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Best Blackjack Basic Strategy Charts to Maximise Your Winnings


You’ve probably heard players say that blackjack is a simple game to learn how to play, but it takes practice and a good strategy to learn to play well and know what move to make next that will eventually lead to a win.

If you are a novice player or you are unsure that your strategy for playing the game is right, here are a few simple steps you can take to improve your odds of winning.

First, you should start by looking at a blackjack basic strategy chart and figuring out what it means. Don’t worry – we’ll help you with that. Next, you should try memorising the moves from the chart as much as possible if you plan to play blackjack at a land-based casino. If your choice is an online casino, you can keep the charts open on another screen as a reminder.

Finally, you need to practice and gain experience to an extent when you won’t need a chart anymore, but you’ll have it all figured out and planned in your head. But first things first: let’s take a look at a basic blackjack strategy chart and explain the basic strategy in blackjack.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

A blackjack strategy chart looks like this.

Blackjack basic strategy chart

A strategy chart lists all the possible situations and card combinations at the beginning of a game. It also tells you what you should do or what move to make in each situation to maximise your chances of winning. Every game version has its own chart for all the scenarios you can encounter, so just make sure you are looking at the right one when playing your game.

You will notice that some charts have separate instructions for soft and hard hands. A soft hand is when there is an Ace in the combination because an Ace can count as 1 or 11 points, so the value of the hand is not fixed. On the other hand, hard hands don’t include an Ace and this card combination’s value is fixed.

What is Basic Strategy in Blackjack?

Blackjack is ultimately a game of strategy, and your intuition might not be the thing to rely on when playing the game. That’s why a blackjack strategy chart is there to help you make the best decision about your next move. The strategy that the chart displays is based on game rules, careful calculations and statistics, and it is there to help you increase your odds and lower the house edge.

Implementing a basic strategy doesn’t guarantee that you will always win, as it can’t predict other players’ cards, but it can help you minimise your losses by telling you when to surrender or when not to double down.

Based on your and the dealer’s cards, the basic strategy will instruct you on when to hit or stand and help you decide if you should surrender or maybe double. Deciding whether or not to split a pair is a more complicated situation, and it will depend on the version of the game you are playing and on the dealer’s card.

To learn more about the basic strategy in blackjack, we recommend that you read our blackjack basic strategy guide and find your way to play in an attempt to beat the dealer.

How to use the Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Every blackjack chart will tell you what to do when you have your cards in front of you, as we have already said multiple times. It practically acts like a blackjack guide that helps you decide on your next move. Now, how to read a basic blackjack strategy card?

If you look at the chart above, you will notice that it says Dealer’s Up Card on top. That is where you locate the dealer’s card in the top row. The leftmost vertical column contains the total value of all the possible combinations of your cards. When you have identified these values, find a field in the chart where they intersect, and it will tell you what to do in the given situation according to the basic strategy blackjack chart.

Looking at the chart more closely, you will see the following symbols: H, S, D, and SP. Here’s a short explanation of what these symbols mean:

  • H means Hit, and you say “hit” or click this “H” symbol when you need an extra card from the dealer.
  • S means Stand, and when you see it in the chart, it means that you should keep the cards you have.
  • D stands for Double or Double down. You can only double down once after the initial two cards, and it means that you are doubling your bet and taking one extra card. Note that if you Hit, you won’t have the Double option later, but you also won’t be able to Hit again after you Double down. 
  • SP stands for Split or Split Pairs, and it simply means that you should split the pair of the same value cards and use them to play one by one.

If you are among those who think that their chances increase even further when they add card counting to these charts, then you should learn more about how to count cards in blackjack and remember that card counting is only possible in land-based casinos.

Our 3 Main Basic Strategy Charts

Basic blackjack strategy charts exist for all the variations of the game, and they all illustrate what players should do if they play the single deck, double or 4-8 deck version. Let’s look at each of them more closely:

Single Deck Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart
Single Deck basic blackjack strategy

As you can probably guess, this version of blackjack is played with a single deck, or 52 cards, making it easier for players to remember the cards that came out and the ones that are left. It could help you with making decisions about your game because, as we said earlier, blackjack shouldn’t be a game of intuition.

A single-deck version sometimes allows you to take more risk than you would in a game played with more decks, so in some instances player should double down instead of just hitting. If the game allows you to double down after splitting, that will give you even more options to play. 

It is not a standard version of the game, as most games are played with 4-6 decks.

Double Deck Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart
Double Deck basic blackjack strategy

Double-deck is another non-standard version of blackjack, played with two decks or 104 cards, and you should use the above chart when playing this version. Your strategy will depend on whether the dealer Stands on soft 17 and if doubling down is permitted. The chart also shows advice on what to do if doubling down after splitting is not allowed, so you’d know what to do in each situation.

For example, the chart shows that you should always stand on the pair of tens or what to do with some pairs if doubling down after splitting is not allowed.

4 – 8 Deck Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart
4-8 Deck Basic blackjack Strategy

In these multi-deck games, it is particularly important whether the dealer Stands or Hits on a soft 17, as different charts should be used based on that. These charts are more sophisticated as more options are available when more cards are in the game. Sometimes Surrender, Split or Double options are not permitted, so the chart instructs you on what to do in those situations. These are some of the new symbols in multi-deck charts:

  • DH – Double down if permitted, otherwise Hit
  • RM – Surrender if it’s allowed, else Hit
  • RS – Surrender if permitted, otherwise Stand
  • PH – Split if doubling down is allowed after splitting, otherwise Hit

Your strategy will depend on the type of hand you hold. The chart indicates what move you should make depending on whether you hold a hard or a soft hand or pairs.

Tips For Playing Blackjack Basic Strategy

The best tip we can give you is to use these blackjack charts when playing the game. But there are some blackjack essential tips that are applicable to most games.

