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The Best Mines GamesPH Gambling Discord Servers

The Best Mines GamesPH Gambling Discord Servers

Discord has quickly become one of the most exciting hosts for online gaming communities of all kinds, including for those interested in online gambling. To help you find the best gambling Discord server, we’ve created this shortlist of top groups that cater to sports bettors in particular.

What are the Best Gambling Discord Servers?

While Discord has long been popular with gamers, many online gamblers may not be familiar with the app and what you can do with it. That is why we have started this guide by providing an overview of the platform. You will learn what the service is capable of and how it could help you.

We’ve also explained how you can create an account and join a server, before sharing our list of top sports gambling discord servers. You’ll find that we have also highlighted casino gambling servers that discuss broader gambling topics such as blackjack, slots, and poker.

  • What is Discord?
  •  How to Join?
  • The Best Sports Discord Servers
  • The Best Casino Discord Servers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Discord?

Discord is a free chat application that was initially built to facilitate community and communications between video game players. However, in time the service has evolved to host all kinds of communities. There are now more than 350 million users registered with the app.

Users are able to communicate through video calls, voice messages, and text depending on the server. The app is distinct from similar services such as Skype as it feels almost like a more dynamic online forum. Discord can be a great place to find advice or to engage in discussion with like-minded people.

Its diverse chat features have made it a great option to use while gaming, so gambling discords are great for live betting and online casino play, so you can chat as you play online slots.  Users are able to create either public or private servers. All of the servers we have shared are public, and as we’ll explain, you’ll just need to click the links to join.

How to Join a Discord Gambling Server

Whether you’re using your desktop or the iOS or Android mobile app, you’ll have no trouble getting started with our gambling discord server recommendations. The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. On desktop, you can either download the application or head to the browser Discord page.

If you’re using a mobile device, download the app from the app store. In both cases, you just need to hit Register, register a mobile number or email address, and provide the sent confirmation code. You will then be able to choose a username and password, your date of birth, then accept the terms.

The following five steps provide a quick overview of how to join one of the gambling servers.

  1. Create your discord account, then click ‘Next.’
  2. Desktop: click the + on the left sidebar.
  3. Mobile: click the three stacked lines at the top left of the screen and click +.
  4. Click to Join Server. You will need to paste in the discord server invite link.
  5. Click to Join and you will be granted access to the server.
The Best Sports Gambling Discord Servers

Of all gambling activities, sports betting tends to generate the most interest on Discord. This is because bettors are able to compare picks and bookie odds, share bonuses, discuss game details, and share their love for sports. Below, we’ve listed five of the best sports gambling discord servers.

Sports Capitalists

The Sports Capitalists prides itself for being one of the first servers created for sports bettors. Experienced betting analysts make up the membership, and the server employs data bots to help users make great selections. The community is extremely engaged and frequently discusses great strategies.

SharpLine Sports

With more than three thousand active members, SharpLine Sports has a loyal following thanks to its use of expert analysts and betting bots. The group’s aim is to boost member profits by using a special odds prediction algorithm, and new users are able to trial its Our Sharpest Bets system.

Bet/DFS Karma

The Bet/DFS Karma gambling discord has a broad focus on all things sports betting and fantasy sports. The free server has thousands of active members and sports fans that benefit from helpful betting tools and DFS projections. The app is one of the top-rated sports betting communities on discord.

Scrimmage Sports

If you’re looking for an active sports community that is both friendly and helpful, you’ll want to try out Scrimmage Sports. Players are able to utilize live newsfeeds for every sport, take advantage of giveaways, and even play casino-style games. Bots keep users up-to-date with helpful statistics and schedules as well as betting trends.

Bash the Books

If you’re looking for a smaller but more intimate betting community, you may way to try Bash the Books. This server has something for sports and eSports bettors in particular. You can expect to find daily picks from other members and betting pros, as well as helpful resources that can be great for new sports bettors.

The Best Casino and Poker Discord Servers

It’s not just sports bettors who can benefit from being in a discord community. Whether you’re into slots, poker, blackjack, or horse race betting, there are several groups that appeal to fans of other gambling activities. The following are the three best servers for these people.

Stake Champs Casino Community

The Stake Champs Casino Community is the largest casino community on slack, with more than eighteen thousand members. The channel is great for finding reviews for online slot and blackjack games, as well as online casino promotions. You can also enjoy casino-style mini-games and regular giveaways.

Gambling Advantages and Socializing Forum

The Gambling Advantages and Socializing Forum takes a much more serious-minded approach to online gambling. The server is a great resource to improve your gambling skills and helps to teach blackjack card counting, poker strategies, bettor discipline, and budget management. The community addresses both land-based and online gambling topics.


The PokerStars discord channel is an official affiliate of the major online poker site, but you don’t have to use the site to benefit. The community has over twenty thousand international members that discuss topics such as upcoming tournaments, current poker news, strategy, and much more. This is a great platform for both amateurs and pros.

Run It Once

Our other favorite poker discord is Run It Once, which is also an affiliate of a major poker website. One of the top features of this server is the hand histories channel, which allows users to share previous winning hands and bad beats. This is a top service for learning strategies and chatting with other poker fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have more questions about the best gambling discords? If so, then keep reading. In the upcoming section, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about the topic. We’ve provided jump-links in each, so you can learn more details if you wish.

What is discord?

Discord is a type of a chat app that was initially developed to connect the online gaming sphere. It has since grown to become a way for different communities to come together and share advice, discuss, and play games. There are gambling discord servers for sports bettors, poker players, and casino fans.

How do I join a discord server?

Before you can join a discord server, you will need to first create an account. This is an easy process that can be completed on mobile devices or on desktop computers. After this, you can press the + button to join a server, then provide the link to the server you want to join.

What’s the best sports betting discord?

The best sports gambling discord is Sports Capitalists. This server has a community of thousands of sports bettors, with several expert oddsmakers and pundits providing daily picks and other useful insights. You can benefit from odds analysis and unique bots to discover the latest bookie offers.

What’s the best casino discord?

We believe that the Stake Champs group is the best real money gambling discord server. You can learn about and discuss a myriad of gambling-related topics, including poker, blackjack, slots, and sports betting. The group discussed both land-based and online gambling topics, so it will appeal to all types of users.

What’s the best poker discord?

Because of its strong reputation and large membership numbers, the PokerStars discord server gambling group is the best for poker. While the group is affiliated with the online poker site, players can discuss topics that are not related to the site. You can learn about strategies, upcoming events, and lucrative online poker offers.

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