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9 Mines Games Bonus Fast Ways to Master Craps

9 Mines Games Bonus Fast Ways to Master Craps

In my experience as a gambler, there are people that absolutely love craps and people that really hate craps. It doesn’t seem like many people fall anywhere in the middle. I enjoy playing craps occasionally, but I’m not as big a fan as most players.

The main thing that I know is that if you want to play craps, you need to take a few steps to become a craps master. It’s not that difficult, as long as you know some key facts.

This list of nine fast ways to become a craps master includes everything that you need to know.

1 – Play Mobile and Online Craps Games

This might sound like a strange way to start an article about mastering carps. This is especially true if you play craps because you love playing in a casino around other people. Truth be told, craps players can get pretty wild.

But there are a couple of things about mobile and online real money craps that master players know that you might not. The first thing is that when you play live craps, you have almost no control over how many rolls you can play in an hour.

When you play mobile and online craps, you have complete control. Most online craps players think this is a good thing because they can play more rolls than when they play in a land-based casino. But craps masters know that it’s better to play fewer rolls.

Craps has a return to player percentage under 100%, so the more you play, the more you lose. When you play mobile and online craps, then you can risk less, which means you lose less and can play longer.

2 – Use Craps Bonus Offers

Another way to extend your craps playing time is to use an online or mobile bonus. But master craps players know that a bonus doesn’t really help them win. This doesn’t mean they don’t use bonuses at all, it just means that they have realistic expectations.

Here’s How a Normal Craps Bonus Works

First, you make a deposit, and the casino matches it. If it’s a 100% match, when you deposit $300, the casino gives you $300 as well.

The problem is that they don’t just give you the extra $300 without any strings attached. The main string is that you have to make bets totaling a multiple of the deposit and bonus amount before you can get any of your cash withdrawn.

And the requirement is almost always so high that you don’t have any of the bonus left when you clear it. In fact, you usually don’t have any of the bonus or your deposit left. And this is exactly what the casino planned to do when they gave you the bonus in the first place.

3 – Craps and Comps

Something that you can use to help you when you play craps is comps. If you play craps in a casino that offers a comps scheme, you need to take advantage of it.

You can’t beat craps, but you can get some of your losses back in comps. The comps you get back for playing craps isn’t going to be cash in most cases, but it’s better to get a meal or something else for your play than to get nothing at all. And nothing is what you get when you play craps and don’t sign up to get comps.

Craps isn’t the only game you can earn comps for playing. Every casino player should sign up for comps before they play.

4 – Don’t Pass Is Better Than Pass

Every craps session starts with a roll called a “come out roll.” This starts a series of rolls when a point is set. You don’t have to make a come out roll wager to play craps, but you have to make one of these wagers if you want to have access to the best wager on the table.

This is why it’s important to know which of the two come out roll options is better. And it’s not the one that most craps players use. Most craps gamblers use the pass line wager. And it’s not a terrible option. It’s just not quite as good as the other option.

The don’t pass option has the highest return to player number at the table. In addition, this is one of the two wagers that master craps players make. In fact, master craps players only make two wagers. The don’t pass line and the odds are the two wagers you should use if you want to be a master craps player.

5 – Always Bet the Odds

After you make a don’t pass line wager and a point is set, you have the option to place a special type of wager that’s called an “odds bet.” The odds bet is the best wager in the entire casino, so you should take advantage of it every chance you get.

The return to player percentage over time on the odds is exactly 100%. This means that over time, you’re going to get back as much as you bet. This is a big deal because it’s the only wager in the casino that offers true even odds.

Overall, craps still has a return number under 100% because of the come out roll, but you have to take the odds.

6 – Controlled Shooting

This is one of the most controversial things in gambling. And I rarely find anyone with an opinion that isn’t firmly on one side or the other.

Some craps players believe that you can set and throw dice a certain way that alters the outcome of the roll. Others claim that this is crazy and that you can’t possibly alter dice roll totals.

I don’t know if you can do it or not, but I do know that if you can do it, you can make money playing craps. In fact, if you can alter the outcome of two or three rolls out of every 100, you can erase the house edge.

The possibility of finding a way to beat craps is enough to at least investigate how dice control works. This is the only way you’re going to find out if it’s real and if you can use it.

7 – Craps Systems

You’ve learned everything that master craps players know about playing with a high return and possibly a technique you can use to beat craps. And this is almost everything you need to know. But there are two other things that you need to learn.

The first thing is that craps systems beyond what I’ve already covered don’t help you win. It doesn’t matter how good a craps system looks or sounds, it’s just going to waste your money. Stick with what you learned earlier in this article and skip craps systems.

8 – Bet Minimum and Maximum

The last thing you need to know to become a master craps player is how to bet. I don’t mean how to actually place your bets, I mean how much to bet on the two bets that you make.

You should always make the smallest bet possible on the don’t pass option. And you should always bet the maximum amount possible on the odds.

Of course, you need to have a big enough bankroll to make the maximum odds wager, but as long as you have enough to keep from going broke if you get unlucky in the short term, a minimum come out roll wager and a maximum odds wager is the way master craps players bet.

9 – Craps Variations

I’ve seen several different craps variations, including crapless craps, and they all have one thing in common: None of them offer any wagers that are better than the classic game of craps. This is why I always play craps and ignore all of the other variations.

Casinos don’t have any reason to offer a version of craps that has a higher return than the game they already offer. So, any new craps-based game is likely to offer a lower return, which makes it a worse game.

Of course, I’m always looking for an edge, so I make a note about any new casino game I see so I can look up the numbers later. And this is what gambling masters do, so you should be doing the same thing.


Mastering craps is one of the best things you can do as a casino gambler. Craps is a fun game that offers a ton of social interaction. And if you know the best wagers, it offers a high return percentage. And if you don’t like social interaction you can get all of the other benefits playing online or in a mobile casino.

The big mystery about craps is controlled shooting. Many say that it’s not real. But if it is, it makes craps beatable. You’re going to have to judge if it works for yourself.

Use these fast techniques to become a craps master today!

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