. Those who are a part of the blacklist have not completed the withdrawal of their patrons or have abysmal customer service. It pays to go through a couple of online casino directories to see if the site you are planning on visiting is a part of the blacklist.

Only real money casinos allow you to win money on online slots. High variance slots allow you to win a large fortune with a high risk of exhausting your bankroll, while low variance slots let you win a small profit with less risk.

Online Casino SLOT

Use Low Variance Slots Online Casino

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Winning is not just about getting rich. It is about walking away with more money than when you sit in front of a slot machine. Low variance is how to win on slot machines. These slots tend to reward most of your spins with a payout. However, the returns for these wins are significantly lower than games with higher variances.

RTP or return to player is the statistical rate of how much money all players can get from a slot. If a collection of players stake $100 on a slot with an RTP of 98%, that slot will return $98. Note that this return is distributed among the players while the house keeps the $2. With this in mind, you can walk away with more winnings from a high RTP slot than once. You can also find low variance slots with higher RTP rates to get a slightly better payout.

Every casino has a welcome package, free spins, reload bonus, and other promotions where you can receive in-house credits. These credits come with a wagering requirement where you must spend your bonus several times before withdrawing them. If the wagering requirement is 20X and you got a bonus of $500, you need to wager a total of $10,000. Despite the low returns, low variance and high RTP slots is a good way of clearing the wagering requirement of any online casino bonuses.

Using that $500 bonus on low variance slots increases the odds of completing the wagering requirement while having the total amount intact. Taking advantage of low-variance games is one of the best ways to win at the casino since the bonuses turn into free money.

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The Overview Easy 6 Side Bet Online Casino

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1. The Easy 6 Side Bet

The Easy 6 is another vulnerable optional bet counters can exploit to gain an edge over the house. The wager is successful whenever the Player or Banker wins the round with a score of six or tie with six. The bet pays at house odds of 6 to 1 and comes with a lower house edge compared to the previous two wagers as you shall see briefly.

2. House Edge and Hit Frequency

The Easy 6 yields a casino advantage of 5.04%, meaning that the average Joe will lose approximately five cents for every dollar wagered. Apart from the lower house edge, the wager also has a higher hit frequency since it wins approximately 13.56% of the time.

3. Card Counting System for the Easy 6 Side Bet

It makes sense that the excess of high-value cards like 9s, 8s, and 7s is detrimental to players who make this bet since they can easily cause the hand to go over the coveted total of 6. It is equally logical that the 6s are the most valuable card denomination from the perspective of side bettors.

The conclusion is we must track the 6s, 7s, 9s, and 8s when looking to profit from the Easy 6 through counting. The remaining denominations have a negligible effect of removal and are not worth tracking. One easy counting system suggests side bettors should assign the following tag values to the key cards in an eight-deck game:

The 6s of each suit are counted as -3.

The 9s, 8s, and 7s have tags of +1.

The triggering count in this case is +2, which is to say you must refrain from playing the Easy 6 on counts of +1 or lower. Using the system above gives players an average advantage of 5.73%, earning them 0.66 betting units per hour. To give you some context, this means you will generate approximately $66 per hour provided that you are betting $100 on the Easy 6 at positive true counts of at least +2.

These hourly profits apply to games where the dealer cuts off only 14 cards from the end of the shoe. If one full deck is cut off, your hourly expected value with this bet drops down to 0.22 units or $22.


Before you head over to your favorite online or land based casino to test these strategies, we would like to remind you that they yield satisfactory results only when certain playing conditions have been met. You need sufficient enough penetration to earn healthy profits from counting side bets in baccarat.

The shallower the cut-card placement is, the less expected value you can anticipate in the long term. Do not bother attempting to count side bets at online live baccarat tables that use continuous shuffling machines as these give you no penetration whatsoever.

Online Casino

Regulations and Licensing Tips Online Casino

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If you were to do a quick research on the regulation of online casinos, you would find out that there are various companies which are responsible for supervising all activities associated with gambling that take place in a particular country or territory. Some of them are recognized on a global scale as trustworthy regulatory bodies due to their strict policies and professionalism.

The laws and the regulations that concern online gambling vary greatly, depending on the country you reside in. Although the Internet is a global network which enables people from different parts of the world to access the same websites, there are certain restrictions that apply in specific regions only. In other words, the regulations regarding online gambling are not universal as each country has its own stance towards this type of virtual entertainment.

In some countries, such as the UK, all casino operators who wish to provide online games legally to players who reside in this territory, are required to obtain a license. In order to get it, the online casino has to comply with all rules that apply in this country and also, it has to prove that it offers fair games. If it meets all of the set requirements, the UK Gambling Commission issues a license which has an expiration date.

Regulations and Licensing Additional Tips

Some other licensing authorities which are responsible for regulating the gambling market in certain territories are the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and others.

Depending on the place in which the online casino wishes to operate, it might be required to obtain a license from the regulatory body that is liable for keeping the gambling market safe and protecting players from dishonest operators in the respective country.

Besides these regulatory bodies, there are also several independent testing agencies which conduct audits of the activity of the Random Number Generator. For those of you who are not entirely familiar with the latter, it is a computer program which generates random outcomes for all casinos games that are offered online, except for live dealer games. Some of the most famous companies which specialize in RNG testing are eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation /eCOGRA/ and Technical Systems Testing /TST/.

Online Casino

Tips in Online Casino for Players

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One of the things which every player, at some point, inevitably starts wondering concerns the security of his/her sensitive information. Being highly protected while gambling is one of the most important things when playing online and there are no two ways about it. For this purpose, it is best to get familiar with the security measures which all fully-licensed casinos are required to take in order to be permitted to provide online games legally.

