Blackjack Versus Roulette in Mines Games Easy Win– Which Has Better Odds?

Blackjack Versus Roulette in Mines Games Easy Win– Which Has Better Odds?

Blackjack vs Roulette

Blackjack and roulette are two of the most popular games you can find at online casinos. There is a lot to like about these two games and each has its own pros and cons.

Blackjack and roulette games can be found pretty much everywhere. Online casinos usually offer both blackjack and roulette in the table games section and live dealer section. With many options to play these types of games, they are very tempting for a lot of bettors to try out.

Here, we will break down the difference in odds between the games and which one is more favorable to play at a casino.

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple card game where the goal is to reach 21 or get as close to the number without going over. You play only against the dealer in blackjack, unlike some poker games.

After placing a bet, you are dealt two cards face up. The dealer deals himself one card face up and one card face down. You want the values of your cards to add up to 21 without going over. If you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you win.

Blackjack Odds

A typical game of blackjack carries around a 2% or lower house edge. This house edge comes from the way the dealer has to play the hand. The dealer having a set hand and a hidden card forces players to play a bit more aggressively against the dealer. This could lead to the dealer winning a bit more often than not.

Since you have to play a bit more aggressively against a dealer, you are less likely to win hands. If you bust before the dealer busts, it is not a push. You just lose your money. With this knowledge, you are going to win less than 50% of your hands on average in blackjack. The house edge is still smaller than most other games.

If you understand the proper strategies, you can lower that house edge even more. If you struggle to understand blackjack strategies though, the house edge could rise. It is important you fully understand the game, when to hit, when to stay, and more before you start playing for real money.

Some blackjack games will have side bets offered. If you are betting on these side bets, it will increase the house edge by quite a lot as well.

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is an exciting game of luck played with a wheel and a marble. There are more bets in roulette as you can wager on the cluster of numbers the marble falls into, the exact number it lands on, the color it is, and whether it is odd or even.

Once you have placed the bet a marble is dropped into a spinning wheel and wherever the marble lands, the payouts are decided.

Roulette Odds

The house edge on American roulette – which contains double zeros – is a little more than 5%. On a single-zero roulette wheel or European roulette, the house edge is around 2.5%. Triple-zero roulette has an even bigger house edge.

The reason the amount on the board changes the game is that these zeros do not count in the odd vs. even bets or the red vs. black bets. The zeros are usually green and if you bet that a zero is hit, you are only betting on the zero, which makes it a bad bet.

Depending on how you are betting at the roulette table will also change your payouts. If you are betting the 50-50 bets like odd vs even or red vs black, you will likely come close to breaking even on average. You might have some good runs, but there could also be some bad runs. When you are wagering on number groups or individual numbers though, you could be going for a long time before you get one of those bets to hit.

Game choice is incredibly important with roulette. Playing roulette games with fewer zeros on the board lowers the house edge. Also avoid placing single-number bets. The odds are great, but you can go a long time before one of them hits. This could lead to some big losses if you are not careful.

Which Game is Better?

Blackjack is definitely a better game in terms of winning money as there is a little strategy behind the game. Roulette is almost entirely luck-based. If you do not know how to play blackjack strategies properly, you can end up giving a much higher house edge to the casino.

If you are someone who does not want to have to understand strategies when gambling, then a game like roulette is not a bad choice. There are no decisions or strategies you need to know, instead, you can just focus on playing the game. Single zero roulette is the best bet though as it has the lowest house edge of the different types of roulette wheels.

If you are someone who wants the feeling of making decisions when gambling, then a game like blackjack will be more enjoyable for you. There are some decisions in this game and strategies that will put you in a better position to win hands.

Final Verdict

Blackjack will almost always have better odds to it as long as you are not taking side bets that are offered. There is also more thinking and strategy required when playing blackjack.

If you want to play blackjack, make sure you know how to play it properly. If you are looking to play a much more simple game though, roulette could be a game for you.

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Guide to Mines Games Easy Way Roulette Strategies to Win the Game

Guide to Mines Games Easy Way Roulette Strategies to Win the Game

No matter what your casino game of choice, there is always that one question that might pop in your mind every now and again: are there any winning strategies I could use to make the most of my gaming experience? Roulette is no different.

If you’ve ever played roulette (online or in a land-based casino) you must’ve caught yourself wondering what’s a roulette strategy that works. Actually works. What if we told you there are several roulette win strategies in existence? And not only that; certain strategies have been deemed the best there is. Ever heard of the Martingale strategy? How about the Fibonacci strategy? Does Paroli ring a bell maybe? And which one of them bears the title of the best roulette strategy and might teach you how to win at roulette?

If you’d like to discover more on what makes each of these roulette systems worth your time – and more specifically which of them is the best roulette strategy around – just keep on reading and you’ll soon have answers to several of your burning questions. 

Types of Roulette Strategies

To start off, there are two broad categories of roulette strategies in existence:

  • progressive betting strategies
  • and non-progressive betting strategies, also known as flat strategies

So, what’s the main difference between the two?

In a nutshell, a progressive roulette strategy means that you would be increasing the size of your wager after each round. This might be dependent on whether you’re winning or losing, but not necessarily.

Conversely, a flat strategy means that your wager remains the same after each round. In this case, you wouldn’t be paying attention to the outcome. In other words, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing, you wouldn’t change your bet. Naturally, this type of betting strategy comes with a certain level of risk.

Which Factors Can Affect Your Roulette Strategy?