Tip #1 Always Split a Pair of Aces

Eleven is an excellent starting point in blackjack, even if you can only get one more card later on top of each of the Aces you have. You should do the same with a pair of eights, and for any other pair, check the chart for the type of blackjack you are playing.

Tip #2 Always Double Down When You Have an Ace

It’s a fact that you should only double down when you have a strong hand, as you won’t be able to Hit again. Experts recommend doubling down when you have a total of 11 in your hand, and the dealer is not displaying an Ace. They also suggest doubling down when you have a total of 10 if the dealer doesn’t have a 10 or an Ace.

Tip #3 Know When to Surrender

If the basic blackjack strategy chart is telling you to surrender your hand, and the surrender is permitted, you should do so, as the basic strategy only instructs you to surrender in certain situations. If surrender is not an option in the game you choose to play, then experts recommend that you Hit. Surrendering is sometimes a good move that will save you money in the longer run, as you lose half of your initial wager when surrendering.

Tip #4 Don’t Take Insurance in the Basic Strategy Play

One of the main rules of the basic blackjack strategy is that taking insurance is a bad option. It’s a common opinion that risking losing your initial bet is more profitable than defending it against a dealer who could hit the blackjack. That advice changes later when your game becomes more advanced, especially with players who count cards.

Tip #5 Pick the Right Chart and Strategy

None of the tips matters if you don’t choose the correct chart and strategy for the game you choose to play. Even if you pick the best-suited chart, it doesn’t guarantee you will win. You have to consider other players’ cards and strategies, and, of course, you’ll need luck on your side. Whatever version of the game you choose, note that the chart might need some strategy adjustments as you play.

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Lucksome Gaming Founder Bryan Upton Talks Saint Nicked Slot & 2023 Plans


CasinosOnline is constantly keeping tags on different innovative studios in the iGaming industry. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Lucksome, one of the studios creating games on the Blueprint Gaming Distribution network.

Lucksome prides itself on being a small team with big ideas. “Making well-made games with player transparency”, as its founder Bryan Upton states. The studio focuses primarily on online slots and aims to compete with industry leaders in the field. This month they are preparing a new slot – Saint Nicked, slowly bringing a peculiar kind of Christmas cheer to the reels. Let’s see what players can expect from Saint Nicked online slot by Lucksome.

Hello, welcome to CasinosOnline! Do you mind telling us a little bit about the studio and about yourself? What is your role in the Lucksome team?

Hey Guys! Nice to be chatting with you! I’m Bryan Upton, the Founder of Lucksome. I’ve been in the gambling industry for the entirety of my career, 16ish years now. I’ve been a game artist, a games designer, studio manager, product manager and C-Level management. I’ve worked in the online space about as much as in land-based. I worked a lot out of Vegas and have been around the world to see how players play different games in different settings. I founded Lucksome in Sept 2020. Lucksome is about making well-made games with player transparency, awesome graphics, and the best mathematics in the world. We want games that are fun, entertaining, sometimes funny AND have good payout potential.

We started off simply because we wanted to do something in a less chaotic and corporate environment. We’ve all worked at the big studios and felt that we can do better by staying small, focusing on games design quality and what it is players out there want.

  • Working in such a creative and innovative environment must be a lot of fun. Can you tell us what you consider to be the best part of your job?

Oh man, lots of bits are great. The brainstorming is awesome – challenging each other’s ideas pushing the limits. Kicking off the projects and seeing the new spangly art come through and playing around with the math to see how affects your experience and feelings about the games. The biggest deal is working with talented and focused people to make great games.

  • We are here today to talk primarily about the Saint Nicked slot, released in November. Sure, it is a Christmas slot, but far different than the usual slots being released during the holidays. Can you tell us how did you come up with such an interesting storyline?

We wanted to do something cheeky and naughty, which is what we are like in the studio (teehee!). The narrative is that Santa and Rudolph get a bit bored with “the Christmas thing” and just want to spend some time with each other on Christmas Eve. So instead of dropping presents off around the world, they go to a bar and get a little bit too merry (which is the Base Game). They end up causing so much trouble that they get arrested and taken to prison, and this is where the game’s free games bonus takes place. Cool thing is when Santa and Rudy get together in a win they multiplier all wins, the mechanics work so nicely with the storyline!

  • The story will definitely attract many players; however, something has to keep them spinning. Can you tell us which features you consider will make that happen?

Well, we have our lovely Advent Calendar trail feature. The Game has been out long enough and looking at the data player LOVE it. The bar meter is what triggers the advent calendar. The bar meter has essentially four different colours according to which of the prizes you’re going for. You’ll see the advent calendar has doors one to twenty-five, and each one of those will have a colour associated with it according to the colour of a bauble: green, red or gold (and then there is the star on the top of the tree). If your next door is a green bauble – which is lowest in terms of prize amount – the bar meter will be green; the bar meter always shows what your next prize is based on its colour in the advent calendar. Then you have beer glass sub-symbols on top of the reel symbols that arrive with numbers in them; every time you land one, they will top up the bar meter. For any spin where you don’t get a sub symbol, the bar meter will reset.

What you’re looking for is to keep the streak going until it hits the number you need to trigger the Advent Calendar and get the prize behind the door. A green will need 20, a red needs 40, and a gold needs 60 beers.

This sounds like quite a lot, but we’ve added safe points. Once you reach a safe point, the meter will always reset back down to that safe point; it won’t go all the way down to the bottom.

Once you build the bar meter to the relevant target, the advent calendar appears and you open whichever day’s window you’re up to. It will then spin in either a cash prize, or launch the free games bonus.