Most online casinos use a sophisticated 128-bit or 256- bit SSL encryption which has proven to be highly efficient when it comes to protecting players’ financial information. Thanks to this technology, all of your details are transferred in a safe manner as they are converted into an impenetrable code. Furthermore, the personal data you provide to the casino is not disclosed to any third-parties, meaning that it is kept by the respective casino operator only.

Players’ Security Additional Tips

What is more, most of the security systems and technologies, that the web-based casinos employ, are the same as the ones that the majority of the online banking institutions use. This only shows how powerful and efficient they are since they are applied where people’s money is involved. Some online casinos also require you to undergo a special procedure when you request to withdraw your winnings. This process includes verification and proof of identity which is the reason why you will have to provide additional documents such as a copy of your passport and a proof of your current address.

As it became clear, the online casinos use cutting-edge firewalls and other advanced security systems which assure the high level of protection you need for your sensitive information. However, in order to be able to stay safe online, every time you gamble, you have to take your security in your hands and just be extra careful. For instance, use only trustworthy devices when playing for real money online. This means that it is best to avoid using public computers or share your laptop with other people.

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Online Casino is a Brand New Casino

Mines GamesPH

Mines Games Casino is a brand new casino that still has a lot of room to grow and expand. Despite this, it already offers promotions that are more than generous, and they are expected to get even better with time.
One of the most appealing promotions at Mines Games Casino is its weekly cashback offer, which allows customers to receive up to 15% of their losses back. To avail of this offer, customers simply need to open an account and validate their email address. After that, they can write to the customer care section to request the cashback.

The cashback offer is calculated based on the losses incurred by the customer in the previous week, and the rate of cashback they can claim depends on their VIP level. The best part is that the bonus money received from the cashback offer doesn’t come with any wagering requirements. So, if you’re looking for a new casino to try out, Mines Games Casino is definitely worth checking out.


Cryptocurrency oriented

Great selection of slots and live dealer

Instant games

Online Casino

The Real Money Online Casino and Customer Support

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Find the best online casinos for real money below that have been ranked by our experts to give you the optimum gaming experience. You’ll be able to play all your favorite games including slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, and many more within minutes of signing up and grabbing your exclusive free casino bonus.

Customer Support and Quick Response

Customer support is another important part of the real money online casino experience where gambling sites provide you with a dependable form of communication. You want to always be able to ask a question or share a concern and the casino to reply.

That is why we only recommend top real money casinos that have excellent customer service. This includes live chat, email, and often even a phone line. Support should be able to help 24/7, notwithstanding delays that pertain to out-of-work hours requests.

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The Most Crypto Online Casino

Mines GamesPH

Mines GamesPH is a new entrant into the online gambling scene that exclusively deals with cryptocurrencies. The platform seamlessly combines an extensive sportsbook section with an impressive library of over 6800 games.

The website features a typical layout of most crypto casinos, with a sleek black design that is interactive, making it easy to navigate. Neon logos of the most popular cryptocurrencies float on the website’s pages, grabbing the players’ attention. The gaming section takes the center stage, making it easy for players to find their favorite games.

Unlike other online casinos, Mines Games Casino does not offer a standard welcome deal or other bonuses. However, it runs various tournaments where players can participate in featured games and win a share of the fantastic prize pools. Additionally, Mines GamesPH offers a Free Bet of up to PHP 5,000 if you place three other bets, each with a minimum of PHP 500 and odds of 1.3 or higher per selection.


Cryptocurrency friendly

Great variety of casino games

Online Casino

Provides a Live Betting Feature of Online Casino

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GemDiscoPH is a well-known online gambling platform that focuses on cryptocurrency betting. The site offers a wide range of sports betting options, including popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing, among others.

In addition, GemDiscoPH provides a live betting feature that enables users to place bets on ongoing events, adding an extra layer of excitement and profit potential.

To cater to its crypto-focused clientele, the platform accepts popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Coinzino provides easy and streamlined deposit and withdrawal options in the preferred digital currency of clients.

Moreover, the website has a reasonable minimum deposit of 1000 PHP or its cryptocurrency equivalent, and users who deposit using digital currencies are eligible for a generous crypto reload bonus. Payout requests on the platform are typically processed within 24 hours, ensuring prompt payout times for users.


Offers a wide range of sports to bet on

Allows real-time betting with live in-play options

Accepts different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin

Provides an appealing crypto reload bonus for digital currency depositors

Has an affordable minimum deposit limit

Processes withdrawals quickly

Online Casino

Guide for Popular Online Casino

Mines GamesPH

The GemDiscoPH has gained significant popularity in the Philippines since its release in 2023, captivating RNG (Random Number Generator) enthusiasts in recent months.

This engaging and entertaining game allows players to win real money, making it particularly appealing. The Mines Game bears similarities to cryptocurrency mining games, enabling players to feel actively involved in this trend.

GemDiscoPH refers to a collection of games developed by T1Games, the creator of Mine, Crash, Limbo, Plinko, Crypto, and numerous other blockchain-inspired games. What sets their games apart is the integration of hashing algorithms, which enhance fairness, randomness, and transparency in RNG games.

Each round’s outcome is determined by 10 million iterations of the previous client seed, which are then fed into a SHA-256 function. A SHA-256 hash is virtually unbreakable, requiring trillions of years for all existing computers combined to decrypt.

However, the primary reasons for the GemDiscoPHs success in the online gambling market go beyond safety and fairness. The games are primarily celebrated for their entertaining and engaging nature, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, the gam

Play varies significantly between games, the rules are easy to understand, and numerous customization options are available. If you are interested in learning more about these games and potentially winning real money for free, this comprehensive guide is for you!