Before choosing a winning strategy for roulette, first you need to be 100% sure you know how to play roulette. Might seem redundant, but you would be surprised. Having mastered the basic rules of roulette is imperative if you wish to move on to the next level. If you feel confident in your knowledge of roulette rules, it’s now just as important to know which factors can affect your roulette strategy. Let us name a few:

  • Betting limits – your roulette strategy of choice needs to match your betting limits
  • Roulette type – different types of roulette have different house edges, so it isn’t the same if you play the European roulette, American roulette or French roulette (European and French have a lower house edge, for example) 
  • Bet type – if you’re a high roller, you might want to employ a riskier betting strategy, whereas if you typically make smaller wagers, you might wish to stick to the less risky winning strategies
What Are the Most Successful Roulette Strategies?

While there are various betting strategies that can be employed in roulette, certain systems are considered to be the cream of the crop. Ah, but what is the best roulette strategy? Let’s go over some of the most successful roulette strategies together, shall we?

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale strategy might be the most popular roulette strategy in the world. So, how does this roulette system work? Essentially, when using the Martingale strategy, what you do after each loss is increase your wager. More specifically, you double your previous bet. Therefore, when you finally win, you should get your lost money back. When that happens, you start wagering with your initial bet again.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

Then there’s the Reverse Martingale. Just like the name says, it follows a similar pattern as the Martingale strategy, but in reverse. Namely, when using the Reverse Martingale system, you would do the same thing with your bets (double them) but instead of increasing your wager when losing, you do it whilst winning. The only disadvantage to this betting strategy is that you need to be on a winning streak in order to employ this technique.

The Paroli Roulette Strategy

When it comes to the Paroli strategy, what you do is you keep your bet the same after losing a round. However, if you win that round, you double your wager. As you can see, the Paroli roulette strategy is less risky than Martingale. Still, it’s important to remember that neither can guarantee you a win.

Roulette Paroli Strategy
The Labouchere Roulette Strategy

The Labouchere roulette strategy is notably most used by high rollers. While more complex than the previously mentioned roulette strategies, it has its devoted fans.

How does it work? Before playing, you need to decide how much money you want to win and then write down a list of positive numbers that equal the sum you’ve just decided on. While making each wager, you stake the amount of money equal to the sum of the first and last number on the paper. When one number is left, you bet that amount. If your wager has been successful, two sums are removed from the list. However, if the bet is not successful, the sum you’ve lost is added to the end of the list. The strategy continues until your list is all crossed out.

Think this roulette strategy is too complicated? Well, you have one Henry Labouchère to thank for it.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Here’s a roulette system that won’t make your head hurt: the D’Alembert strategy. When using this roulette win system, you don’t double your bet after losing like you would in the Martingale, but you actually add one unit to the bet. When there’s a win, however, you remove one unit from your wager. Much easier to grasp than the Labouchere, we know.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Last, but in no way the least – the Fibonacci strategy. As its name suggests, this roulette win strategy is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence wherein each number equals the sum of the two numbers preceding it. The sequence looks like this:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

When it comes to roulette, the Fibonacci system works in such a way that you would make a wager that is the sum of your last two bets. Since this means you can leave with a profit even if you lose more than you’ve won, it is said this is one of the safest roulette strategies out there. 

Is There a Perfect Roulette Strategy?

Repeat after us: roulette is a game of chance. Yes, that includes online roulette, too. What this means, essentially, is that no matter which roulette win strategy you pick to try out for yourself, you have to remember you cannot fully influence the outcome of your game. In other words: no roulette strategy is perfect or fool-proof. All you can do is pick a roulette strategy that works best for you and have fun. The rest is up to chance!

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10 Tips for How to Win at Online Mines Games Easy Way Roulette

10 Tips for How to Win at Online Mines Games Easy Way Roulette

Roulette is a game that dates back centuries, and players often wonder how to win at online roulette. No strategy is foolproof; however several strategies and tips can help you increase your chances of winning, and that’s where we come in. Our complete guide on how to win at Online Casino Roulette will talk you through some of the things to look for to make yourself a better online player.

To understand how bets and odds work in roulette, it’s essential to do your research before playing. Our guide will explain the type of bets you can make. The rest is up to you to decide which ones are better for your budget.

Is There a Way to Win in Online Roulette?

First thing’s first, you’ll need to practice. If you’re a new player, you can check out our how to play roulette blog for more information.

But, if you’re asking yourself how to win at roulette online every time, we can tell you now that you can’t! Let’s dismiss that myth before we even get started.

Sometimes you will lose, but the tips we’re about to give you today can help boost your chances of winning.

Winning big at online roulette may depend on which numbers you bet on. The number 17, for example, has been the centre of some massive historical wins, so one might say this is a lucky number to bet on. The number 7 is also globally known as a lucky number. Of course, these are just superstitions, but they are known as ‘safe bets’.

How to win at roulette online may also depend on whether you try to predict the numbers. The dealer’s signature is a theory that suggests the dealer may hit the same numbers regularly based on how they spin the wheel. This could allow you to predict the numbers and boost your chances of winning.

10 Tips for How to Win at Online Roulette

While there is no guaranteed way to win at roulette, there is more than one roulette strategy that you can use to lead you in the right direction. We’ll explain the top 10 tips to help you win your bet!

Know the Odds

Don’t go into a game of Roulette blind! Each bet has different odds, and we’re not saying you need to know them all by heart, but you need to have some knowledge.

Some bets will be more rewarding than others, and your odds will also change depending on which version of roulette you have chosen. European Roulette is known for having better odds, so do your homework, then bet!