As you move up the calendar, you’ll get to the top, which is the 25th, and hit the big one – the star on top of the tree covered with toilet paper. From there you will win a higher-than-average number of free games. Once you’ve unlocked the 25th door, you’re then in “Advent Calendar Plus Mode” and you can trigger door 25 over and over again. You’ve now got a new way of triggering free games and on average you’re getting more free games on average triggered when you open the 25th door than if you triggered them normally in the game. The game will also now start to record how many times you’ve won the star and also what the last number of free games you won were. So it’s a nice little achievement on the top.

  • Saint Nicked has been out for a while, can you tell us if it achieved the success the studio has anticipated?

It is our best launch to date! Almost every game we launch is breaking our records but Saint Nicked has smashed it and continues to smash it, we are very proud and pleased.

  • In your personal opinion, what is the best part of Saint Nicked?

The mechanics hang brilliantly on the storyline. The game is well balanced with the base game delivering some great wins. The advent calendar is just something we all love as a tradition so to gamify that was a pleasure. But most of all the humour and naughtiness of our of our most loved characters tops it off with those hilarious voice overs. Happy to see that we have had a good few max winners looking at the data. So the game can hit the max win of 5000x the data supports this nicely.

  • The Saint Nicked is undoubtedly a unique and entertaining slot, that will surely attract many players. Can you tell us what kind of audience has been most excited when it comes to this release?

I think it seems to please most types of players, funny and cheeky enough with the edgy art style to please the core players – fun and not too hard to attract the more casual players. It’s hard to make that pleases everyone, but at the least it has made people laugh, and the most the have had great sessions on the game.

  • Now that you have gathered some players’ feedback regarding the game, is there something you wish you have done differently while developing Saint Nicked?

I think we have learned a lot from Saint Nicked and there is ALWAYS things you would do differently, but I think we will spend time working on the progression mechanics to tune them for even better experiences.

  • Working in this industry offers many learning opportunities. Is there something you have learned from this experience?

Players like to laugh and appreciate it when you put a lot of effort into your games. The slot community is growing into a set of people with mature likes and dislikes and they are honest – it’s great to have insight directly from them – we try always to use this to improve on the next games.

  • Now that we are stepping into 2023, are there any plans? Can your players expect some new, upcoming releases soon?

Yes! Treasure of the Dead™ HyperLines™. It is a lovely expanding symbols with the Wild and Bonus Scatter in one game, but with a wonderful difference. We have added 3 extra winlines to the 10 normal lines. These extra HyperLines™ have escalating multipliers so any win combos on them pay the normal winline AND the HyperLine with its multiplier. The Books Wild Scatter symbols can carry scarabs on the front of them. They are collected against each HyperLine. Once you have 3 or more you activate it. The HyperLine multiplier will then be upgraded by the collected scarabs and any new scarabs that spin in on that row! HyperLines™ don’t deactivate until they are won on and the collected scarabs are used up, so these multipliers can go VERY high and can turn a normal 3 of a Kind win into a Big Win. We think our new HyperLines™ mechanic is a game changer! In Free Game the HyperLines™ are ALWAYS active, the multipliers don’t reset AND they pay TWICE, once on lines and then AGAIN on the Expanding Symbols!! The Game will be out in Q1 so keep an eye out for it! We have new super high payout potential game in the works, and we have a brand new game pay mechanic coming, something we have never done before and we think is very unique. These should be all coming in the first half of 2023!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! Is there something else you would like to share with our readers?
  • Please keep an eye on our website and our YouTube and Instagram channels to know more about us and what we are doing, feel free to use this to get in touch with feedback!

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Four of the Best Gambling Summits in the USA


In 2023, there are tons of gambling summits in the USA you won’t want to miss. For example, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference in Las Vegas is going to reveal huge industry insights, as will the Global Gaming Expo. On this page, we’re going to tell you more about the main events on the gambling summit USA calendar and give you some tips to attend them effectively!

USA Gambling Summits: A 2023 Overview

USA gambling summits are becoming increasingly popular as the US continues to open up in terms of legalizing gambling online. While the vast majority of iGaming events continue to be held in Europe, we’re seeing a gradual shift – and 2023 is an exciting year, with some great events to consider attending! In today’s post, we’re going to show you iGaming and land-based casino events in the US that, we feel, are well worth attending.

Top USA Gambling Events to Experience

Attending the top USA gambling events in 2023 is a great way of learning new things, networking with industry insiders, and keeping up-to-date with the latest iGaming trends and innovations. Here’s a brief summary of the events we’ll be covering in today’s post.

Firstly, there’s the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference in Las Vegas. Here, you’ll learn all about gambling psychology and player-focused decision-making, with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts giving their insights for 2023.

The second event, the All American Sports Betting Summit in San Francisco, is going to cover everything sports-related. This will include an in-depth look at regulatory changes, marketing strategies, and technological advancements – so those involved in sports betting in the US won’t want to miss this one.

The EGR US Power Summit in California is another event well-worth attending, as online gaming and sports betting experts come together to share insights and best practices for 2023. There will be roundtable discussions, speeches – and, as always, plenty of chances to network!

Finally, the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas is an all-encompassing event that showcases the latest products, services, and trends in the gambling industry, featuring a comprehensive exhibition floor and educational sessions. We’ll be talking more about this event and the others in this blog; however, for those who prefer quick information, we’ve provided the name of the events, as well as their dates and locations, below:

Gambling & Risk Taking Conference (Las Vegas, NV)May 23-25
All American Sports Betting Summit (San Francisco, CA)June 29-30
EGR US Power Summit 2023 (California – TBC)September 14
Global Gaming Expo (G2E) (Las Vegas, NV)October 9
Gambling & Risk Taking Conference, Las Vegas

If you’re passionate about learning about the psychological aspects of gambling, or if you’d like to understand how public policy is formed, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference is worth checking out; it’s pretty cheap, too, compared to other summits!

