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Weird Laws in New Jersey That Will Take You Aback

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New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, has some pretty odd laws that leave people wondering how they got enacted in the first place. On this page, we’ll introduce you to eight weird laws in NJ that are definitely not considered normal. We’re sure that even in your own country or state there are some regulations that you think are pretty peculiar. However, we assure you that you’ll no longer complain about the laws you have to follow after you get acquainted with the strangest laws in New Jersey. If you are in NJ, though, you can also have some fun playing poker at our top picked poker sites.

Are There Many Dumb Laws in New Jersey

Dumb is a bit of a harsh word to use when it comes to describing laws in a particular US state. Nevertheless, the weird laws in New Jersey that we are about to discuss here are quite unusual. Some of them are considered to be completely pointless, and after you get familiar with them, you’ll probably feel the same way. If you violate some of these regulations, it can cost you a fortune. Therefore, before you visit the Garden State, be sure to read up on the crazy laws in NJ that residents of the state must abide by.

  •  A List of Dumb Laws in New Jersey Most People Disagree with
  •  Greeting A Person from the Opposite Sex Is Not Allowed
  •  No Ice Cream After 6PM
  •  Not A Sip of Alcohol for Minors
  •  Not Passing Horse Drawn Carriages
  •  People Can’t Pump Gas On Their Own
  •  No Car Deals on Sunday
  •  No Frowning at Police Officers
  •  It’s Forbidden to Slurp Your Soup
Greeting someone from the opposite sex is prohibited.Hadden Township, Camden County, NJ
Pumping gas on your own is not allowed.The entire state of New Jersey
Frowining at the police is prohibited.The entire state of New Jersey.
Frowining at anyone is strictly prohibited.Bernards Township, Somerset County, NJ
Serving ice cream after 6 pm is not allowed.Newark, New Jersey
A List of Dumb Laws in NJ / New Jersey Most People Disagree with

New Jersey is considered one of the best American states to live in. The area is healthy and safe and has many other benefits. Still, individuals there have to follow a number of weird laws, including those concerning the best online casinos in NJ. Can you imagine that in one part of the state, frowning at people is completely forbidden?

And that is just one of the funny laws in NJ, which we’ll introduce you to. Some of the regulations are kind of logical, but they’re still incredibly strange. Others are truly bizarre and a large part of the inhabitants of NJ don’t agree with them at all. Unfortunately, non-compliance with laws can lead to heavy fines, so most people are sure to follow all the regulations.

Since New Jersey is a place where betting money on casino games and sports is favored by many, it is not surprising that there aren’t any peculiar gambling laws in New Jersey. Of course, underage gambling is completely banned, but that’s a regulation that applies in every state. The wacky New Jersey laws we’ve chosen mostly have to do with people’s everyday lives.

Greeting A Person of the Opposite Sex Is Not Allowed

Hadden Township in Camden County is a place where a number of dumb New Jersey laws apply. One of them is the law that prohibits people from smiling at persons of the opposite sex. Such an act is considered offensive, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see men and women looking in the opposite direction as they walk past each other

Also, it is completely forbidden to tease someone of the opposite sex. If a person is approached and spoken to without their consent, they have got the right to go to the authorities and report a violation of the law. If you are someone who likes to communicate and meet new people, Hadden Township is probably not the best destination for you.

No Ice Cream After 6 PM

Now this one may disappoint myriads of readers. According to the laws in Newark, New Jersey, people aren’t allowed to order ice cream after 6 pm. The only exception would be if they have a note from their doctor. It doesn’t matter if the customer is an elderly person or a child; no ice cream will be sold after that time of the day.

Of course, as a gesture of goodwill, employees may decide to sell dessert to customers and be in violation of the law. However, if they get caught, they will have to pay heavy fines. In addition, the customer will also be affected. In other words, if you have a sweet tooth, it would be best to buy your favorite desserts in the earlier hours of the day.

Not A Sip of Alcohol for Minors

It is a well-known fact that the laws regarding underage drinking are very strict. In most U.S. states, the legal drinking age is 21, including New Jersey. Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Kansas are the only exceptions, but even there, people under 21 are only allowed to drink beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% or less.