Stay Away from Single Number Bets

Single number bets look appealing with a 1:35 payout, but in reality, your chances of winning with this bet are small. We’re not saying don’t use these bets; sure, go ahead and try them, but stick to bets with better odds to increase your chances of winning.

Wager on Outside Bets

There are inside, and outside bets, but outside bets are known for having better odds. You will receive a lower multiple of your bet with outside bets, should you win. However, as with any bet, there is still a downside.

Still, your chances of winning are better with an outside bet than an inside bet.

Budget Before You Play

Don’t go into a roulette game with huge bets that’ll blow out your bankroll immediately. If you’re new to the game, it’s always better to start betting small and work your way up if and when you can!

Set a budget before you start playing, and walk away once you’ve reached your budget.

Practice in Demo Mode

If you have the option to try in free play first, use it! If you’re new to roulette, getting used to the wheel and making bets will take a while.

The best way to get your practice is in demo mode. This will help you better understand the game and give you a greater success rate when you play for real.

Research the Martingale Strategy

Roulette enthusiasts rave about the Martingale strategy, but what is it? The strategy helps to recover losses in one single win by increasing your betting amount after every loss.

We’ve touched on chasing your losses further down, which isn’t something we recommend. So, if you’re planning on using this strategy, you can read our piece on the most common gambling and casino myths for more info on the Martingale.

Pick a Trusted Online Casino

Unfortunately, there are some rogue casinos on the web, so do your research first and use only trusted casinos. You can check out our online casinos and read our real player reviews to help give you a good idea of whether or not you should play there.

If you get lucky and win, you will want to withdraw your winnings. If the casino is rogue, you’re not going to get them.

Check Out Betting Systems

We’ve already said there is no guarantee with roulette; you’re never going to know if your bet will win or lose. However, there are sound roulette betting systems that could be advantageous to you!

Take some time, but remember that the casino holds the house edge!

Try Combination Bets

We discussed inside bets above, which are less likely to pay out than an outside bet. However, if you’d like to try an inside bet, why not go for a combination bet. You would simultaneously place a wager on multiple single numbers, and the bets are placed on the lines between numbers on the Roulette table.

Combinations will cost you more than single number wagers; however, they can secure larger payouts in the long run.

Consider the En Prison Rule

If you are playing European Roulette, you can apply this rule. Note, however, that it cannot be used in any other roulette variation.

Your even-money bets will be placed “En-prison” if the ball ends in the ‘0’ pocket. Instead of losing your wager, your bet will be carried forward, and if you win the next bet, you get your money back!

Be Strict on Yourself – Don’t Chase Your Losses

You must know when to stop! This may be the most important tip of all. Our tips are there to help you try and win, but we must all face the fact that sometimes we must lose!

You may even lose multiple times in a row; that’s not uncommon. But you must not start chasing those losses, hoping you’ll regain your money because there is a 50/50 chance you will lose. Keep control of bets and learn to walk away when the time is right.

There’s always another time!

Online Roulette Betting System

No roulette betting system is foolproof. However, they can help you, so it is worth your while to spend some time researching these.

The Martingale Strategy is by far the most popular among newer players. Why? Because it is an easy betting system to grasp; however, as we said, it doesn’t guarantee you a win, so apply the strategy wisely.

You apply the Martingale system by placing even-money outside bets which have a high chance of winning but come with the smallest payout. The concept is simple; you double your bet every time you lose until you win. When you win, you should supposedly recover all your losses, and you can return to your regular betting pattern.

Another popular betting system is the Reverse Martingale which is simply the opposite – placing a larger bet every time you win. Both are fun to try but don’t get your hopes up they will work.

Type of Bets at Online Roulette

Several bets can make your Roulette game both fun and rewarding. If you’re new to the game, practise them in free play, and you’ll soon figure out which ones work best for you. Here are some of the types of bets you’ll be able to make:

  • Straight – placing a bet on single numbers
  • Split – Picking two numbers
  • Street – Picking three numbers
  • Square – As you can probably tell, picking four numbers
  • Six Line – When you select six different numbers
  • Red/Black – You can select any of the red or black numbers to bet on
  • Odd/Even – Self-explanatory, betting on numbers labelled odd or even
  • Highs/Lows – Betting in regions, 1-18 or 19-36
  • Columns – On column squares to the far right of the board

The game can become even more complex with combination bets, which we discussed earlier.

Learning the art of roulette comes with time no one becomes a pro overnight. You must remember to budget and stay within your financial limits to keep the game fun.

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Live casino phenomenon Mega Fire Blaze Roulette [William Hill]

Roulette stands among the most popular, tried-and-true games in the history of gambling – online or otherwise.

But no matter the stakes, no matter the table, anywhere in the world since the first ancestor of the game was invented in 18th century France, there was no way to earn a payout of 10,000 times the total bet!

That is… until now.

In Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, the brilliant release co-produced by Playtech and William Hill this classic, mother-of-all wheel games receives a serious boon in the form of a major bonus feature.

It’s fitting that this innovation came from this designer, as they are truly one of the true Grand Dames of the industry (they were founded nearly 90 years ago, in 1934!!!). and have shown that they can simultaneously change with the times and stick around for the long term. Together with longtime partner Playtech, they have demonstrated an ability to produce top-quality content again and again. They don’t do anything by half, by accident, or before the time is right. So why release this title, and why now?

It’s not as though all things pyrotechnical haven’t inspired other games before… they most definitely have!

Not only that, this designer has dropped seriously appealing roulette titles in the recent past, too!

