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9 Mines Games Bonus Fast Ways to Master Online Casinos

9 Mines Games Bonus Fast Ways to Master Online Casinos

Imagine learning how to play at online casinos and consistently winning. This is pretty much the dream of every gambler. But the reality is that this is pretty much a false hope.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t master some aspects of online casinos to help you improve your results. And this is what this article is about.

Here’s a list of 9 fast ways you can become an online casino master gambler. I can’t guarantee that you’re going to win, but I can tell you that your results are going to improve.

1 – Deposit Bonus Considerations

The most common type of online casino bonus is a deposit bonus. You make a deposit and the casino gives you a bonus, usually based on a percentage of the amount you deposit.

On the surface, deposit bonuses are great. You can double your bankroll, or more than double it, so you can play longer and hopefully have a better chance to win.

The problem is that every deposit bonus isn’t created equal.

In fact, some of them are so bad that you’re better off gambling without a bonus. The secret is to search the terms for what you need to do to clear the bonus. This tells you whether or not a bonus is a good deal or not.

Deposit bonuses aren’t the only type of bonuses available for online casino players. In the next 2 sections you’re going to learn more about different types of casino bonuses, including no deposit bonuses, free spins, and free bets.

2 – What about No Deposit Bonuses?

A different type of online casino bonus is called a no deposit bonus. Basically this is money you can use to gamble that you get without making a deposit. This sounds even better than a deposit bonus, so what could go wrong?

In 1 way, no deposit bonuses are good, but in other ways they aren’t exactly great. It all comes down to what you want from a bonus.

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No deposit bonuses are usually small, and they all have restrictive terms. Almost every no deposit bonus limits how much you can cash out, even if you clear the bonus. This makes a no deposit bonus a terrible option of you’re playing a jackpot game, like progressive slots.

I use no deposit bonuses when they’re available if I want to try out new casino software before making a deposit. But most of the time I ignore them.

3 – Free Spins and Free Bets

Free spins and free bets are similar to no deposit bonuses. Some casinos offer a number of free spins on slot machines, but the terms are usually just as bad as no deposit bonus terms.

Free bets are usually associated with online sportsbooks. But some casinos also offer free bets. Just like anything else that casinos claim is free, the odds are good that it’s not really free.

The terms are the key to every bonus offer, no matter what it’s called. Sometimes a bonus is a good deal, but more often than not it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Online casino masters know the plusses and minuses of bonuses and never fall for a trap.

4 – You Control Game Play

The best thing about playing games at real money online casinos is that you have so much control. In fact, you have far more control playing online than you do in a live casino. This is also true when you play mobile casinos games.

What I mean by having control is that you can play at any speed that you want. In a live casino you have to play as many hands as the dealer deals when you play table games. But when you play online blackjack or baccarat you can play as slow as you want. Or you can play much faster. But faster play is rarely what master gamblers do.

Another major benefit of playing in online casinos is the minimum bet amounts. You can learn more about this in the next section.

5 – Bet Pennies

If you’re gambling and you know the casino has an edge, do you lose more or less money when you bet smaller amounts? The answer is clearly that you lose less when you bet less.

This is where online and mobile casinos really dominate live casinos. The overhead for an online casino is much smaller than a land based casino, so the online casinos can afford to offer smaller wager minimums than land based casinos.

I’ve played online casinos games for pennies, and regularly play for $1 a hand. It much easier to find low cost video poker machines online than in land based casinos.

The only class of casino games that are basically the same in land based casinos and online is slot machines. But online casinos offer a wide variety of slot game themes that you can’t find in land based casinos.

6 – Is Blackjack the Best Online Game?

Blackjack is almost always the best game in land based casinos, but is this true in online casinos as well?

The answer isn’t simple, but in many online casinos blackjack isn’t the best game. It’s still a top 2 or 3 game, but there are a few video poker games that offer a better return than blackjack in some online casinos.

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Deuces Wild video poker with a NSUD pay table and perfect strategy offers a better return, and some Pick’em poker machines also offer a better return.

You can’t usually go wrong with blackjack, but consider learning about the best video poker pay tables and games if you play at online casinos.

7 – Explore Different Software Solutions

Most casino games are exactly the same from 1 software platform to the next, but some are a little different. This is why online casino masters play on many different platforms.

Do you know which software platforms offer the best blackjack rules? Which ones offer the best Deuces Wild pay tables? Which ones offer the slot machines with the best return?

These are the kinds of things that every online casino master knows. And the only way to find out is by exploring as many casino software platforms as possible.

8 – No Long Term Solution

The sad fact is that no matter what you do as an online casino player there isn’t really a long term solution that leads to consistent profits.

You can find certain bonuses that provide short term profit opportunities, as well as a few special promotions.

But online casinos stay in business because they make money. Most gambling masters play in land based casinos because there are real ways to get an edge. It’s more difficult to find and keep an edge as an online gambler.

The best that most online casino players can do is play with a consistent return to player of 99.5% or better. But they never get to the 100% mark they need to break even.

9 – Is Live Dealer Better?

Some online casinos offer a blend of online and live play. These ages are usually called live dealer games. A live dealer is working in front of a camera and the games are streamed. You can play using your computer or mobile device just like normal online play, but the game is dealt live.

This doesn’t add anything to the online experience for me, but some gamblers like it. If I want to play live games I go to a land based casino. When I play online I want to control the rate of game play, and live dealer games eliminate this benefit.

The other thing I have against live dealer games involves blackjack. When I’m playing blackjack with a dealer I want to count cards. I want to have a real chance to win. It’s not possible to count cards to get an edge playing live dealer blackjack.

You might not be close enough to a land based casino to easily go play live casino games. In this case, live dealer online games might be something that you enjoy.


Mastering online casinos is all about your options. You have options about which games to play and how you play them. This includes how much you risk on each wager and how fast you play. It also includes options of different types of bonuses.

It’s hard to beat online casinos, just like it’s hard to bet land based casinos. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Your job is to learn everything that you can and try to improve your returns using all of your options.

The 9 fast ways to become an online casino master listed in this article is the best place to start your journey.

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