In 2023, the event will be held between May 23-25, and you’ll need to get yourself to the Park MGM in Las Vegas. As always, the event is organized by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

As the event is only held once every three years, demand is high, so tickets generally sell out very fast. There’s a good reason for that, as attendees get to hear from experts, researchers, and professionals who all have extensive knowledge and will be sharing their latest industry insights.

The conference was first held back in 1974, when Dr. Bill Eadington wanted to start an event focusing solely on gambling research. In the last few decades, it’s become one of the most popular gambling summits in the US.

You’ll find a huge array of professionals attending the event – including academics, regulatory officials, and professional gamblers. Even government officials often make an appearance. Together, these experts and legislators look at the latest gambling research and discuss ways of addressing things from social harm to best practices.

The ultimate objective of the conference is for attendees to depart with novel concepts to advance innovation and protect vulnerable individuals.

In 2019, more than 500 individuals from over 34 countries attended the conference. Topics discussed align across disciplines such as mathematics, treating pathological gambling behaviors, public policy matters and social sciences – but often prioritize exploring psychological factors that drive players’ behavior.

All American Sports Betting Summit

Put a reminder on your calendar for the dates of June 28-30, 2023, as you won’t want to miss out on the All American Sports Betting Summit that’s set to take place in San Diego, California.

Following May of 2018, when PASPA’s sports betting ban was lifted by the Supreme Court, rapid expansion occurred within the industry – and it continues to do so with incredible pace. With individual states producing more legislation relating to sports betting, it is vital that professionals gain an understanding of the different state regulations and markets.

The All American Sports Betting Summit is designed to help betting-sector leaders learn about and implement proper regulations, while also exploring technological advancements in the industry. The goal is to make sports betting available to all Americans – with a focus on responsible gambling. At the event, you’ll be able to network with international stakeholders, lawyers, and legislators, at both state and city levels.

The event will also look at how businesses can improve their marketing efforts for US-based sports betting markets while operating within the challenging new legal frameworks. As legislation surrounding sports betting – particularly in the online world – continues to change in the US, it’s vital that businesses involved in the industry are up to date with legal frameworks, which makes this a must-attend event.

As an attendee, you’ll hear from major influencers like Adam Kaplan, the COO of SportsGold, Dean Sisun, the CEO of Prophet Exchange, and Ivana Flynn, the head of SEO at ComeOn Group. According to the event’s website, there are already more than 40 speakers who will be there.

EGR US Power Summit: Invite-Only

The EGR US Power Summit is, as it almost always is, an invite-only event. Unfortunately, tickets are only given to senior executives who work in the North American iGaming market. What this means is that a lot of people reading this page won’t be eligible to get tickets.

However, in our opinion, it’s still well-worth mentioning because it’s one of the iGaming industry’s most notable events. It’s also the place where you’ll find the real industry leaders – so if you can get a ticket, it’s an incredibly powerful place to connect and network.

Topics vary every year, but usually, you’ll hear about the latest research and the best ways to overcome new challenges facing the iGaming market.

Guests invited to attend the Summit will have the chance to have lots of one-to-one meetings, as well as engage in social events, designed to bring attendees together. Although the agenda for the 2023 event is yet to be released, the dates have been confirmed. It will take place on September 14, somewhere in California – the exact location is also yet to be revealed.

Attending the EGR US Power Summit is an excellent way to gain valuable industry insights, and it’s also a great way of staying up to date with the latest iGaming industry changes. It’s a huge benefit to be able to connect with senior executives, and the EGR US Power Summit is an event almost everyone in the iGaming industry would be honored to attend.

Alongside being able to network and chat with those on a similar level to you, you’ll also be able to gain valuable, non-public insights into the iGaming industry’s future. In terms of USA gambling events, we’d argue this one offers the most value.

Global Gaming Expo: Las Vegas 2023

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Las Vegas 2023 is, for many in the industry, seen as the gold standard when it comes to iGaming summits. This four-day event has been confirmed to be held between October 9-12, and it’ll be at The Venetian Expo.

It’s an amazing place to meet like-minded individuals and learn about new innovations in the US iGaming market. As always, reps from the best land-based US casinos will be there, who can turn into amazing connections!

G2E 2023 promises to be a game-changer for professionals across a wide spectrum of business categories. From casino operations and esports, to finance and marketing, attendees will find invaluable networking opportunities with their peers and potential business partners.

Featuring an impressive lineup of exhibitors, the Global Gaming Expo, held between October 10-12, will showcase the latest advancements in gaming technology and services. Everyone, from game developers to online casino bosses, will be showing off their latest creations, such as new games and sports betting platforms, as well as payment processing systems for the online gambling world.

Maximize Networking at Summits

To make the most of your time at gambling summits and maximize networking opportunities, it’s vital to understand how to connect and network successfully. Here’s some tips to get you started:

  1. Research who’s going: Before the event, look up the list of speakers – and, where possible, attendees – and make a note of the people you’d like to connect with. Do your research beforehand to learn more about their background and what they’re currently working on, so you can engage with them more effectively.
  2. Book meetings in advance: If you can find out who’s attending an event, it’s great to reach out to people before the summit. This way, you can try to schedule meetings – or, at the very least, put a feeler out there.
  3. Be social: When you’re attending gambling summits, you’ll be invited to join social events a lot of the time. While this isn’t for everyone, it’s great to attend receptions, dinners, and other social gatherings, as it’s a fantastic way of networking and developing new business relationships.
  4. Check out exhibitor booths: At any event, spend time on the exhibition floor and engage with exhibitors. This is a great opportunity to learn about new products and services while making connections with industry professionals.
  5. Use event apps: Today, many summits release apps specifically designed for that event. These apps can be invaluable in helping you keep track of what’s going on and where, and some apps even let you reach out to potential contacts in advance!