William Hill clearly feel that they have something else to offer this conversation, and if we’re being honest, they really do so in high style. Just what is it that makes this title so incendiary?

The spark of this title is provided by a simple idea: what if roulette had a bonus round?

Executing this idea turns out to be surprisingly simple. After bets are placed, up to 5 numbers are selected as “Fire Numbers.” (There may be 10 such numbers if the Fire Blast is awarded.) If the ball lands in the pocket of a fire ball and if players laid a corresponding inside bet, bonus play begins.

The Blaze bonus round mostly takes place on a grid, which is divided into segments of multipliers or jackpots. The goal is simple: build up the largest win multiplier possible during the feature, with a maximum of 10,000x!

(For those keeping score at home, that’s the highest max payout of any Playtech OR William Hill roulette game. By a long shot.)

Bonus play begins with 3 spins of the wheel. Each one drops multiplier balls onto the grid, which will be added to the total if they stick in place. Should that happen, the spins are again reset to 3, and the process repeats until no spins remain or the grid is full.

The interesting thing is that the multiplier accumulates in an exponential fashion. At the end of the feature, all numbers in a segment will be multiplied by the multiplier in all segments that have been filled. In this way, bonus payouts can get very big, very fast…

… which is the way to that jaw-dropping max payout!

Finally, the multiplier total is subject to the bet type that qualified for the bonus round in the first place. A straight up bet is awarded the total multiplier, full stop. Split bet is divided by 2; street bet divided by 3; corner/basket divided by 4; line bet divided by 6. 

In addition to this course, there are 4 possible progressive jackpots available: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. Depending on the status of said jackpots, these can offer massively lucrative payouts as well. If awarded, this will be added to the total bonus round payout.

(Please note that the may payout is capped at $500,000. As such, even though the betting range allows it, wagers over $50 don’t offer the same mathematical win potential as those at $50 or below).

Yes, bonus play is what makes this title unique. But it’s not entirely true that the special feature is what makes this title appealing!

In fact, the gaming fundamentals are downright excellent. Standard European rules apply,

With that said, the design team has adjusted the payout structure to counterbalance the increased player advantage that comes with the multipliers. The bets now pay:

  • Straight Up bets pay 29:1 (not 35:1, as they would at a standard table)
  • Split pays 14:1 (not 17:1)
  • Street pays 9:1 (not 11:1)
  • Corner/Basket pays 6.5:1 (not 8:1)
  • Line pays 4:1 (not 5:1)

Outside bets, meanwhile, are unchanged. These include all the so-called “even money bets,” which are normally among the smartest wagers available. The downside?

Inside bets qualify for the bonus round. Outside bets do not.  

Of course, this means some slight changes to normative roulette strategy are in order.

The most important question is: compared to traditional European wheels, do these rule changes work out to the player’s advantage against the house, or disadvantage?

The answer is almost adorable. RTP here comes in at 97.3%… exactly the same as standard European rules!

As such, players can simply choose which they prefer: the outside bets are literally the same as any European table, anywhere in the world, while the inside bets will offer higher volatility, along with this unique bonus feature. Both offer the exact same return on investment over time – it’s just a matter of taste and preference.

It’s almost like two games in one!

There are a great many roulette titles out there, but this one legitimately stands out from the pack.

We’d recommend trying out this title for everyone, from the most experienced veteran ready for a fresh take on the game to the total newcomer ready to learn. At the end of the day, the combination of exciting bonus win potential with top-quality gaming fundamentals makes a pretty overpowering case!

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How La Partage and En Prison Rules Benefit Roulette Mines Games Tips Players

How La Partage and En Prison Rules Benefit Roulette Mines Games Tips Players

Roulette enjoys enduring popularity among casino players, largely thanks to its straightforward rules and rich assortment of betting options. Many unconventional variations of this casino staple have emerged over the years but traditional single-zero versions like French and European Roulette remain the ultimate player favorites.

This partiality comes as no surprise since players face better odds and lower house edges at single-zero tables compared to double-zero games where the casino holds twice as big advantage.

But it gets better as some single-zero variations offer two unique rules, La Partage and En Prison, that cut the house advantage in half, further improving players’ winning chances with specific bets. Continue reading to learn more about these favorable rules and find out how they benefit roulette players.

Bets Covered by La Partage and En Prison
Impossibly High Wagering Requirements

Before we proceed any further, we would like to point out that the two rules in question apply to certain outside bets only. La Partage and En Prison cover even-money wagers that pay at odds of 1 to 1 and lose to the green zero, which gives the house its edge in roulette.

While dozens and columns also belong to the category of outside bets, they are beyond the scope of the two favorable rules. Players can take advantage of the latter when betting on:

1Red or Black Bet

Red or Black – the bet includes either 18 red numbers or 18 black numbers and loses when the ball lands on the green zero.

2Even or Odd Bet

Even or Odd – the player bets either on numbers completely divisible by two or on numbers that are not divisible by two. The zero is neither odd nor even in roulette.

3Low or High Bet

Low or High – the wager covers either all low numbers (1 through 18) or all high numbers (19 through 36).

Even-money wagers comprise only a small portion of the bet types available to roulette players. If you are new to the game, you can learn more about the different betting options it offers in our guide to roulette bets.

How the La Partage Rule Works
Impossibly High Wagering Requirements

When available, La Partage takes effect when you bet on even-money selections and the ball settles in the zero pocket. Rather than losing your entire wager as you normally would, the dealer will collect only half of the bet and give you back the other half.

