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10 Poker Mines Games Bonus Vloggers You Should Be Watching

10 Poker Mines Games Bonus Vloggers You Should Be Watching

There’s no doubt that there’s a great deal of interest in the game of poker these days. The fact that you’re reading this article right now is probably a sign of that.

And if that’s not enough proof, do a quick search through your channel guide or internet browser and see how many programs, blogs, podcasts, and video channels are dedicated to people playing and commenting on the game.

Just because there are a lot of people who want to talk about a topic, doesn’t mean that all of them understand it, share the right information, or do so in a way that’s approachable or entertaining.

The fact that poker has become popular is great for the game.

While there are definitely some poker personalities to avoid, there are really talented people out there adding a lot of knowledge and insight to the hobby.

With poker vloggers (video bloggers), it’s easier to follow along with the action. You get to look for tells, and see patterns or expressions while watching it. Because of this, we’d like to point out 10 vloggers who are adding meaningful commentary to poker in the hopes they can help improve your poker game.

1. Doug Polk

Doug Polk is a poker vlogger who doesn’t always top the charts of the best poker vloggers. But, with over 270,000 subscribers, he’s clearly doing something right. It may well be his poker insight that draws attention (he does play poker professionally), but I think it’s more about how he uses humor, video editing, and a lighthearted approach to make the hobby more approachable.

It’s kind of funny, actually. When I first started watching Polk, he spent so much time making fun of his bad plays that I started to wonder why I should listen to him at all. Then, I did some research and found out that he’s a lot better than he lets on, which somehow made me like his videos even more.

You can find him on YouTube where he keeps a fairly active channel.

2. Brad Owen

Brad Owen tops a lot more lists of the best poker vloggers and for good reason. Owen talks like a poker pro, responds to questions like a poker pro, and most importantly, he breaks down hands like a poker pro.

He’s also enjoyable to watch and has a no-nonsense style. He is clearly a nice guy and reacts well to with his audience, but lacks Polk’s sense of self-deprecating humor. That’s not a knock, though. Owen’s channel seems to cater to a more serious audience and is a great resource when you need in-depth details on a particular topic or hand.

3. Kristy Arnett
Kristy Arnett Poker Player with Casino Chips, Poker Cards Logo

Kristy Arnett is a professional poker player and, according to her bio, a “risk taker.” That translates into an entertaining, very informal poker vlog style that is completely different from a lot of the vloggers on this list. Many of her videos are shot on her iPhone with her just being real in front of the camera.

She doesn’t always have play-by-play commentary of a given hand. Rather, she focuses on the mental aspects of the game, converses with poker folks like Lynn Gilmartin, performance coaching, etc. Really, the change is rather refreshing as being a good poker player is about more than just the strategy and, fortunately for us, Arnette does a great job of giving unique perspectives on poker.

Sadly, her feed isn’t as active, but her back catalog is full of good episodes.

4. Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme is a bit of a combination of Doug Polk and Brad Owen. His videos tend to follow a fairly similar winning format for vlogs. First, Neeme comes on and does an intro with some humor and graphics that are reminiscent of Polk’s style. Then, he starts to show poker action in a sequence that’s closer to Owen’s vlogs. He does have a tendency to talk less during matches than Owen, but will cut in with stories and commentaries.

Really, what this means is that Neeme has his own style that has attracted a lot of followers. Plus, he plays in a lot of unique poker games that aren’t the same old poker room. Give his feed a few viewings and you will see what we mean.

5. Joey Ingram

Joey Ingram’s poker vlog is one of the more intriguing feeds on the list because it’s hard to pin down exactly what it is. It says that it’s a view into Ingram’s recent Omaha poker playing guide, but then it goes on to be some much more than that. There’s humor and pieces with graphics, interviews, shows that last several hours, and more.

Frankly, the variety of formats works for Ingram who has over 90,000 people subscribed to his channel. Also, his interviewing style, Google Hangout-editing, and humor bits make his show extremely watchable, so that is a very good thing.

6. Mariano Poker
Guy Editing Video on Two Computer Screens, One Screen Showing Online Poker Game

Mariano Poker is a nice channel to sit and watch for several hours on end. The show’s host, Mariano, (or his team) appear to put a lot of time into choosing intro music with opening graphics, floating text next to Mariano like a newsfeed, and more.

In the end, this particular vlog just feels more professional, which makes it easier to keep consuming and it also makes Mariano seem more trustworthy. The fact that there’s also exciting poker action and interesting guests only makes Mariano Poker that much better.

Give it a watch and see for yourself.

7. Tim Watts

Tim Watts manages to somehow be both approachable and completely hardcore at the same time. Watching his vlog, which is also shot on his phone as he walks and talks can sometimes bring about a slight case of motion sickness. Despite that, Watts is a serious poker player who manages to be entertaining and produce a well-edited poker vlog.

If there is any knock against Watts, it’s that he can take a minute to get to the actual poker advice and playing. But, once you get there, it’s definitely worth it.

He provides his raw opinion, which is very refreshing and makes the game easier to learn. He also has nice gear you can buy from his store.

8. Marle Cordeiro

Marle Cordeiro is fairly new to the poker vlogging scene, but still has managed to garner a respectable 28,000 subscribers. Cordeiro is a fresher voice amongst poker players, due in no small part to her relative youth (not inexperience) and the fact that she’s a woman who can clearly play poker.

Also, her videos tend to be slightly on the shorter side, which means she can talk about a topic and move on. Definitely check her show out, but avoid the vlog with the topless overweight dudes in bunny ears. It’s jarring. Seriously.

9. Andrew Lok
Poker Player Andrew Lok Youtube Page, Watch Now Button

Andrew Lok is a very technical poker vlogger who has a format that is everything I ever wanted in poker commentary. He will take a hand of poker and go through it play-by-play, discussing what he was thinking, things he was looking for, and what he guessed the other person had.

It basically answers why he chose to do something and why the opponent chose to react. It’s dense, analytical vlogging, but it’s a great learning tool that will make your game that much better.

10. Johnnie Vibes

No list is complete without Johnnie Vibes and his completely professional set of poker vlogs. These things are works of art, complete with excellent camera work, editing, sound, and enough humor to be interesting. Plus, it’s just clear that Vibes understand poker, knows how to win, and is happy to teach his audience how to do it.

He doesn’t have the largest catalog, but what he does have is full of great information about the game of poker. It’s also full of poker personalities (like some of the people on this list) who show up to help him produce really exceptional poker content.


When it comes to poker vlogs, there is clearly something for everyone. Whether you want someone completely no-frills, but authentic, or someone with high production values or lots of good humor, there is a poker feed out there.

As you try to improve your poker game, check out all of these shows. Each will equip you to excel at the game in their own way. Then, when you’ve consumed all these shows, feel free to go out and find your own. There are lots of great people out there making fantastic content who are just a quick search away.

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