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How Can I Avoid Blackjack Mines Games Tips Playing Errors?

How Can I Avoid Blackjack Mines Games Tips Playing Errors?

There are of course going to be quite a number of different playing errors and mistakes that you could make when playing games such as Blackjack, for it is the way that you play off each hand that can and often does have a direct effect on the outcome of each hand played off.

With that in mind you should always ensure that you know how to play any Blackjack game you have chosen to play optimally and using the very best strategy, for if you don’t then each single mistake you make is going to reduce your overall winning chances.

However, learning to play off every possible hand you could be dealt out when playing games such as Blackjack could take a considerable amount of time, and with that in mind in this guide I am going to be looking at some ways you can avoid making a range of commonly made playing errors.

If you do want to get the best chances of winning when playing casino card games such as Blackjack, which is of course what you should be looking to do, then please read on and pay attention to the following words of advice and become a much better Blackjack player!

High House Edge Blackjack Bets

When you are able to place any form of side bet on a Blackjack game you need to first study the way in which the bonus winning payouts are paid out to you, as often you may need to play your base hand using a different strategy to have a chance of winning the bonus payouts.

However, when you do veer of the correct playing strategy that will increase the house edge of the base hand, and it is also worth knowing that any bonus side bets you place will also have their own built in house edges too.

As such I would tend to street clear of placing any type of side bets when playing Blackjack, for by placing them the overall house edge of the variant you are playing is going to be increase often quite dramatically.

Some games such as progressive Blackjack for example force you to place a side bet on every single base game hand you play off, and over time those side bets can mount up and cost you a small fortune, much more so if you never actually win anything when placing them!

Blackjack Strategy Cards

The best tip I can give anyone who do wish to start playing Blackjack is to get hold of a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you are thinking of playing.

Those strategy cards are free to download and by getting one of them as soon as you have started to play our chosen Blackjack game and the initial set of cards have been dealt out you simply look up your hand and the Dealers up facing card on the strategy card.

You will then be shown the very best way to pay off your hand based on the perfect strategy of that game, and as such you are never going to play off a hand incorrectly and will at all times be playing that variant optimally and with the very best strategy in place too.

You may have also learnt how to count cards, and you may be thinking of doing so when you play at an online or mobile casino site, however there is no way that you can count cards when playing at a standard software driven casino site as the deck of cards are shuffled before they are dealt out.

The only way that you will have the chance of counting cards when playing at an online casino site is by playing at a live casino site, as those casinos use real decks of playing cards and do not use a random number generator!


One tip for playing Blackjack that is never going to see you making any playing errors will be to find an online casino site that has an auto play setting.

However, what you will need to ensure happens when you do turn on, activate and then use the auto play setting is that the game then not only plays itself automatically but also uses the correct playing strategy for the variant you are playing.

That is something I do know that Microgaming software powered casinos have on offer via their Blackjack game auto play settings, so it may be beneficial for you to play at one of those casino sites.

In fact, when playing Micro gaming Blackjack games and you use their expert auto play setting you are able to change the settings at which each hand will be played off, which is handy if you have your own unique playing strategy of course!

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