The La Partage rule essentially cuts down your losses on even-money wagers to 50% when the zero lands. Here is an illustrative example to show you how this works.

  1. You place a $50 wager on the high selection which covers numbers 19 through 36 included
  2. The ball ends up landing on zero, which obviously does not belong to the category of high numbers
  3. You recoup $25 of your lost bet and the dealer collects the rest

Be advised that a variation of this rule known as ‘surrender’ takes effect at some double-zero tables in the United States whenever the ball finds its way into the 0 or 00 pocket. Players again lose half on their even-money bets and recoup the rest. This brings down the house edge from 5.26% to a more tolerable 2.70%.

Some side bets like Lucky Ladies and Kings Bounty are beatable and can become advantageous but only on condition you implement advantage-play techniques like card counting.

How the En Prison Rule Works
Impossibly High Wagering Requirements

Similarly to La Partage, En Prison is another player-friendly rule that applies to two-sided outside wagers like red/black, odd/even, and high/low. Under this rule, the player gets a second chance for a win instead of losing half of the bet when the zero is spun. The dealer places a marker on the unsuccessful wager to indicate it is ‘in prison’.

The bet remains on the layout for a second spin and gets released from the ‘imprisonment’ in the event of a win. The player practically breaks even as the dealer returns only the original wager without paying out any of the winnings. The rules regarding what happens when a second zero gets spun are largely casino-specific.


1.The player automatically loses the imprisoned bet.

2.The wager transforms into a double-imprisoned bet.

3.In the event of a win, the double-imprisoned bet moves one level up and transforms into a single-imprisoned bet. The player must essentially win twice in a row to release their original wager from the double-imprisonment.

4.In the event of a third consecutive zero, the double-imprisoned wager becomes triple-imprisoned if house rules allow. If not, it loses automatically without the option to release it on successive spins.

Impact on Players’ Expected Value

Roulette wheels contain green zero pockets for a reason and it is not to give you extra betting opportunities. The addition of the zero enables the house to retain a fixed percentage of players’ total wagers in the long term. Said percentage represents the house edge, i.e. the mathematical advantage the casino holds over its patrons.

The house edge is always grinding against roulette players regardless of what betting system they use. No strategy or betting pattern can possibly help them overcome the negative expectation inherent to this game of chance.

Online Roulette Games with La Partage and En Prison
Impossibly High Wagering Requirements

La Partage and En Prison are not restricted solely to landbased casinos. Players looking for thinner house edges can also find these advantageous rules in some online versions of the game. However, we should note the availability of La Partage and En Prison is not immediately obvious.

Our suggestion is to navigate to the game’s rules or the info section where this information is typically to be found. Or you can spare yourself the hassles and go for the roulette variants we have handpicked for you. Some of them rely on random number generation for the outcomes, while others are hosted by human dealers in real time for a more authentic gaming experience.

  1. French Roulette by NetEnt (randomly generated)
  2. French Roulette by Play’n GO (randomly generated)
  3. Roulette Superior by Authentic Gaming (live dealer)
  4. Auto Roulette La Partage by Evolution Gaming (live dealer)
  5. Live French Roulette by Playtech (live dealer)

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D’Alembert Roulette Mines Games Tips Betting System Explained

D’Alembert Roulette Mines Games Tips Betting System Explained

The D’Alembert betting system, along with the Reverse D’Alembert or Contra D’Alembert bet system, is a highly ranked betting system oftentimes used in roulette games.

This article aims to explain the nuances of the D’Alembert roulette betting system, as well as show the main differences between the original and the Contra Bet system in roulette. If you want to check out other roulette strategies, visit our guide on the 5 best roulette strategies for playing roulette online and live casinos. 

What Are D’Alembert & Contra D’Alembert Roulette Strategies?

D’Alembert and Reverse D’Alembert are betting systems designed for even-money wagers, which are bets with approximately 50% winning chance.

D’Alembert was invented first – in the 18th century by a French mathematician of the same name. The Reverse D’Alembert system or Contra Bet is a system that works in the exact opposite way of the original system.

Today, both systems are most popular in roulette circles. Players rely on D’Alembert as it is generally considered one of the most successful roulette strategies. Plus, it is also very easy to learn, so it is quite accessible to beginners and inexperienced punters.

In the following sections, we intend to introduce you to both systems and show you how each of them works. We will also give a Compare & Contrast section where we list the biggest differences between the two. If you want to learn how to use the (Reverse) D’Alembert system for online and live roulette, here’s your chance.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

D’Alembert system is an even-money betting system commonly applied to roulette games. It is a negative progression system, which means the bets are increased after losing and decreased after every win.

The name comes from Jean-Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert, a French mathematician from the 18th century. D’Alembert, like many scientists of the age, spent a good portion of his life tinkering with mathematical formulas, principles, and laws. His enormous contribution to science includes the now legendary D’Alembert system that is popular at roulette casinos.

For years, the system has been one of the most used systems for betting, often lumped together with Martingale, Labouchere, and Fibonacci. Therefore, like other negative progression systems, D’Alembert has a reverse system that works oppositely.

How D’Alembert Works

D’Alembert system works best for even-money bets in roulette, such as Odd/Even, Red/Black, and High/Low.

The system in itself is remarkably easy to use:

  • After every lossincrease the bet by 1 unit
  • After every windecrease the betby 1 unit

As we said, this is a negative progression system, which means you up the bet when losing, and decrease it when winning.

The crucial part is the betting unit. A betting unit is an amount you are willing to stake as the original bet on the first round. As you progress, you either add or deduce units from the bet total.

