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The Best Mines Games On LuckyCola Gambling Forum for You: Casinos, Betting, & Safety

The Best Mines Games On LuckyCola Gambling Forum for You: Casinos, Betting, & Safety

Are you looking to improve your gambling skills? Maybe you’re just looking for like-minded people who share the same background in gambling as you do. Whatever the reason, gambling forums provide a great sense of community for gamblers and ex-gamblers alike. In this article, you’ll find the best gambling forum for your needs.

What are the Best Gambling Forums?

You may be looking for a forum for many reasons. We’ve started this guide by discussing the importance of identifying your individual needs so you can find the ideal group. We then continued by explaining the general instructions on how you can join a new forum.

There are four sections to this guide; sports betting forums, general gambling forums, problem gambling forums, and other useful related forums. You can use the following links to jump straight to the section that interests you most or keep scrolling to learn about them all.

  • What Forum Do I Need?
  •  How to Join?
  • The Best Sports Betting Forums
  • The Best Gambling Discussion Forums
  • The Best Problem Gambling Forums
  • Other Great Forums
  • Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Forums And What One Do I Need?

A forum or message board is a place where a community of people can come together to discuss ideas. Unlike a chat room, participants generally post long-form questions, answers, or statements on various topics. The format is perfect for all things gambling, as users can easily share advice, ask questions, and find helpful resources.

When you’re looking for a forum to join, it’s best to understand what it is that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re an online sports bettor with little interest in casino gambling, a general gambling forum won’t suit your needs. You’re better off finding a site that is specific to sports betting. In contrast, there are many forums that focus on online casinos, including the latest options to play at Borgata Casino Online in PA, or at another top-notch gaming site.

As many forums share an international audience, this can often limit the scope of certain discussions. Fortunately, the fact that gambling is so universal means that forums benefit from an international perspective. Several of our recommendations appeal to players at the top US online casinos only, while others have a global audience.

How to Join a Gambling Forum

The top gambling forums will make it easy for you to get started. Generally, you will need to create a new account and sometimes, you will need to verify your identity to do so. Many sites allow you to log in or create an account with Google, Facebook, or Apple, so account creation should be a breeze.

It’s worth noting that this usually only applies if you intend to engage with the communities. If you’re simply looking to scroll through answers, you may not have to create an account at all. In any case, From here, you can then search each forum for topics that interest you, whether it be different sports categories or casino activities.

In the following table, we’ve outlined the easy steps to start engaging in a new forum.

  1. Create an account with your chosen forum website. Verify your identity.
  2. Navigate the forum topics that interest you most.
  3. Scroll through the open threads to find discussions on various items.
  4. Click to reply to the original thread or reply to different users’ comments.
  5. Create new discussions in the relevant categories. Be clear, friendly, and thorough to boost engagement.
The Best Sports Betting Forums

If you’re looking for forums that exclusively deal with sports betting, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are several great sports gambling forums with huge followings. In this section, we’ve recommended four of the best sports gambling forums for US and global audiences.

online sports gambling forums

As its name suggest, Betting-Forum is a no-fuss site that has been hosting sports betting communities for nearly 15 years. There are more than 10,000 registered users that regularly use the message boards to provide information and discuss topics ranging from odds picks to upcoming bookie promotions. You can find discussions on a wide range of sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC.


The PredictEm forums host an array of interesting discussions on topics such as odds picks and sports analysis. There are many different sporting categories to choose from, with users frequently discussing games, players, and franchise histories. This is a great option for fans of both gambling and sports.


The community at TheRX forum is one of the most engaged and diverse, and its discussions are regularly referenced by major news outlets. Whether the topics center on the best major league odds, picks, and bonuses, or are just general conversations around sporting news, the site has great potential for both learning and connection.

The Best Gambling Discussion Forums

There are several free gambling forums that are more broad in scope. Rather than only dealing with one topic, these forums will host several different categories of gambling-related topics, whether they be on finance, strategy, or simply just user reviews of casinos or gaming platforms. The best are as follows.

The message boards at are extremely diverse, and include everything from gambling tax forums to bitcoin gambling forums. Within each topic, you’ll usually find dozens of threads, with each containing a wealth of information sourced over years. This is a great site to ask any of your specific gambling questions.

The Gambling Community

With nearly 300 thousand posts, the forums at The Gambling Community are extremely informative, entertaining, and diverse. There is a different category for every type of gambling activity you can think of, whether it be blackjack, slots, or horse racing. You can even find funny casino-related stories from the site’s creative community.

The Wizard of Vegas

Begun as a travel guide to Las Vegas in 2009, the Wizard of Vegas has since grown to host a proactive community of gamblers. This is a great site for US audiences, and it has grown alongside the online casino and sports betting boom. It also hosts many land-based casino gambling forums that are relevant to different states.

The Best Problem Gambling Forums

One of the best things about forums is that they can also be a great source of support and guidance. There are a number of popular gambling addiction forums where people can share their stories and advice, or simply vent their struggles, in a non-judgmental setting. The following are great forums to begin.


Although GamCare is a UK-based compulsive gambling online forums website, it is available to users from across the world. The forums cover a range of topics and are moderated by mental health experts to ensure that the discussions remain as healthy and safeguarded from triggers as possible. If you want to platy safe at online casinos, then check the Harrah’s New Jersey online casino review as this is one of the top reputable online operators.

NCP Gambling

The gambling addiction-related threads of are extremely popular, and are some of the best gambling support help forums that can be found. The community is extremely engaged and supportive, and the resources are helpful for anyone no matter what step of their recovery journey they’re on. is a US-based gambling helpline that also hosts gambling forums to quitting for those across the nation. The scope is very broad, and users can engage in a public or anonymous way as it suits them. The site is also linked to other official problem gambling institutions.

Other Great Forums

There are several other forums that don’t necessarily fit the mold of the other categories we have shared, or generally have much larger scopes than just forums. The following two websites are great for hosting many other resources, with their gambling forums being just a small part of their offerings.


There are a number of subreddits on Reddit that deal with gambling. Whether it’s sports betting, slots, horse race betting, or problem gambling, you will find exactly what you’re looking for on Reddit. The site has a strong reputation thanks to its engaged communities and high-performing platform.

What is a forum?

A forum is a community message board  that addresses specific topics. It’s a great place to share stories, advice, and resources with people with the same interests or problems. There are a number of great gambling forums that address both nice and broad topics.

How do I join a forum?

It’s easy to join any of the forums on this page. To read them, you will not need to create an account, you can simply just find topics and scroll through them. However, if you want to comment or create your own query, you will need to create an account.

What’s the best sports betting forum?

The site is the top sports gambling forum thanks to its broad scope and large user base. However, there are a couple of other great sites that specifically address topics related to sports betting, such as odds, picks, bookie bonuses, and team and player statistics.

What’s the best general gambling discussion forum?

We don’t believe that there’s one single best general gambling forum   but rather several that have very good features and active communities. Each has a very diverse selection of threads that deal with topics such as sports betting, land-based and online casino gambling, DFS, horse racing, and more.

What’s the best problem gambling forum?

No matter where you’re based, there are a number of great problem gambling forums that offer supportive environments for those dealing with gambling addiction and their families. The GamTalk forum is particularly useful for US readers as it provides resources from different official gambling help services.

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