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New Ways Slots Award Progressive Jackpots in Mines Games Casino

New Ways Slots Award Progressive Jackpots in Mines Games Casino

You are always going to be seeking out brand new slot games to play, however what you may have grown a little tired of is playing progressive slot games, for sadly a lot of those slot games do tend to come with a similar type of playing structure and format.

So today we have chosen to spend some time looking around for some of the more unique and very unusual progressive slot games that you can now access and play online that boast a completely different type of playing format and structure.

With that in mind please do red on as by doing so you will then discover a couple of progressive slot games like no others you have ever played before online. Be aware that the slots we are about to present to you and give you an overview of are both available at casino sites using the Playtech gaming platforms.

That means that you are going to find more than enough casinos at which it play these slot games at and you will also have the added advantage of being able to play them either via an instant play web browser compatible type of gaming platform or if you prefer you can play them via a fully downloadable gaming platform instead.

Sharing Other Players Jackpots

Make sure that you track down and play the Everybody’s Jackpot slot from Playtech, for by doing so you have the chance of not only winning a huge valued progressive jackpot, but you will also have the very real chance of winning a share of another players jackpot too!

The way in which this slot game works and plays out is such that it has a progressive jackpot on offer and that jackpot is a randomly awarded one so at any time any player could win that jackpot.

As soon as the jackpot has been won by a player playing the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game then that player will instantly win 70% of the value of that progressive jackpot. The remaining 30% is split between players who have played that slot game in the last 24 hours.

To qualify to win a share of 30% of the progressive jackpot pool you must simply have wagered at least 50.00 on that slot in the last 24 hours before it was won, that does of course mean you could win that jackpot when not playing it yourself and when not logged into the casino offer the Everybody’s Jackpot slot!

Being Awarded Slot Jackpot Raffle Tickets

There is always another way that you could win a massive jackpot and that is by you playing the Love Boat slot from Playtech, this slot has a special bonus symbol that can and will only ever appear on payline number five, and you will want to see that reel symbol spinning in as often as is possible!

Each time that bonus symbol spins in as you are playing this slot for real money you will be awarded with one raffle ticket. You can earn as many raffle tickets as is possible when playing it over any length of time, but the more of them you earn the greater your chances will be of winning the jackpot on offer!

At the side of the screen you will also see a countdown clock and that is ticking downwards until the next draw with take place. If you are the winner of that jackpot then your winnings will be automatically added to your account after the draw.

You can win a jackpot worth a huge €10,000 when playing this slot if one of your raffle tickets is the one randomly selected, and you only need at least one in each draw to obviously have the chance of picking up that payout!


Playing any type of progressive slot game will give you the chance of bagging and walking off with a very large jackpot payout, however you will only ever have a chance of winning the jackpots any such slot does have available and on offer if you play them with the jackpot part of the slot game activated.

With that in mind what you should always be doing before playing any progressive slot game is to be taking a look over the pay table of that slot or making use of the help files that are attached to that slot game, for by doing so you will find out just how the jackpot is awarded.

You will also find out what way you have to play that slot to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, which could be by playing every single payline or playing it for a certain stake level, so always do make the effort finding out how every single progressive slot game you play awards its respective jackpot so you never miss out on winning that jackpot!

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