If you are new to online roulette and roulette strategies, we recommend starting with a smaller bet as your unit. The easiest way to get used to D’Alembert is to set $1 as your unit. That way, you won’t have a problem keeping track of bet sizes as you play different rounds.

So, here is an example of the D’Alembert roulette system in action ($1 is the unit):

  1. You bet $1 on Red/Black and lose. (+1 unit)
  2. You wager $2. You lose again. (+1 unit)
  3. You wager $3 on the next round. You win. (-1 unit)
  4. Stake $2 on the next round. You win again. (+1 unit)

If you are more of a visual type, we have an image that provides an example of a random round using the D’Alembert roulette betting strategy.

D'Alembert Roulette Example
Reverse D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The Reverse D’Alembert system is the complete opposite of the system described above. That’s why it is called the Reverse system, or the Contra Bet strategy by players worldwide.

The Reverse D’Alembert is a positively progressive even-money betting system used for online and live casino roulette games.

You increase the bet while winning, and decrease it when losing.

As you can see, the systems are inversed, so the same rules apply but in a counter direction.

At the start of each gaming session, you are also required to come up with a unit that you will refer to throughout the session.

How Reverse D’Alembert Works

This is a positive progression system, so you are not going to decrease the bet after a win, but rather increase it by 1 unit. Likewise, losses warrant a reduction of the wagering amount, rather than growth.

The system is, like its counterpart, a very simple one to remember:

  • After every winincrease the bet by 1 unit
  • After every lossdecrease the betby 1 unit

Of course, units are important. Depending on your betting habits, you can choose to bet something higher or start slower. Whatever your cup of tea, be sure to set up one betting unit before starting with the bets.

Here is what a typical round in online roulette using the Reverse D’Alembert system looks like, with a $1 unit:

  1. You bet $1 on Red/Black and win. (+1 unit)
  2. You wager $2. You lose. (-1 unit)
  3. You wager $1 on the next round. You win. (+1 unit)
  4. Stake $2 on the next round. You win again. (+1 unit)

Following this pattern, the next bet is $3 – and as long as you win, you increase the stake. When you reach a $1 stake and lose, you either reset the process or end the gaming session.

Here is another example of a Contra Bet roulette round.

Reverse D'Alembert Roulette
D’Alembert Versus Reverse D’Alembert System

The two systems might follow the same logic but they offer two completely different gaming experiences.

One of the key differences between the two is the win/loss balance: with Reverse D’Alembert, you are going to lose less money than with straight D’Alembert.

However, to make even a small profit, you need to hit a winning streak, which – if you are familiar with roulette – is a hardly predictable feat. Therefore, you must rely on wins and hits here and there to recuperate what you’ve lost, but there aren’t many chances for big, impressive wins.

Martingale, the roulette strategy, is all for big wins. However, even long dry spells with Martingale in which you risk an exceptionally big amount of money can be saved with just one spin. On the other hand, both D’Alembert systems require longer rounds and at least a few spins to recuperate everything.

Moreover, they are both simple, yes, and easy to learn. Moreover, both D’Alembert systems are on the subtler side, meaning there are no sharp jumps in betting amounts. You go either up or down by 1 unit, making it easier for you to stop and reconsider every step of the way.

Low risk, subtle fluctuations, and simplicity are three powerful advantages for roulette fans. However, the fact that you cannot score big with just a few rounds make it unfavorable for high rollers. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, that is perfect.


And that’s a wrap on our D’Alembert betting system guide – we hope you like what you’ve learned here. As you’ve seen, D’Alembert and Reverse D’Alembert are made for beginners who are not ready to chase big wins, but rather want to enjoy the experience.

The only thing that you do need to take into consideration is the risk of loss chasing. Don’t chase losses. If you see that you are in a dry spell, it’s better to stop and come back later than chase losses and potentially lose the money you are not ready to part with.

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet Instant Roulette Mines Games Tips Live You’ll Never Play Another Roulette again

Faster than a Speeding Bullet Instant Roulette Mines Games Tips Live You’ll Never Play Another Roulette again

Evolution Gaming has always been about stirring up live gaming. With the latest release, they continue the mission.

Instant Roulette Live from Evolution is going live on July 30th 2020.

If Speed Roulette was super-fast, Instant Roulette Live is as quick as lightning.

In 2017, Evolution said that Speed Roulette was “twice as fast as any other Roulette game” they offered. In that case, Instant Roulette Live is as fast as a bullet.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the mechanics and visuals of the new live game. Then, we’ll tell you how to beat this roulette giant.

What’s Instant Roulette Live?
World's Fastest Live Roulette from Evolution Gaming

For as long as we’ve known Evolution, the Latvian live casino solutions and games developer opted for breaking down barriers. Setting up new limits, the firm has built a live dealer empire around its brand name.

With each new addition to the lavish lobby, the Riga-based supplier added something never seen before.

Instant Roulette Live is a flagship product that’ll mark the year 2020.

Sculpted with the players’ demands in mind, Instant Roulette is the world’s fastest roulette game.

In its core, Instant Roulette Live is a simple European Roulette game but furnished with an unlimited betting time. That means pockets 1 through 36, plus the green zero pocket. The single zero will make the variation compliant with most strategies, more of which you’ll find out later.

Instant Roulette Live offers fast game rounds – faster than Speed Roulette’s 25 seconds.

Fully automated, the 12 slingshot roulette wheels spin in their dedicated studio in Riga, Latvia. A decorative still-life painting furnishes the casino studio as all the action occurs on the TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheels.