On a final note, don’t forget to follow up after the event. We’d recommend sending a short message to any connections you made during the USA gambling summit you’ve attended, thanking them for their time and, where applicable, asking for a follow-up meeting or call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gambling summits in the USA look pretty exciting in 2023! While some of the events are invite-only, in general, you should try to attend any event you can, as it’s a great way of meeting new connections! To finish off this post, we’re going to answer a few questions below.

What can I expect at the USA gambling summits in 2023?

This depends almost entirely on which gambling summit you choose to attend. As a general rule of thumb, you will enjoy informative sessions, expert speakers, and networking opportunities. For example, the Gambling & Risk Taking Conference explores gambling psychology and regulatory changes within the industry.

How can I make the most of the networking opportunities at these events?

To maximize your networking opportunities, try to do some research into the attendees before the event. Where possible, set up meetings in advance. You should also participate in any social events, visit exhibitor booths, and use event apps. At the EGR US Power Summit, for example, you can meet some of the biggest players in the US gambling market just by spending some time on the main exhibition floor!

Are there any events focused specifically on sports betting?

Yes, the All American Sports Betting Summit specializes in the US sports betting market. It’s dedicated entirely to US sportsbooks – so there’s no iGaming/casino content. This allows you to enjoy targeted knowledge and you’ll learn about everything from regulation and marketing strategies to technological innovations and potential new legal challenges.

What’s the best event for learning about the latest iGaming trends?

The Global Gaming Expo is an excellent summit for those who want to learn more about new iGaming trends, products, and services. In fact, the event is mainly designed to show-off what’s expected in the coming months, technology-wise. There’s also an exhibition floor, educational sessions, and, of course, plenty of amazing networking opportunities!

How do I choose which gambling summit to attend?

Firstly, you should consider your personal and business interests. For example, if you’re interested in the sports betting sector only, there’s little point attending an iGaming-only conference. You should also check your calendar to make sure you’re actually free before spending time looking into the event’s specifics.

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Five Rich Casino Owners in the United States


What characterizes the richest casino owners in the US? Many people would agree they’d probably need to be a billionaire. Today, we’re going to look at the richest casino owners in the US.

Discover the stories of casino tycoons like Sheldon Adelson, Elaine Wynn, and Tilman Fertitta, as well as some of the country’s other billionaire casino owners. Plus, learn about the ways these rich casino owners give back to their communities.

Rich Casino Owners: The American Dream

Numerous rich casino owners have achieved remarkable success via their entrepreneurial spirit in America. Some say this proves the American Dream is as alive today as it ever was. This post will delve into the lives of the most prosperous and powerful casino owners in the United States. We’ll show you their stories, their ascent to fame, and how they have impacted their industry, along with information about how much money they’re worth.

Sheldon Adelson: Top of the Richest Casino Owners List – $33.5 Billion

Sheldon Adelson, often referred to as the gambling giant, was one of the most recognizable figures in the casino industry before his death – as well as the richest. We’ve left him on this list despite his death, as he was such a huge figure in the US casino industry.

Born in 1933, he experimented in several non-gambling businesses before shifting his focus to casinos. Before his death, he was the richest casino owner in US history, worth a staggering $33.5 billion.

As the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Adelson was responsible for the construction of several iconic casinos, including the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Palazzo.

He also managed to succeed outside of the US. For example, he expanded his empire to include resorts in Macau and Singapore, all of which added to his huge net worth.

While he was the richest casino owner in the US, Adelson was also very well-known for his philanthropy. He generously contributed to medical research, Jewish causes, and Republican political candidates. Although he faced health challenges in his later years, Adelson remained determined to help those in need, and continued doing so until his death in 2021.

Tilman Fertitta – $7.9 Billion

Tilman Fertitta, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Landry’s Inc., has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the casino industry. Unlike many of the other names on this page, Fertitta’s empire extends beyond casinos, as he also runs hospitality, entertainment and restaurant businesses. Today, he’s worth an estimated $7.9 billion.

His diverse business portfolio includes the Golden Nugget Casino chain and well-known restaurant brands such as Morton’s Steakhouse and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. He also made headline news in 2017, when it was announced he was purchasing the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

Many argue that Fertitta’s strong will and bold approach to business are behind his success. For example, under his leadership, Landry’s Inc. has flourished and become a major player in the hospitality and gaming industries.

He used a clever strategy of buying and then refurbishing struggling properties, and this technique allowed him to build his empire for a fraction of the cost it would have been otherwise. He has also expanded into the digital world with ventures such as the Golden Nugget online casino in New Jersey, and in Michigan.

Phil Ruffin – $3.1 Billion

Phil Ruffin is an incredible character, and if you’re a poker fan, you may recognize the name, as he appeared in a couple of seasons of HBO’s High Stakes Poker. He’s a casual poker player, though, his main focus is on maintaining his status as one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes’ 2021 estimation, his net worth has now surpassed $3 billion, easily earning him a spot on the list of the richest casino owners in the US.

After abandoning college at age 22 back in 1954, he went from job-to-job, including making airplane components and selling office resources. Eventually, he started up a chain of convenience stores. After he’d earned enough money, he went into the hotel business, and in 1995, when he was 60 years old, he entered the casino industry.

To begin, he purchased the Crystal Palace Resort in the Bahamas. Several years later, he made his second purchase: The Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Today, he owns two of the most well-known and iconic casinos in Vegas: Treasure Island and Circus Circus. He also has many other business interests, including real estate and oil production.

Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta III – $2.6 Billion

We’ve already talked about one Fertitta – and now you’re about to learn about the two brothers, who are Tilman’s third cousins. Together, their estimated fortune stands at $2.6 billion, and despite operating independently from one another at times, their careers look very alike on paper.

Their journey in the casino industry began at a young age, because of what their father did for them. He was a man called Frank Fertitta Jr., and he established Station Casinos back in 1976. Originally, Station Casinos was intended as a local hotspot for Las Vegas residents to enjoy. Over time, it has emerged to become one of the mainstream gambling establishments in the city.

Having gained experience working at Station Casinos during their youth, Lorenzo and Frank carried the family legacy forward. Together, they successfully managed to complete an IPO. This happened once their dad decided, in 1993, to retire.

In addition to their casino ventures, the two brothers were both also early investors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. They acquired the company in 2001 for a mere $2 million. By 2016, the brothers sold their stakes for a staggering $4 billion.

Currently, Station Casinos Inc. owns an array of hotel-casinos, such as Henderson’s Sunset Stations, and Las Vegas’ Red Rock Casino. Their company also looks after many land-based casinos on behalf of third-party clients.

Elaine Wynn – $1.7 Billion

Often called the “Queen of Las Vegas”, Elaine Wynn is a remarkable woman who, in collaboration with her former husband Steve, helped to shape the modern face of Vegas we’re so used to seeing today. Initially, they both founded Mirage Resorts back in 1973. Once this venture proved a success, they went on to build others, including Treasure Island, The Bellagio, and The Mirage.

These casinos revolutionized Las Vegas, and they set a very high standard that competitors had no choice but to follow. As a result of their success building new casinos, in 2000, they made the decision to sell Mirage Resort to a man called Kirk Kerkorian. He paid a staggering $6.4 billion for the company. However, their journey didn’t stop there, and their next project was Wynn Resorts.

Their inaugural property, the prestigious Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino, opened its doors in April 2005 with a construction cost of $2.7 billion. Wynn Resorts has since expanded its operations to six hotel-casinos: one in Boston, two in Las Vegas, and three in Macau, the autonomous Chinese region famed for its casinos. They have also expanded into the world of online casinos, with Wynn casino sites operating in Michigan and New Jersey.

Following their divorce in 2010, Steve and Elaine evenly divided their 38% ownership in the Wynn company. Steve Wynn’s resignation as CEO of Wynn Resorts happened in 2018, as did the subsequent sale of most of his shares, after some Wynn staff members came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. As a result of this, today, Elaine is the company’s second-largest shareholder.

Below, you can see a list of another five of the richest casino owners from outside the US. As you’ll see, many are owners of casinos in Asia.

Lui Che Woo$19 Billion
Johann Graf$4.9 Billion
James Packer$3.2 Billion
Pansy Ho$3.2 Billion
Chen Lip Keong$2.4 million
Philanthropy of Wealthy Casino Owners

Philanthropy plays a significant role in the lives of many wealthy casino owners who use their vast fortunes to give back to their communities and support causes they connect with.

The people we’ve talked about on this page have reached a level of wealth that is hard to surpass – and at a certain point, earning more money simply doesn’t offer any real purpose. That’s why a lot of the world’s richest people get involved with philanthropy work – although admittedly, for some it’s just a way of stroking their own egos.

Take Sheldon Adelson, for example. Before his death, he was well-known for his generous contributions to medical research, Jewish causes, and various political campaigns.

Elaine Wynn is another great example. She’s consistently supported charitable organizations, both in Las Vegas and other parts of the US. Wynn’s philanthropy focuses mainly on education, healthcare, and the arts, and she’s talked about wanting to create a brighter future for the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The richest casino people in the US have all worked hard to get to where they are today. While some have undoubtedly experienced luck, most of their success can be traced back to hard work, risk taking, and perseverance – and sometimes the work of previous generations. To finish this blog off, we’re going to answer a few questions we think our readers might have.

How did Sheldon Adelson become a rich casino magnate?

Sheldon Adelson’s wealth primarily came from his ownership of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. While he didn’t end up entering the world of gambling until he was 60 years old, he’s always worked incredibly hard, and he’s an inspiration for many entrepreneurs around the world.

What role did Elaine Wynn play in shaping Las Vegas?

Elaine Wynn is known as the Queen of Vegas for her significant contributions to Las Vegas. As a rich casino owner, Wynn was responsible for creating iconic properties such as The Mirage, Bellagio, and Wynn Las Vegas with her now ex-husband, Steve. Their casino developments transformed the city’s landscape and attracted millions of tourists.

How did Tilman Fertitta diversify his business empire?

Tilman Fertitta, one of the most prominent rich casino people, expanded his empire beyond casinos by acquiring various businesses in the hospitality, entertainment, and restaurant sectors. His company, Landry’s Inc., owns popular brands like Morton’s Steakhouse and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

How much is Phil Ruffin worth?

Phil Ruffin is worth around $3.1 billion, and he started his gambling empire with the purchase of Crystal Palace Resort in the Bahamas. Today, he owns Circus Circus and Treasure Island casinos in Las Vegas.

How do rich casino people give back to the community?

Pretty much all the people we’ve looked at on this page are known for their philanthropic endeavors. Most of them choose to support a wide range of charitable causes. From education to healthcare, these individuals use their vast resources to give back to their communities and try to improve the lives of others.

Online Casino

Which Casino Have the Best Odds in Vegas?


If you’re interested in what games have the best odds in Vegas, this page is for you. We’re going to be talking about the best games with the best odds, so you can make the most out of your Vegas experience. From the spinning wheel of roulette to the strategic play of blackjack, we’re going to cover it all. Let’s get straight into it – and be prepared, because you may be surprised to learn how bad some games really are!