We can’t say that this is one of the stupid laws in New Jersey because alcohol consumption should only be allowed for adults. However, in NJ people are not even allowed to give a sip of alcohol to their children who are not of legal age. So even if you’re celebrating your 19th birthday with your parents, you can’t raise a toast with anything other than a non-alcoholic beverage.

Not Passing Horse Drawn Carriages

According to drivers, this is one of the most stupid laws in New Jersey. As it becomes clear from the title of the heading, New Jersey residents are not permitted to pass a horse-drawn carriage on the road. Even if you are late for work or you have a date with your partner, you shouldn’t even think about getting ahead of the carriage.

People Can’t Pump Gas on Their Own

In many U.S. states, people usually pump gasoline on their own. In New Jersey, however, this action is strictly prohibited. If someone gets caught doing it, they will face a heavy fine. Many believe that hiring people to pump gas is completely pointless, due to the fact that the majority of the population is perfectly capable of doing it themselves. According to the government, pumping gas alone hides some potential risks, which is one of the reasons why this law is still in force.

No Car Deals on Sunday

It seems that Sunday is a day that’s highly praised within the state of New Jersey. Not only are people not allowed to walk their cattle in the street on Sunday, but they also aren’t allowed to play pinball on that day. The latter, however, only applies to Ocean City. Aside from these two prohibited activities, New Jersey residents are also not permitted to sell or buy cars on Sunday.

If someone violates this rule, they will have to pay a fine of $100. Plus, they may also spend a few days in jail. A second violation could result in a $500 fine or 30 days in jail. Under certain circumstances, even both penalties can be imposed. A third and any subsequent offense will be punished even more severely. The violator will be obliged to pay a fine of $750 and can even go to prison for a maximum of six months.

No Frowning at Police Officers

Even if you are mad at the police for some reason, you should never frown on a police officer. Without a doubt, this is one of the weirdest laws in New Jersey. If you violate it, you can be heavily fined. Not only that, but in Bernards Township it is illegal to frown in general, and not just at police. This township is considered a frown-free town zone. Although many people find this regulation truly amazing, others aren’t so enthusiastic about it.

It Is Forbidden to Slurp Your Soup

And the last one in our list of weird laws in New Jersey is the one that prohibits people from slurping their soup in public. Although it may sound funny and almost unbelievable, it is a legal requirement that all Ocean City citizens must abide by. Fortunately, if someone happens to violate this law, they will probably get off with nothing but a warning. For this to happen, however, a police officer should be present in the restaurant, since it’s quite unlikely that a normal resident would make such a remark.


In some of the final paragraphs of our in-depth analysis of the weirdest laws in New Jersey, we’ll provide answers to some questions on the subject. We sincerely hope that you found this read useful. We believe that every potential visitor to the US state should familiarize themselves with most of the laws that residents and tourists have to abide by.

Is it really illegal to frown at people in Ocean City, NJ?

Incredible as it may sound, it’s actually illegal to frown at people in Ocean City. Furthermore, frowning at the police can result in hefty fines, not only for Ocean City residents but for everyone else in the entire state of New Jersey.

What is the strangest New Jersey law?

As you already know, there are several crazy laws in New Jersey that shock anyone who doesn’t live there. But one of the strangest is certainly the one that forbids people to slurp their soup. When you’re in a restaurant, you should be very careful about the noises you make, even if your soup is boiling hot.

Can you order ice cream at any time of the day in NJ?

There aren’t many people who don’t like ice cream. But if you’re in New Jersey, you will have to adhere to a special time frame when it comes to ordering that dessert. According to the law, people aren’t allowed to serve ice cream to customers after 6pm. The only exception would be for people who bring a note from their doctor.

What is the legal drinking age in New Jersey?

As in many other U.S. states, the legal drinking age in New Jersey is 21. The penalties for people who violate this law are quite severe. In fact, parents aren’t allowed to give their children who are 16 or older even a sip of alcoholic beverages.

Which area of NJ has the most restrictive laws?

One of the most restrictive areas in New Jersey when it comes to regulations is undoubtedly Hadden Township in Camden County. There, people aren’t allowed to greet a person of the opposite sex. There are also strict rules about the type of clothing one is allowed to wear.

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