With an RTP of 97.30%, Instant Live offers a decent return to player value and regular payouts. How you play can grandly impact the odds and payout, so keep reading to find your perfect strategy.

How to Beat Evolution’s Instant Roulette Live

Instant Roulette Live is bona fide the finest roulette variant you’ve seen so far. Polished to a T, the refined Devil’s Game will spare you time and offer big payouts. Just in time to celebrate the summer, Instant Roulette will wait for you in every Evolution-powered online casino starting in July 2020.

Regarding the user interface, we’re chuffed with the layout.

Before the game begins, you’ll be able to see all the 12 wheel structures from UK-based manufacturer TCSJOHNHUXLEY. You’ll also have a glimpse at the emerald upholstered walls and glamorous, massive wooden doors.

Having seen the environment, the action may begin.

Instant Roulette Live Tips & Tricks

If you’ve played any roulette from Evolution before, you’ll be cognizant with the surrounding. The table layout pops up from the lower rim of the screen or display and you may place your bet(s).

Playable on mobile, tablet and desktop, Instant Roulette Live is also compatible and convenient as can be. Optimized for performance on both smaller and huge screens, Instant Roulette provides a top-notch broadcast from the sublime studio.

As a payer, you’re given complete control over your gambling. Decide on your bet amount and place the chips where you want them. When you’re ready, click the ‘Play Now’ button and the bets for that round will close.

Leave the rest to non-rigged, automated mahogany wheels. Keep your fingers crossed and sit confidently in your armchair. Magic is about to happen.

Best Strategy for Instant Roulette Live

Investigating Instant Roulette Live, we considered a few roulette strategies. Here are our top picks.

  • Red & Black – The simplest and most hassle-free pick on this list. The payout is 50/50 and the simplicity balances out the intense, rapid momentum of the game. Just choose a number that’s either red or black and click Play.
  • Hot & Cold – The statistics of the previous rounds will be available to players. Thus you can follow the progress and wager on some of the hot numbers. Those are the ones that hit most frequently. If you’re the type of player to follow the statistics rather than their gut feeling, go for it.
  • Romanosky – Romanosky betting system guarantees an 86% chance of winning. The percentage certainly sounds alluring. And it is, as long as you follow the rules. Romanovsky (Romanofski) gambling strategy consists of 6 different bets. You need to learn them by heart to implement them in your gameplay. But know that with Romanovsky, you’ll need to load up your bankroll and be prepared to spend a few hours at the virtual table.
  • Kavouras – Kavouras betting tactic is one of those simple yet effective ones. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned punters, it offers the maximum profit of up to 10 units. Essentially, you bet 8 units on the same 20 numbers over again.
  • Labouchere – Labouchere will go hand-in-hand with veteran bettors, as it requires some math knowledge. If you’re into calculation and elimination, have a go with Labouchere.

As we’ve said, your choice of strategy can play a significant role in how much you’re able to take away from the table. The goal should be to take down the house advantage. Do so by following some of the tactics, but never chase your losses.

Closing Thoughts

Evolution’s Instant Roulette Live is worthy of your time. The world’s fastest Live Roulette to here to stay.

If you want some sped-up roulette action with unbiased wheels and optimal conditions, you’ll love this variant. Moreover, if you have an acute aesthetic sense and the environment matters to you, you’ll feel at home in this studio.

From what we’ve seen, Evolution took care of every possible detail – from mechanics to the visuals. The 12 individual and synchronized auto Roulette wheels and near-instant results will appeal to those who have no time to waste.

Finally, the easy-to-use interface will further facilitate your gaming experience. In just a couple of clicks or taps, you’ll have what you came for.

Why You Have to Try This Game

The 97.30% return to player and ultra-speedy rounds with unlimited betting times are more than enough to draw us to this game. We at CasinosOnline are sure that many players will share our opinion.

Keep your eyes peeled and head to Mr Green or log in to Casumo to be the first to enjoy this fantastic live game.

We’ve shown you how to beat his live casino gem, so we see no reason for you not to try it. The blazing-fast casino game oozes with vibrant vibes from real-life, brick-and-mortar establishments. If you want that, register with LeoVegas as soon as possible!

Coming out in early summer 2020, Instant Roulette Live from Evolution is set to become your new favorite live game. You’ll remember it by its name – instant.

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You See It First Check over Ezugi Jackpot Roulette Mines Games Tips before It’s out VIDEO

You See It First Check over Ezugi Jackpot Roulette Mines Games Tips before It’s out VIDEO

The spring of 2020 seems to be the season of roulette.

When talking about Evolution’s Instant Roulette, we said that you’d never want to give another roulette variant a go. Nevertheless, Pragmatic Play then launched Auto Roulette – a live game with no dealers, and we couldn’t resist it. The competition has been fierce.

Now, the age of roulette is further reinforced by Ezugi, which Evolution Gaming acquired in 2019.

However, Ezugi, sponsoring BlueRibbon Software, added an attractive element to the gameplay – a progressive jackpot.

Let’s take the first look at the new progressive game. We’ll tell you all its secrets before the launch.

Keeping It Classic

So, what’s Jackpot Roulette?

In this article, we’ll do our best to answer your question.

Jackpot Roulette from Ezugi takes place on the standard European roulette table. There’s only one zero on the wheel and table, so scheming the best strategy for Jackpot Roulette is relatively easy.

Plus, most players are familiar with the layout, so you won’t be wasting your time getting to know the basics of the game.