Best Games in Vegas: An Introduction

If you’re at all familiar with gambling, you probably know that not all games are created equal. While all casinos in Nevada are required to adhere to strict standards regarding payouts, this doesn’t mean all games are the same, and to maximize your chances of winning, there are games you should play, and games you should avoid.

For example, games like video poker and blackjack offer some of the best odds in the city, while others like keno and slots can offer some of the worst. Let’s look at the best games to play in Vegas.

Video Poker: The Best Odds in Vegas

Video poker isn’t the most popular casino game in the world, but it’s ideal for two types of player: those who enjoy strategy and those wanting the lowest-possible house edge. The beauty of video poker is that it combines some of the strategic elements of poker with the simplicity of slot machines, and unlike other casino games, it allows you to make decisions that affect the outcome of the game.

Begin by looking at the paytable. This tells you how much you can win every round and gives information on the house edge. Generally speaking, you should look for machines with high payouts for a full house and flush – these are known as “9/6” machines and offer the best odds. When played correctly, the house edge of these machines can be reduced to as little as 0.5%.

Once you’ve found a machine you’re interested in, you should research the optimal playing strategy for it. These are readily available online, and they’ll help guide you on which cards to discard and which to keep every time you play.

Video poker is also one of the few casino games where you tend to gain an edge by betting a larger amount. Generally speaking, you should always bet the maximum when playing, as this often increases the payout for a royal flush.

While it may not be one of the most exciting casino games in the world, video poker gives you the best odds to win in Vegas, and that’s something that will appeal to many.

Blackjack: Fun and Easy to Play

Next on our list is blackjack, a classic card game that offers excellent odds. The key to blackjack is understanding the basic strategy. This tells you the best action to take based on your hand and the dealer’s up card. If you’re looking for the best casino odds in Vegas, and don’t want to play video poker, then blackjack should be at the top of your list. It’s also really easy to play, as you’ll see below.

The first thing you need to understand is how much each card is worth. When you play, you should aim for a hand total of 21 or as close as possible without going over – this is known as “busting”.

Once the game begins, you and all other players are dealt two face-up cards. The dealer deals themselves one face-up card and one face-down card. You then need to decide whether to stand or hit or take advantage of other options like doubling down or splitting. Once you finish your decisions, the dealer will reveal their second card, and if your hand totals closer to 21 than theirs, but hasn’t gone over, you win.

Unlike other games, the decisions you make in blackjack can significantly affect the outcome of the game. As we just noted, you can find out the best decisions to make by following a basic strategy chart, which are readily available free of charge online.

Craps: Roll Your Way to Riches?

If you’re looking to play the best games in Vegas, you can’t miss craps. This iconic dice game is instantly recognizable from its prominent features in casino movies. While the game can seem complicated at first, once you understand the basics, it’s pretty straightforward, and it happens to offer some of the best odds in the casino.

In craps, you’re betting on the outcome of the roll of two dice. The simplest bet is the “Pass Line” bet. This wins if the first roll is a 7 or 11, and loses if it’s a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number becomes the point, and your goal is to roll this number again before rolling a 7.

While there are many other bets in craps, most have higher house edges. Sticking to the Pass Line bet is one of the best strategies for new players, especially as you can often play for a long time with a small bankroll. The game is also incredibly sociable, and it’s one of the only times you’ll get to influence the outcome directly – the shooter, one of the players around the table, is the one who rolls the dice!

Craps is more complex to learn than blackjack, but it offers a house edge as low as 0.5%, depending on the bet you place. If you haven’t played before, you can try playing at the best online casino for craps or find some demos to get an idea of how it works.

Roulette: Bet, Spin… and Win?

Roulette, the iconic wheel of chance, is another of the best games in Vegas. While the game relies entirely on luck, understanding the bets and their payouts can improve your chances of winning. The roulette table offers some decent bets, but some are among the worst in the casino, so watch out.

First, let’s talk about the types of bets. There are two main categories: inside and outside bets. Inside bets include betting on a single number (straight up), a split (two adjacent numbers), or a corner (four numbers). These bets offer pretty high payouts but come with a higher house edge, so you’ll want to avoid these if you’re looking for the best odds in Las Vegas.

On the other hand, outside bets, such as red/black, even/odd, and high/low, have almost a 50% chance of winning (slightly less due to the zero and double-zero), but offer a payout of 1:1, which is nearly reflective of the true odds. Placing even-money bets may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but if you’re looking for the best odds, these are the roulette bets you’ll want to make.

Casino Games to Avoid

Just as there are games with the best casino odds in Vegas, there are also games with the worst, and in this section, we will be showing you a few of the games you should generally avoid playing, as they have high house edges.

Firstly, there’s the slot machine. Slot machines have always held a special place in many gamblers’ hearts as they’re super simple to play, can be really entertaining, and often tempt players with huge jackpots.

However, it’s important to understand that outcomes on slot machines are 100% random, so it’s impossible to use any strategy to improve your odds. The absolute best case scenario with a slot machine is a house edge of 3-4%, but this is rare and generally only seen at legal online casinos. In general, you can expect the house edge of video slots in a land-based casino to vary between 5% and 15%.

Next up is the Wheel of Fortune. While it’s a fun-looking game, it’s one of the worst to play. The game involves betting on the outcome of a spinning wheel, which can land on $1, $5, $10, $20, or a joker. Even when placing a bet on the safest option, the $1 position, the house boasts an 11% edge. Betting on a joker increases the house edge to a giant 24%, so it’s best to avoid this game completely.

Finally, there’s keno – the worst casino game you can play. Keno is a game involving several numbers, 20 of which are randomly selected by machine or random number generator. Players win based on how many of these 20 numbers they correctly picked.