If you’ve played any European roulette, you’ll nail Jackpot Roulette, too.

Visually, you’ll play in an Art Deco-like casino studio. Rumour has it that the live broadcast will come from the studio in Bulgaria. However, Ezugi boasts one in Romania, as well as in Latvia, so they might change their mind and stream from there.

Streamed live and in real-time, Jackpot Roulette is hosted by an expert dealer who’ll spin the wheel after waiting for 15 seconds to place your bet.

After placing your bet, you’ll have a side bet of $ 2.20 collected on top of your main bet. The extra money is required to qualify for the jackpot. You need to contribute in order to profit from Jackpot Roulette.

The jackpot has no maximum. A single player only can win the jackpot. The initial amount in the pool is referred to as the Seed.

As always, the live dealer sets the ball in motion in the opposite direction of the wheel. When the ball loses momentum and lands into a pocket, you’ll see if you won or not.

Furthermore, the croupiers are fluent speakers of English, so you won’t have difficulty understanding them. Clad in smart, elegant suits and gowns, the dealers will make you feel at home.

Regarding the mobility of Jackpot Roulette, you can expect to play it on the go.

Typically, less to carry is less to worry about. But you can take your Jackpot Roulette anywhere with you – on your mobile or tablet.

The interface adapts easily to all displays and screens, so rest assured.

To play Jackpot Roulette, simply place a bet in the bottom part of the screen. Select your chip value and place the chip or chips wherever you’d like them. Remember, you have 15 seconds to make up your mind. After that, the croupier will announce “No more bets”.

The Best Strategy for Jackpot Roulette
Best Strategy for Jackpot Roulette

In Jackpot Roulette, you have two choices. You can either play conventionally with even-money bets or go full-speed towards that jackpot.

Depending on what your objective is, your betting strategy should be modified.

What both methods have in common is that they work perfectly with the European roulette wheel. Ezugi had this in mind when manufacturing this supreme release.

What’s more, the RTP (return to player) is expected to stand around the industry-standard of 97.30%, which is considered player-friendly. The developer reserves the rights to mold the RTP evaluation, though. By the time the game is released, this piece of information could have been altered.

Sustainable Wins

With every progressive jackpot game, you have two options.

Humble punters who came to have a bit of fun and move with their day will likely go for an even-money bet. Why? Because these bet types allow for long-term wins, which can be, truth be told, quite small.

Good bet types to apply if you want sustainable wins in a progressive game are:

  • Red/Black
  • Even/Odd
  • Manqué (1-18) / Passé (19-36)

With the odds of winning close to 50:50, players can rely on these bet types. Combine any of them with one of these strategies to keep your bankroll intact:

  • D’Alembert
  • Martingale
  • Paroli (similar to Reverse Martingale)

There we go. That’s the secret recipe for keeping humbler wins coming at a regular pace.

Shooting for the Stars

However, if you’re here for the jackpot, we don’t blame you. But bear in mind our top tips for playing progressive jackpot games:

  • Handle Jackpot Roulette like you would a progressive slot.

As a roulette variant, this Ezugi live casino game is one of luck. Games of chance are notorious for turning their back on players easily. To prevent that, play wisely and remember that the casino always has the edge.

If you’ve played a progressive jackpot slot, you know that they are hard, if even possible, to predict. Believing you have the upper hand will just drive you away from your goal.

Therefore, maintain a calm demeanour and play the Devil’s game like a pro you are.

  • Wait for the maximum value.

Look out for the current jackpot sum in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. As it increases, so will the value in the orange bar above the dealer.

When it approaches your desired amount, place your bet. Hitting the maximum jackpot requires high stakes, so you’ll need a considerable balance to get to the finish line.

It’s important to keep your eye on your bankroll at all times. Gambling is the easy part; getting ahead of oneself, too. It takes a real, experienced punter to remain calm and composed when playing a progressive game.

So, if you’re new to roulette, we would not recommend Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi.

  • When in doubt, go for smaller jackpots.

If you start asking yourself – should I stay or should I go? – go for the latter. Forcing yourself to play further when your gut feeling is against it is a no-go. Maybe your time to hit the jackpot has not come yet.

If you feel like the mega jackpot won’t come anytime soon, it probably won’t. Lady Luck and your beliefs play more important roles than anything else in a game like this.

Key Features

Here are the points that make Jackpot Roulette, Ezugi’s latest live casino release, stand out:

  • Rewarding progressive prize
  • Unlimited multi-player game
  • Friendly dealers who you can chat with via live chat
  • Game history & stats (hot/cold numbers, your betting history)
  • Dealer tipping
  • Customizable chips and limits
  • Live music on demand
  • UI available in 6 languages

Stick with us for our final thoughts.


Ezugi’s Jackpot Roulette is an interesting live casino game, to say the least. There are many strategies and bet types to choose from, so it’ll work perfectly for both low-stake players and high-rollers.

The betting range goes from $1 up to $1,000. In Jackpot Roulette, you can bet as much as $1,000 per spin. Affordable and adaptable, this game will work for all.

Playing for smaller sums can be gratifying. But if you’re ambitious and are here for the real deal, you’ll go for the progressive jackpot. While at it, bear in mind our tips and always manage your balance wisely.

Final Thoughts

Having seen what Jackpot Roulette is all about, you’ll likely want to try it out. However, that’s not possible for the time being. Ezugi and BlueRibbon are launching the new progressive roulette in the summer of 2020. The official release date has not been revealed yet.

When it’s out, you can try it at any Ezugi online casino.