Despite million-dollar jackpots, the odds of you winning at keno are tiny, and the house edge is usually around 20%. This can increase to as much as 40% depending on how you play, so we recommend avoiding it! However playing online at the best online keno sites lowers the house edge somewhat. Here’s a summary of the games to avoid, along with their house edges:

Wheel of Fortune11%-24%

You may have noticed we haven’t discussed poker at all in today’s guide. That’s because poker is a skill-based game, and the better you are, the more money you should win. If you want to play poker online in Nevada, make sure to check out our list of recommended poker sites, all of which are hand-picked and vetted by our team of online gambling experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you came to this blog looking for answers on how to get the best odds in Vegas, you should now be armed with everything you need to make informed decisions at the casinos. To finish off, we’re going to be answering some FAQs below.

What’s the most beginner-friendly game with good odds?

If you’re new to gambling, roulette is a great game to start with. It’s incredibly easy, there’s no skill involved, and if you stick to placing outside bets, the odds are pretty much 50/50.

How do I maximize my chances at winning in blackjack?

Blackjack can offer some of the best odds in Vegas, but to maximize your chances of winning, you should learn the basic blackjack strategy, which tells you when to hit, stand, split, or double down.

Are there any good strategies for craps?

When playing craps, one of the best strategies is to stick to basic bets – the pass/don’t pass bets and come/don’t come bets. These bets have a low house edge and they’re easy to understand. Other bets start getting more complex, and the odds get worse, too.

Is video poker really the best game for casino odds?

Video poker isn’t the most exciting casino game in the world, but it’s true that it offers the best odds. In rare situations, it’s possible to find video poker machines where the house edge actually turns negative, meaning you’re more likely to profit than the casino, providing you play with perfect strategy.

Which games should you avoid?

There are some casino games you should avoid like the plague if you want the best odds. Three notable examples are video slots, Wheel of Fortune, and keno – the latter of which can see the house edge growing to as high as 40%!

BACCARAT Online Casino

Baccarat Online Casino

Mines GamesPH

The banker takes another card based on that hand’s total versus the player hand total, as follows:

  • The banker bet has a 1.06% house edge.
  • The player bet has a 1.24% house edge.
  • The tie bet has a 14.36% house edge.

The best strategy for most casino games is to take the bet with the lowest house edge. In the case of baccarat, that’s the banker bet. The difference between the banker bet and the player bet is small enough (0.18%) that you could go with the player bet if you find it more entertaining.

But under no circumstances should you ever take the tie bet. That’s one of the worst house edge figures in the casino for a table game.

You can sometimes find a casino which offers a “reduced commission” on the banker bet. Instead of charging a 5% commission, they might charge a 4% or 3% commission—or less.

Any reduction in the commission on this bet results in a lower house edge for the game, which means that the banker bet is even better at such a casino running such a special.

BACCARAT Online Casino

Online Casino Baccarat Strategy

Mines GamesPH

Gamblers are always looking for a strategy or a system to help them get an edge over the casino. In some cases, this is possible. Card counting in blackjack is an example.

Baccarat has no opportunity for a winning strategy, though. The house edge for these bets stays the same regardless of any strategy you might try.

With that understood, I’ll look at some of the baccarat strategies that people try and explain the pros and cons of each.

The main strategy most baccarat players use is to track which bets are winning more often—banker or player. This is such a popular strategy that the casino offers pencils and scorecards to the players so that they can track these trends.

How these trends inform a gambler’s betting depends on whether the gambler prefers to try to ride a hot streak or if the gambler thinks that a result has become overdue.

Gamblers who ride hot streaks will see that the banker bet has won 4 times in a row, so they’ll bet on the banker to take advantage of the hot streak.

Gamblers who believe that results become due will bet on the player in that same situation, thinking that it’s unlikely for the banker to win 5 times in a row.

Both these strategies are examples of something called “The Gambler’s Fallacy.” This is the idea that the probability of an event changes based on what happened on previous trials.

But with games like baccarat, every hand is an independent event. The odds don’t change based on what happened on previous hands. The house edge remains the same—it’s still a function of how likely you are to win versus how much you win.

Another baccarat strategy is to raise or lower the size of your bets based on previous losses or wins. The Martingale System is usually considered a strategy for roulette, but some players use it in baccarat, too.

Online Casino

The Betting Rip Current Online Casino

Mines GamesPH

Aside from the entertainment of casinos, some people do get swept into an addiction that far surpasses the entertainment value of the games. Only a small percentage of gamblers reach this point, but unfortunately, it’s estimated that their losses make up a quarter of the profits for the casinos. This is all the more reason to understand the house advantage and how it works against a player who has lost a significant sum and is spending lots of time in the casino trying to win it back. The more a player struggles to get ahead, the more they get pulled into additional losses.

Is gambling a viable alternative for earning extra cash?

Each game you play at a casino has a statistical probability against you winning, which makes gambling an inadequate option for those looking to boost their income. While the house advantage varies for each game, it ultimately helps ensure that the casino won’t lose money over time. While gambling can be entertaining, it’s in your best financial interest not to place bets.

How do casinos make their money?

Although casinos may earn some money from food, entertainment, and other venues, the breadwinner for the industry is the games. A significant portion of casino profits are the result of the accrual of all of the losses from casino patrons each year.

Does playing more increase the odds of winning?

The odds for each game are stacked in favor of the casino. This means that, the more you play, the more the math works against you, and the better the chances are of you walking out of the casino with less money in your wallet than when you came in.

The Bottom Line

Almost every time, it’s in your best financial interest not to walk into that casino and place the bet—the math simply isn’t your friend. For those who want to press their luck anyway, make sure to quit while you’re ahead. That winning streak you’re on is definitely all in your head.


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Online Casino Payment Method

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